Axis Bank Priority Pass: Check Benefits, Eligibility, Terms & Conditions

Updated on: 30 Jan 2024 // 8 min read // Credit Cards
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Axis Bank Priority Pass

Traveling can be a hectic experience, but Axis Bank is changing that narrative for its customers with the Priority Pass membership. Whether you're a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, this exclusive offering is set to elevate your airport experience. Let's dive into what the Axis Bank Priority Pass has in store for you.

What is Axis Bank Priority Pass Membership Program?

Axis Bank offers Priority Pass membership with select credit cards, granting customers access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. This membership enhances travel experiences by offering amenities like lounge access, discounts on dining and shopping, free Wi-Fi, and 24/7 customer support. It's ideal for frequent travelers seeking comfort and convenience during their airport stays. This article explores the benefits that come with holding a Priority Pass membership through Axis Bank credit cards.

Advantages of Holding an Axis Bank Priority Pass Membership

  • Extensive Lounge Network: As a Priority Pass member, you gain entry to over 1,300 airport lounges in 600 cities across 148 countries. The network is continually growing, adding more locations to its list.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Members enjoy special offers on shopping, dining, and spa services at airports. These discounts are accessible through the Priority Pass mobile app or a digital account.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: Lounges in the Priority Pass network provide free Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected. The lounges are also equipped with comfortable seating and charging stations for your devices.
  • Digital Access via Mobile App: The Priority Pass mobile app offers a range of digital services, including a digital membership card, airport maps, and other features.
  • Minute Suite Access: Members can access Minute Suites at airports for free for the first hour, with a nominal fee charged thereafter. Availability of these suites depends on the specific lounge.
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Priority Pass provides 24/7 customer assistance for any inquiries or help needed by members.

The Priority Pass membership, particularly when linked to a credit card, enhances the travel experience by providing a variety of conveniences and amenities at airports worldwide.

Axis Bank Credit Cards Offering Priority Pass Benefits

Embarking on a journey with Axis Bank's range of credit cards opens the door to exclusive lounge access, thanks to the Priority Pass benefits. Catering to various lifestyles and needs, Axis Bank offers a selection of cards including the Select, Reserve, Magnus, Burgundy Private, and Miles & More Credit Cards. Each card not only offers distinct perks but also an array of lounge benefits tailored to enhance your travel experience. From complimentary domestic lounge visits to unlimited international lounge access, these cards are designed to add a touch of luxury to your journeys, whether you're a frequent traveler, a shopping enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Let's delve into the specifics of each card, understanding how they align with different user profiles and the unique advantages they offer.

Following card types are eligible for lounge access:

  • Axis Bank Select Credit Card 
  • Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Burgundy Private Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Miles & More Select Credit Cards
Card NameBest Suited ForJoining FeeLounge BenefitsForex Fee
Axis Bank Select Credit CardTravel, ShoppingRs. 3000 + Taxes8 complimentary domestic lounge visits every year (max 2 per quarter)3.5%
Axis Bank Reserve Credit CardMovies, Travel, Dining, ShoppingRs. 50000 + TaxesUnlimited international airport lounge access every year with Priority Pass membership.1.5%
Axis Bank Magnus Credit CardMovies, Travel, Dining, ShoppingRs. 12500 + TaxesUnlimited complimentary international airport lounge access for primary cardholders and 8 complimentary visits for the guests every year with Priority Pass2%
Axis Bank Burgundy Private Credit CardHigh-net-worth individualsRs. 50,000 (Nil for individuals holding a Burgundy Private account)Annually, rewards guests to 12 visits in both domestic and international airport lounges.Nil
Axis Bank Miles & More Select Credit CardsTravelRs. 10000 + TaxesComplimentary Domestic Mastercard Lounge Access, 4 per Quarter at select select 31 Lounges across 14 cities in India3.5%

Eligibility for Axis Bank Priority Pass Membership

Gaining access to the Priority Pass benefits through Axis Bank's Select Credit Card hinges on meeting certain eligibility criteria, designed to reward active card users. Here's how you can unlock this exclusive travel luxury:

  • Initial Year Eligibility: To activate your Priority Pass membership in the first year, simply complete one successful transaction using your Axis Bank Select Credit Card within the first 90 days of receiving your card. This initial step is crucial to begin enjoying the benefits.
  • Membership Renewal Criteria: From the second year onwards, maintaining your Priority Pass membership requires a bit more commitment. Spend a minimum of Rs. 3 Lakhs with your credit card in the previous year to qualify for renewal. This encourages continued use of the card for various purchases.
  • Important Note on Renewal: Keep in mind, the renewal of your Priority Pass membership is not automatic. You need to proactively request it by contacting Axis Bank's dedicated support at 1800 419 0065. This ensures that you continue to enjoy the lounge access benefits as part of your Axis Bank credit card experience.

Adhering to these criteria ensures that as a primary cardholder of the Axis Bank Select Credit Card, you can continuously enjoy the convenience and luxury of Priority Pass membership, making your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.

How to Avail Axis Bank Priority Pass Benefits?

Availing the benefits of your Priority Pass membership through Axis Bank is a straightforward process. Here's how you can make the most of this exclusive travel perk:

  • Receiving Your Membership: Once your Axis Bank credit card is activated or renewed (provided you meet the eligibility criteria), expect to receive your Priority Pass membership within 10 days. This timely delivery ensures you can start enjoying lounge access as soon as possible.
  • Using the Priority Pass at Lounges: To access the lounges, simply present and swipe your Priority Pass Card. This process is your ticket to enjoying the free visits that come with your membership.
  • Finding Eligible Lounges: To know where you can use your Priority Pass, visit the official website at www.prioritypass.com. This site lists all eligible lounges globally, making it easy to plan your lounge visits during your travels.
  • Charges for Additional Visits: Should you exceed the number of complimentary visits, additional lounge entries will be billed to your Axis Bank credit card. These charges will reflect in your credit card statement, as reported by Priority Pass.
  • Cost for Guest Visits: If you bring guests to the lounge, be aware that charges will apply. The rate depends on the specific lounge's location. These charges will also be billed to your credit card and will appear in your monthly statement.

Following these steps ensures a seamless experience with your Axis Bank Priority Pass membership, enhancing your travel with comfort and convenience.

Detailed Terms and Conditions for Axis Bank Priority Pass

Understanding the terms and conditions of the Axis Bank Priority Pass is crucial for making the most of its benefits. Here’s a consolidated overview:

  • Eligibility: The benefit is exclusively for primary holders of the Axis Bank Select Credit Card.
  • Non-transferability: The Priority Pass card is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the cardholder.
  • Validity: The card must be valid (not expired) and signed by the cardholder to be used.
  • Usage: It’s not a payment card and shouldn’t be used as proof of creditworthiness.
  • Visit Charges: Charges for visits may change without prior notice.
  • Additional Visits: Eligibility for extra visits is determined when the charges are posted to the card account.
  • Lounge Details: Visit www.prioritypass.com for lounge details and charges.
  • Lounge Entry: Valid Priority Pass card is necessary for entry; the credit card alone won’t suffice.
  • Visit Charges: Lounge visits, including guests, will be billed to the cardholder's credit card.
  • Record of Visit: On entry, a 'Record of Visit' voucher or log entry is made. Cardholders are responsible for its accuracy.
  • Lounge Operations: Lounges are third-party operated; their rules and policies, including space and stay duration limits, must be adhered to.
  • Ticket Requirement: Access requires a valid flight ticket for the same day.
  • Dispute Resolution: Visit disputes must be reported within 90 days of fee levy.
  • Taxes and Charges: All additional taxes and charges related to the offer are borne by the cardholder.
  • Bank’s Rights: Axis Bank reserves the right to modify terms or discontinue the offer at any time.
  • Card Status: Inactive, closed, or credit-frozen accounts aren’t eligible for the offer.
  • Liability: Axis Bank isn’t liable for any malfunctions or delays affecting the offer.
  • Voluntary Participation: Cardholders participate voluntarily in the offer.
  • Promotional Purpose: The offer aims to promote the usage of the Axis Bank Select Credit Card.
  • No Warranty by Axis Bank: Axis Bank doesn’t guarantee the quality of services provided by Priority Pass.
  • Jurisdiction: Disputes subject to Mumbai courts' jurisdiction.
  • Acceptance of Terms: Utilization of the offer implies acceptance of these terms.

FAQs on Axis Bank Priority Pass

✅ Who is eligible for the Axis Bank Priority Pass membership?

The Priority Pass membership is available to primary cardholders of select Axis Bank credit cards, such as the Axis Bank Select, Reserve, Magnus, Burgundy Private, and certain Miles & More Credit Cards.

✅ How do I receive my Priority Pass membership card?

The Priority Pass membership card is dispatched within 10 days of activating or renewing your eligible Axis Bank credit card, provided you meet the specific card's eligibility criteria.

✅ Where can I use my Axis Bank Priority Pass?

You can use your Priority Pass at over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. The complete list of eligible lounges is available on the Priority Pass website (www.prioritypass.com).

✅ Are there any charges for using lounge access beyond the complimentary visits?

Yes, any lounge visits beyond the complimentary allowance will be charged to your Axis Bank credit card. The rate varies depending on the lounge's location.

✅ Can I bring guests to the lounge with my Priority Pass?

Yes, you can bring guests to the lounge. However, guest visits are chargeable and the rate depends on the lounge's location. These charges will be billed to your Axis Bank credit card.

✅ How do I renew my Priority Pass membership?

Priority Pass membership renewal requires a request from the cardholder and depends on meeting the annual spending criteria specific to your Axis Bank credit card. You can renew by contacting Axis Bank support.

✅ Is there a mobile app for Priority Pass?

Yes, Priority Pass offers a mobile app where you can access digital membership cards, find lounges, and more. This can enhance your lounge access experience.

✅ What services are available in the Priority Pass lounges?

Services vary by lounge but generally include comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, refreshments, and sometimes additional amenities like showers or nap areas.

✅ How can I keep track of my complimentary lounge visits?

You can track your lounge visit count through the Priority Pass app or by checking your Axis Bank credit card statements.

✅ Are there any additional benefits of the Priority Pass membership?

Apart from lounge access, Priority Pass membership often includes discounts on dining, shopping, and spa services at airports. Specific benefits can be found on the Priority Pass website or app.