Axis Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges & Limit

Updated on: 09 Jul 2024 // 4 min read // Credit Cards
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Credit card cash withdrawal or cash advance is a facility provided by banks for their credit cardholders to give them access to cash withdrawal using their credit cards during times of crisis.

You can use your Axis Bank credit card for cash withdrawals just like a debit card from an ATM kiosk. The cash withdrawal feature of Axis Bank credit cards can be of great benefit, especially during emergencies. However, Axis Bank levies a limit for withdrawing cash with your credit card from an ATM.

Usually, this limit is 40% of your total available credit limit. However, if your card is not older than 180 days, the withdrawal limit could be zero. To know your card’s current cash withdrawal limit, you can check your Axis Bank credit card statement or contact the Axis Bank customer care department.

The bank levies charges on using the cash advance facility, which is commonly known as the finance charges. These charges may differ according to the variant of credit card you opt for.

Let us take a look at this facility, its benefits, and the charges involved.

Axis Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit

Axis Bank sets different cash withdrawal limits for different credit cards. The limit is communicated to the cardholder at the time of card delivery. Also, the cash limit can be zero for a few Axis Bank credit cards for the first 180 days from the date of issuance. After that, the cardholder can avail the cash advance facility.

Axis Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges

Axis Bank, like other banks in India, levies a cash advance or cash withdrawal fee. This is a transaction fee that you need to pay every time you withdraw cash using your Axis credit card. This fee is added to your credit card bill in the following statement.

Axis Bank charges a cash withdrawal fee of 2.5% of the cash amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 500) + GST. For instance, if you withdraw Rs. 20,000 using your Axis Bank credit card, you will have to pay Rs. 500 as the cash advance fee in your next billing cycle. Axis Bank holds the right to change the cash advance charges at any time.

Cash advances also attract finance charges from the date of cash withdrawal using the credit card till it is fully repaid.

Axis Bank Cash Advance Interest Charges

When Axis Bank cardholders avail of the cash advance facility, the bank levies a finance charge, which is the interest that they have to pay on a monthly rate from the date of withdrawal till the amount is fully repaid. Finance charges for Axis Bank credit cards range from 41.75% to 52.86% p.a., depending on the credit card variant. You can check the finance charges of a card before applying for it.

Following are the cash advance fees and finance charges applicable on different Axis Bank credit card types:

Credit Card VariantCash Advance FeeFinance Charges (p.a.)
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card2.5%52.86% 
Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card2.5%52.86% 
Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card2.5%52.86%
IndianOil Axis Bank Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis REWARDS Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Magnus Credit CardNil42.58%
Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Vistara Privilege Credit Card2.5%52.86%
SpiceJet Axis Bank Voyage Black Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Select Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Kwik Credit CardNA52.86%
SpiceJet Axis Bank Voyage Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Samsung Axis Bank Signature Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Miles and More World Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank AURA Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Freecharge Credit CardNA52.86%
Axis Bank Freecharge Plus Credit CardNA52.86%
Axis Bank Ace Credit Card2.5%52.86%
Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card2.5%41.75%
Axis Bank Pride Signature Credit Card 2.5%41.75%
Axis Bank My Zone Easy Credit Card2.5%49.96%
Privilege Easy Credit Card2.5%49.96%
Axis Bank Signature Credit Card2.5%49.96%
LIC Axis Bank Signature Credit Card2.5%52.86%
LIC Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card2.5%Waived
Platinum Credit Card2.5%49.96%
Titanium Smart Traveller Credit CardNA49.96%
Axis Bank My Wings Credit Card2.5%49.96%

How to Withdraw Cash from Axis Bank Credit Card?

Axis Bank credit cardholders can withdraw cash at any of the ATMs and not specifically from Axis Bank ATMs. Withdrawing cash from ATMs using a credit card is similar to a debit card. Follow the steps given below to get cash from your Axis Bank credit card:

  • Go to a nearby ATM and insert your Axis Bank credit card into the slot.
  • Then select your preferred language from the options listed on the screen.
  • Select the option of ‘cash withdrawal’ next.
  • You will need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Tap on ‘Enter’.
  • Type the PIN of your credit card.
  • Cash will be dispensed from the ATM.

Benefits of Axis Bank Cash Advance Facility:

  • No approval is needed from the bank to withdraw cash.
  • The documentation process to avail of this facility is simple and convenient.
  • Cash withdrawal is easy and helpful during times of emergency and to pay at places that don’t accept card transactions.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from any ATM located in the country or outside.

Disadvantages of Axis Bank Cash Advance Facility:

  • No reward points can be earned while using this facility.
  • There is no interest-free period.
  • Cardholders have to pay a fee every time they withdraw cash using their credit card.
  • An interest is also levied from the date of withdrawal of the cash.
  • The interest charged is always more than regular card transactions.