American Express Credit Card Payment

If you have an American Express Credit Card, you can make your Amex credit card payment through UPI, NEFT, BillDesk, Recurring Direct Debit/NACH, Drop Boxes, Courier, and other methods. Amex provides various bill payment modes to make the process convenient and hassle-free. 


American Express Credit Card Payment

Before understanding the American Express credit card payment options, you need to be aware of some of the key points:

  • If the payment is made through a bank account, then it has to be the primary cardholder’s account. Payments cannot be effected from the add-on cardholder’s account.
  • If the primary cardholder of the American Express Credit Card is a Non-Resident Indian, then the payment has to be effected from the NRE/NRO account of the primary cardholder.
  • American Express does not hold any obligation to either process or guarantee any credit card payment made through a payment aggregator not listed on the official website or mobile app of the bank.

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American Express Credit Card Payment Online 

There are multiple ways to make Amex credit card payment online as mentioned below:

1. Payment through Bill Desk 

  • Go to Amex Card BillDesk website. 
  • Enter your 15-digit American Express® Credit Card number.
  • Re-enter the card number.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Type your email ID.
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • Now select your bank account and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’.
  • Then, confirm payment.
  • You will receive online confirmation for the payment.

2. Payment through Autopay/NACH

  • Another Amex credit card payment method is NACH or Direct Debit. To use this service, you have to download the required form depending on how you want to enrol in your American Express Credit Card.
  • For online enrollment, you will need to visit the e-Mandate Debit Enrollment webpage and fill in the details like your American Express Card number (twice), mobile number, and email ID. After that, click on ‘Submit’.
  • For paper-based enrollment, you have to choose a form based on your American Express Card type and download it from online links. You can either download the Charge Card – Direct Enrollment Form or Credit Card – Direct Debit Enrollment Form and fill in all the details carefully. After filling out the form, send it to: American Express Banking Corp, Cyber City, Tower - C, DLF City, Phase-II, Gurgaon- 122002.
  • If you are a corporate card member, you can also avail of the Direct Debit services by enrolling your card. Just download the Corporate Card – Direct Debit Enrolment Form and mention the required details carefully before sending it to: American Express Banking Corp, Cyber City, Tower - C, DLF City, Phase-II, Gurgaon - 122002.

3. Payment through NEFT

Amex credit card payment made through NEFT will be credited to the American Express Credit Card account within 24 hours. Registration of the credit card as Payee/Beneficiary by providing a few details as mentioned below is the first step.

  • Name of the Payee: American Express
  • Account Number of Payee: The 15-digit card number preceded by 37
  • Name of the Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
  • Account Type of Payee: Current Account
  • American Express credit card IFSC code: SCBL0036020
  • Address of the bank: Standard Chartered Bank, Narain Manzil. 23 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001

4. Payment through UPI

This is a much simpler method to make the American Express credit card bill payment. The only requirement is a United Payments Interface-enabled mobile app. You can log in to BHIM or any UPI-enabled mobile app and make the payment.

  • For this American Express online payment method, you will need the UPI VPA, and for American Express, the UPI VPA is AEBC37XXXXXXXXXXXXX@SC. You will have to enter the 15-digit American Express Credit No preceded by 37.
  • If you need the payment to be credited the very next day then, you will have to initiate the transaction within 5.00 p.m. on a working day. Payment will not be processed on Sundays and bank holidays.
  • Ensure the correctness of the card number entered to avoid failure of the transaction.

5. Payment through Netbanking

You can also make AEBC card payments directly from your bank account through a net banking facility available for your account. Over fifty participating banks have enabled this facility for their customers.

You can also make the American Express payment online through various electronic modes like UPI/BHIM-UPI, UPI QR Code, BHIM-UPI QR Code or Rupay Debit Card.

American Express Credit Card Payment - Offline

1. Payment through Courier 

You can clear your American Express Credit Card bills through this American Express cheque payment method. Just draw a cheque/draft in favour of “Card No. 37XXXXXXXXXXXXX” and send it to t: ‘American Express Banking Corp., Cyber City, Tower C, DLF City, Phase - II, Gurgaon -122002, Haryana’.

2. Payment through Dropbox - Add Content

Another offline payment method is the DropBox. Visit the nearest DropBox and drop your payment cheque/draft in favour of Card No. 37XXXXXXXXXXXXX’. Make sure you drop your draft/cheque in the dropbox 4 days before the bill due date.

3. American Express Credit Card Bill Payment by Cash 

Cash payment of the credit card due amount can be made at the nearest American Express Bank branch.

Amex Bill Payment for Account Holders

American Express Credit Card members who have an account with American Express Bank can either opt for direct debit of their account for the minimum amount due or the total amount due on the due date by filling up a standing instructions form or pay through internet banking.

If you are making payment through internet banking, you will have to register the card with the following steps:

  • Log in to net banking with the user ID and password.
  • Choose the credit card section.
  • Register New Card option will appear. Click on the option.
  • Enter the beneficiary name. It should be as it appears on the credit card.
  • For account number, enter the 15 digit card number preceded by 37.
  • Enter the Amex credit card payment IFSC code.
  • Check the name as well as the address of the bank and hit the submit button.
  • This completes the credit card registration.

Now to make the payment of the credit card bill, log in to net banking with the net banking user ID and Password.

  • Proceed to the credit card section.
  • Choose the ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  • Choose the mode of payment.
  • From the beneficiary, the list selects the credit card.
  • Enter the minimum amount due or the total amount due and click on the submit button.
  • Your American Express Bank Account will be debited immediately.

How to Pay the American Express Credit Card Bill?

There are various ways of paying the American Express Credit Card bill. The non-account holders can make the payment online through the following options.

  • NEFT
  • UPI
  • Rupay Debit Card

You can also make offline payments as follows:

  • Opt for recording standing instructions to debit the bank account for either minimum amount due or total amount due by submitted NACH form. This can be facilitated only if the customer’s bank is participating in eNACH.
  • You can fill up an online enrollment form to record the standing instructions to debit the bank account to the extent of the minimum amount due or the total amount due on the due date. The enrollment will take about five days.
  • Offline enrolment forms also can be submitted. But the enrollment will take a longer time. It could take 3 to 4 weeks.
  • The payment can also be made by sending a cheque or draft favouring AEBC 37 followed by a 15-digit card number and sent to American Express Banking Corp. Cyber City, Tower 'C', DLF Building No 8, Sector 25, DLF City Phase II, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana. The amount of the cheque/draft can be the minimum amount due or the total amount due. The cheque should be sent much in advance so that it reaches the bank within four days before the due date to enable timely credit.
  • The cheque/draft can also be dropped at the nearest dropbox. 

Account holders of American Express can make the payment by submitting a written request to debit the account for the minimum amount or the total amount due on the due date every month until the card is live.

The other method would be to make the payment through net banking by registering the credit card under the beneficiary list. After registering the credit card, all you have to do is log in to the net banking using the net banking credentials and make the payment by choosing the ‘pay bill’ option under the credit card section.

Different Methods & Processing Time in Amex Credit Card Bill Payment 

Following are the different methods of Amex credit card paymet and the time taken for them to process:

Payment MethodTime Taken
BillDesk1 - 2 business days
UPIBy the next day (if started before 5 pm)
NEFTBy the next day
Direct Debit / NACHDebited before due date
DropboxUp to 2 days
CourierUp to 4 days

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American Express Credit Card Payment FAQs

✅ How can I check the American Express Bank Credit Card bill?


For all the options like paying the credit card bill, checking the credit limit, available balance, credit card statement, and downloading the credit card statement, you will have to first link the credit card to an online account soon after issuance. For this, you need to have the credit card details and the date of birth ready.

If you are going to link the card to an already existing account, you will have to log in to the account using the user ID and Password. The name in the existing account and the credit card should be the same. 

If you are an add-on member, then the date of birth of the primary cardholder will be required, along with your details. The card information will, however, be restricted only to you through the online account.

Once the card is linked to the primary cardholder’s account, you will have to log in to the online account and choose the necessary option, i.e., ‘view statement’, to check your credit card bill.  

✅ How can I pay the American  Express Credit Card bill using another credit card?


You will not be able to pay the American Express Credit Card bill directly using another credit card. 

You will have to opt for a balance transfer of the American Express Credit Card bill outstanding to another credit card with a lower interest rate. However, you should note that there will be balance transfer charges and you should be aware of the charges and opt for the balance transfer only if it is lucrative.

✅ What is the due date for the American Express Credit Card payment?


The payment due date for the American Express Credit Card payment varies between 18 days to  23 days from the billing date, depending on the nature of payment of the earlier statement dues. If the transaction date is 2nd May and the billing date is1st June, then the payment due date will be 22nd June. So the interest-free days will be from 2nd May to 22nd June i.e., 51 days if only the earlier credit card bill is paid in full instead of the minimum amount due.

✅ How to convert credit card payment to EMI in American Express?


Every transaction above Rs. 5000/- can be converted to easy EMI with a low interest rate and tenure ranging between 3 to 24 months. Now you can make payments of insurance premiums, big-ticket purchases, school fees etc., in easy EMIs using American Express Card.

  • For online transactions, you can opt for the EMI option before checking out.
  • For transactions made at Stores, you can opt for the EMI option post the purchase.  
  • You can also opt for EMI by sending an SMS to 5616166. The message should be EMINOW <date of transaction>, <amount>, Merchant name, EMITenure <3 to 24 months>.
  • You can also fill an online form with details like card number, registered date of birth of the primary cardholder, date of transaction, and amount of transaction. Select the EMI tenure from the drop-down, enter the verification code, agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box on the left-hand corner and click on the submit button. 
  • You can also send the request by email to emi@aexp.com.

✅ What are the penalty charges if I pay after the due date?


If the minimum amount due is not paid within the due date, a late payment penalty of 30% of the minimum amount is due with a minimum of Rs. 500/- and a maximum of Rs. 1000/- plus applicable tax will be collected.

✅ What will happen if I pay only the minimum amount due on the American Express Credit Card?


If only the minimum amount due is paid, then interest will be charged for the balance amount at 3.5% to 3.99% per month, depending on the card. This interest will be included in the credit card statement of the subsequent month. Also, interest will be charged on any further transactions made. You will not only be losing on the interest-free period, which is the biggest perk offered for a credit card but may lose out on many other benefits and rewards. If you intend to use the credit card judiciously, you should develop the habit of paying the bill amount fully instead of the minimum amount due

✅ What is the American Express credit card IFSC code?


The American Express credit card IFSC code is SCBL0036020.

✅ How much time does it take for an NEFT payment to be processed?


An NEFT payment is usually processed by the next day.

✅ Do I need to pay any charges for bill payment through the bill desk?


No. You don’t have to pay any charges for payment through the bill desk.

✅ Can I pay my American Express credit card bills using a debit card?


No. Amex does not offer the facility of making bill payments via debit cards.

✅ I have a charge card from Amex. Does the bill payment process different for charge cards?


You can make bill payments for your American Express Charge Card via the same online methods like NEFT, UPI, etc. If you want to set up direct debit instructions, you will be required to fill up the online form and post it to the address mentioned on the form.

✅ Can I set direct debit instructions on the current account?


Yes. You can set direct debit instructions on your Savings, Current, NRE, NRO and other accounts.

✅ How to pay my American Express credit card bill?


You can pay your American Express credit card bill through BillDesk, UPI, NEFT, Direct Debit / NACH, Dropbox, or Courier.