Kotak 811

Kotak 811 will be ideal for you if you are looking to open a Zero Balance Savings Bank Account. This facility is available to only Resident Indians. You can either open a Digital Zero Balance Savings Account or an Edge Digital Savings Account based on your requirement. 811 Kotak Mahindra is a one-stop solution for all your everyday transactions and financial requirements. In this article, you will get to know about the variants of Kotak 811, the features and the interest rates.


Kotak 811 - Zero Balance Savings Account

Kotak 811 Zero Balance Account is an easy solution for all your financial transactions. Kotak Mahindra Bank is the first financial institution to introduce the concept of a Zero Balance Digital Savings Account. You can derive maximum benefits by saving money in Kotak Mahindra Zero Balance Account. Kotak Zero Balance Account Open is enabled with no contact and video KYC. With this benefit, you can open an 811 Kotak Account anywhere and at any time.

Features of Kotak 811 Zero Balance Savings Account

Kotak 811 Zero Balance Account provides you unlimited benefits without any restriction on deposits or withdrawals. You can withdraw up to the last rupee in the account as there is no minimum balance stipulation.

Features of Kotak Mahindra Zero Balance Account are

  • No minimum balance stipulation. The savings in the account can be utilised till the last rupee.
  • You will be issued a Virtual Debit Card that can be used for online shopping immediately after Kotak Zero Balance Account Open.
  • No charges for online money transfer from 811 Kotak Account.
  • With a few clicks, you can carry out various transactions online like paying utility bills, making investments, online shopping, online money transfer etc. You will have access to over 180 features that enable all the transactions. In addition, it is a secure app with two-level authentication.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Online Account Open is very simple with verification through video KYC that can be done at the convenience of your home.
  • While opening the Kotak 811 Zero Balance Account, you can also apply for 811’Dream Different Credit Card’ without any enrolment fee or annual fee. You will also earn 2X reward points for all online spends.

Type Of Kotak 811 Savings Account

The following are the variants of the Kotak 811 Savings Account

  • 811 Limited KYC
  • 811 Lite
  • 811 Full KYC Account

811 Limited KYC 

  • The account can be opened online through the official website of the Bank or through the 811 apps.
  • No minimum balance stipulation
  • Physical Debit Card will be issued for a fee of Rs. 199/- p.a.
  • A virtual Debit Card for online transactions will also be issued.
  • The aggregate deposit permitted to the account is Rs. 2 lakhs in a financial year
  • No charges for IMPS and NEFT transactions
  • No cheque book will be issued.
  • The account is valid for 12 months from the date of opening.
  • Cash withdrawal from the branch is not permitted.
  • Interest up to 3.5% p.a. will be paid.

811 Lite

  • An account can be opened online either through the Official website of the Bank or through the Mobile app
  • No minimum balance stipulation
  • The aggregate deposit in a calendar month should not exceed Rs. 10000/-
  • The aggregate deposit in the account should not exceed Rs. 1.20 lakh in a financial year.
  • The account will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of opening.
  • No deposits and investments are permitted.
  • No cheque book facility
  • Cash withdrawal at a branch is not permitted.
  • No outward funds transfer is permitted.

811 Full KYC

  • The account can be opened either online or by visiting the nearest branch.
  • Need not maintain a minimum balance. Can utilise the funds to the last rupee.
  • Physical debit card issued for a fee of Rs. 199 p.a.and virtual debit card issued free of cost.
  • Unlimited deposits to the account permitted.
  • IMPS, NEFT and RTGS-free of cost.
  • Cheque book issued on request.
  • Lifetime validity.
  • Deposits by way of cash and cheque permitted.
  • Cash withdrawal at branch permitted
  • Interest up to 3.5% p.a.will be paid

811 Edge

  • Instant Account opening with Aadhar Details
  • Minimum balance of Rs. 10000/- mandatory.
  • Charges applicable for breach of minimum balance stipulation.
  • NEFT/IMPS/RTGS-free if done through Netbanking/mobile banking
  • For NEFT/RTGS through the branch, a fee between Rs. 4/- to Rs. 50 applicable depending on the amount.
  • Platinum Chip Debit Card issued at Rs. 150 p.a.
  • Can shop online using Flipkart
  • Can book movie tickets
  • Can book flight tickets
  • Scan and Pay for Retail purchases.
  • Cash transactions at the t branch will be free up to a maximum of 4 transactions or Rs. 2 lakhs. Beyond free transactions Rs. 4.50 per Rs.1000/- with a maximum of Rs. 150/- will be collected.
  • At ATM, a maximum of 5 transactions, including financial and non-financial transactions, will be allowed. Beyond five transactions, a fee of Rs. 21/- per transaction will be charged.

How To Open Kotak 811 Account

You can open Kotak 811 Account through the official website of the Bank or by installing the Kotak Mobile App.

  • Access the official website of the Bank or install the Kotak Mobile App on Android Playstore. 
    Register the Aadhar and PAN.
  • If opening through Mobile App set a PIN and start using the account instantly

Eligibility Criteria For Kotak 811 Account

To be eligible for Kotak 811 Account opening, you should comply with the following criteria. 
1. The applicant should be above 18 years of age. 
2. Should b a resident Indian.

Document Required for Kotak 811 Account 

The documents required for opening 811 Kotak Account are

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN

If both the documents are not available, a Limited KYC Account can be opened, which is valid for 12 months. On the availability of the other document, the KYC can be completed, and the account can be updated to 811 Full KYC, which will be valid for a lifetime.

Fees & Charges for Kotak 811

The fees and charges for Kotak 811, wherever applicable, are given below:

Type of chargeApplicable charges
Non-maintenance of minimum balance5% of the shortfall for minimum balance

Free if done online. For NEFT/RTGS transfer done at the branch the charges are as given below;


  • Upto Rs. 10000/- : Rs. 2/-
  • 10001 to Rs. 1.00 lakh: Rs. 4/-
  • Above Rs. 1.00 lakh and upto Rs.2.00 lakhs: Rs.14
  • Above Rs. 2.00 lakhs: Rs. 24


  • Rs. 2.00 lakhs to Rs. 5.00 lakhs: Rs.20/-
  • Above Rs. 50.00 lakhs: Rs. 40/-
Cash Transactions

4 transactions or upto Rs. 2.00 lakhs whichever is earlier will be free of cost.

Transactions 4 or Rs. 2.00 lakhs at Rs. 4.50 per Rs. 1000 upto a maximum of Rs. 150/- per transaction.

Debit Card


My Team or other image debit card provided on request

Rs. 150/- p.a.


One-time image cost plus Rs. 199/- p.a.

Transactions at Kotak Bank ATM(financial as well as Non-financial)


Other Bank ATMs



5 transactions (including financial and non-financial) in a month free and in 6 major cities i.e., Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad 3 transactions (financial and non-financial) free. Beyond the free transactions charges at Rs. 21/- per transaction for financial transaction and Rs. 8.50 per non-financial transaction will be collected.

Declined transactions due to insufficient balanceRs. 25/- per instance
Transaction at International ATMRs. 150/- for financial transaction and Rs. 25/- for non-financial transaction
Cardless cash withdrawal1 transaction a month free and Rs. 10/- per transaction for transactions thereafter.
DD/Pay OrderRs. 4/- per thousand with a minimum of Rs. 50/- and a maximum of Rs. 10000/-
Cheque book25 leaves free per quarter. Beyond 25 leaves, Rs. 3/- per cheque leaf.
Dishonour of ECS/Cheque due to insufficient balanceRs. 500/- per instance
Standing Instruction DishonourRs. 100/- per instance
Dishonour of Outward Cheque (cheque deposited)Rs. 100/- per instance
Home banking serviceRs. 150/- per visit

Kotak 811 FAQs

Is it good to open a Kotak 811 account?


It is good to open Kotak 811 Zero balance account as there is no minimum balance stipulation and so you will not be penalised for a breach of minimum charges condition. You can utilise the funds to the last rupee. 

Is Kotak 811 account free?


Funds transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS done online are free of cost. However, there are charges between Rs. 4.- to Rs. 40/- depending on the amount for NEFT/RGTS done at branches.

ATM transactions at Kotak ATM are free. But for transactions beyond 5 including financial and non-financial transactions and beyond 3 transactions including financial and non-financial charges at 6 major cities, charges for the financial transactions will be Rs. 21/per transaction and for the non-financial transaction, it will be Rs. 8.50 per transaction.

For financial transactions at International ATMs, the charges will be Rs. 150/- per transaction and for the non-financial transactions it will be Rs. 25/- per transaction.

Is it safe to open a Kotak 811 account online?


Kotak 811 account opening online is totally safe there is a two-level authentication in the Kotak Mobile App with an easy interface. You can open the digital account without restrictions and verification can be done through Video KYC.

Why is it called Kotak 811?


November 8 2016 was the day that changed India when Honourable Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of high-value currency. Inspired by this the name Kotak 811 was given.

How can I deposit cash in a Kotak 811 account?


You can deposit cash in Kotak 811 account either through debit card or through netbanking of other banks. You can also deposit cash by visiting the nearest branch of Kotak Mahindra bank. Cash deposit charges will be applicable if deposited at the branch.

Can I get a passbook for Kotak 811?


The Kotak 811 account will be opened online and so the Kotak bank passbook will not be a part of the account opening kit. However, you can place a request for a passbook at the Kotak Mahindra Bank branch. Since there is no provision for issuing an passbook for Kotak 811 account, there is every chance that your request for a passbook for Kotak 811 account to be turned down at the branch.

How can I open a Kotak bank account offline or online?


You can open a Kotak Mahindra Online Account either through the Kotak Mobile App or through the official website of the Bank.

To open the Kotak Mahindra Online Account you will have to 

  • download the mobile app on Android Playstore or visit the official website of the Bank
  • Register both PAN and Aadhar
  • If opening through Mobile App you can set a PIN and start using the account.

You can open a Kotak Bank account offline by submitting the application along with the supporting documents at the nearest branch of the Bank.