Types of American Express Credit Cards in India

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American Express is a name in the Credit Card industry which everyone knows. If you have a Credit Card or planning to buy one, you must know about American Express. The card has remained popular amongst all its users owing to its premium customer care service which guides you through everything on a 24*7 basis. Send a text, give a call or send an e-mail, the team will be ready to make your experience with American Express a delight. American Express also known as AMEX has a specialised security system to keep your data secure and spot any odd activity. They ensure that fraudulent transactions do not affect the customers of Amex. The belief of Credit Card users on the company states the quality of service offered. The Credit Cards come with various exciting offers on shopping, travel, lodging, dining-out, and bill payments. The best thing is, you can avail all these benefits by Applying for the Credit Card Online.

So if you are thinking of availing American Express Credit Cards, given below are the different Types of Credit Cards Offered by AMEX:

1. American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card

The first year fee for this card is only 1,000 while from the next year you will have to pay 4,500 for the card. The taxes are applicable for both the payments. As a welcome gift, the card offers you 4,000 reward points. You can also earn another 1,000 reward points by using the cards four times for transactions of more than a thousand rupees, every month. The points can be redeemed even for gold at fabulous 18 and 24 Karat gold collection. The option of converting your big purchases into an EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) also applies to this card.

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2. American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card

Milestone membership bonus of 5,000 reward points and travel voucher of 4,000 is what you get as a welcome gift with this card. The first year fee for the card is 3,500 while from the second year you have to pay 5,000 for the same. You get benefits on travel with vouchers worth 19,500 with this card. On flights, you are eligible for cashback on bookings made using MakeMyTrip.com. While at Taj hotels, palaces, safaris, and resorts you get benefits up to 10,000. Four complimentary visits every year with free lodging are also a part of this deal.

3. American Express® Gold Card

You can get this card with an initial payment of 1,000 only and receive 4,000 reward points. You can increase the number of points by using the card for purchasing from your favorite stores. Cashback for flight bookings on MakeMyTrip along with shopping gold with the reward points makes this card a favorite of all. The pre-set limit does not apply for this card; you can shop as much as you want to or set a limit which you find suitable for yourself.

4. American Express® Platinum ReserveSM Credit Card

11,000 bonus points for the first year at a fee of only 5,000 and unlimited access to golf courses across the country is something you can’t deny if you are a premium customer. The charge from the second year is 10,000 with tax to be paid extra, but the benefits offered are too good to ignore. You can enjoy a free stay at the Taj hotel, resorts, safaris, palaces or other resorts of your preference. The privileges also apply to Oberoi chain of hotels and resorts. You also get complimentary access to lounges of American Express as well as domestic lounges. Medical benefits are also an integral part of this card. At Max, Fortis and Texas Healthcare centers, unique health benefits are available to the cardholders of Amex.

5. Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card

Welcomed with 10,000 JP Miles, one-way complimentary flight ticket for domestic travel and visit to 12 lounges across 10 cities in India, a customer cannot deny the benefits of this card. Especially for those who love to travel, benefits on airfare, as the card is functioning jointly with Jet Airways, are the best gifts that can be offered. If you spend 150 for fuel, insurance, or utilities, you get 8 JP Miles as a reward. For preferred hotels, a complimentary iPrefer Elite Tier membership is also offered by the company. Extending your holiday is fun with this card. Three days and four nights stay at select properties of Oberoi’s are free with the membership of this card. The fee for the card in the first year is only 5,000 while from the second year, to avail all these benefits, you need to pay just the double, i.e., 10,000.

6. American Express® Platinum Card

‘Do anything’ with 1 Lakh bonus points for taking membership of this card. Stay at Taj against the vouchers offered having a value of 40,000. Exclusive advantages of Airline Partner program and benefits across 975+ hotels and resorts worldwide make this card the perfect choice for anyone who can pay 50,000 for membership. More than 1,100 lounges globally are ready to welcome you if you use this Credit Card.

Credit Cards from the same company may offer different benefits and pose different requirements. It is crucial to understand your specification before applying for a card. Amex is not just a name, but a brand. Compare the benefits offered before applying for the Various Types of Credit Cards offered by different companies.

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