Axis Bank Balance Check Number 2022

Axis Bank is a new generation bank that came into existence and started banking operations in 1994. It offers a wide spectrum of financial products covering the Large and Mid Corporate Sectors. The anywhere, anytime banking facility offered by the bank for conducting various transactions like funds transfer, balance inquiry, loan application, etc., has increased the comfort level of the Axis Bank customers by leaps and bounds. The various methods of Axis Bank balance check are discussed further.


Axis Bank Balance Check Number

You can gain instant access to account information by giving a missed call to Axis Bank Balance Check Number. This service is simple, quick and hassle-free. If, as a customer, your mobile number is registered with the bank, then only you qualify for this service. With the missed call service, you can get account information, mini-statement and can also recharge the mobile with just a missed call. Internet connection and smartphones are not required to avail of this service. The biggest advantage of this service is the non-chargeable aspect. The service is available in both Hindi and English languages is yet another advantage.

How to check axis bank balance with missed call service? Give a missed call to the following Axis Bank Balance Check No and avail of the service required.

  • 1800 419 5959 — for Account Balance
  • 1800 419 6969 — for Mini Statement
  • 1800 419 5858 — for Account Balance in Hindi
  • 1800 419 6868 — for Mini Statement in Hindi
  • 08049336262 — to recharge your mobile instantly

To use the missed call service for mobile recharge, you will have to activate it by sending an SMS in the format ACT and sending it to 56161600.  Subsequently, your phone can be recharged with just a missed call. How easy is that?

Different Methods of Axis Bank Balance Enquiry in 2022

The missed call service is the simplest way for Axis Bank balance enquiry. But there are other various hassle-free methods that you can choose from.

Internet Banking

Registration for net banking services is essential if you want to avail advantage of internet banking for various banking transactions. You can do the registration at the time of opening the bank account. A User ID and password will be provided by the bank that can be used to login into the net banking portal. Follow these simple steps for Axis  Bank balance enquiry through internet banking.

  • Visit the website of the bank.
  • Log in to the net banking portal with the user ID and password
  • Choose ‘Account Details’ and click on the account for which you need the latest balance.
  • The latest balance of the account will be available on the screen instantly for viewing.

Mobile Banking

Axis bank has various mobile applications for enabling round-the-clock service to the customers. The mobile apps are Axis Mobile, Axis ok and BHIM Axis pay.  Axis Mobile and Axis Ok are the two apps that are used for Axis Bank balance enquiry. 

Axis Mobile 

Axis mobile is a 100% safe mobile application with over a hundred existing features. Follow the steps given below to go ahead with the mobile app.

  • Download from Google Play Store or Apple Store and install the app.
  • Alternatively, you can get the download link by sending an SMS or calling the toll-free number of Axis, as indicated below.
    • Send SMS MBANK to Axis Bank balance check number 56161600 to receive the download link.
    • NRI customers can send SMS MBANK to Axis Bank balance enquiry number 8691000002
    • A missed call can also be made to the toll-free Axis Bank balance enquiry no  8422992272. The call must be from a registered mobile number.
  • All savings account/current account/NRI customers can avail of this service.

To access the facility, you should be registered as a user on the Axis Mobile app. An mPIN that secures the transactions will be provided by the bank. Besides the MPIN, validation of the usage of any feature in the Mobile app through internet banking credentials or debit card credentials is an added security feature.

  • For Android users, a mere login will trigger an SMS to verify the details, whereas Apple users have to click on send on the message inbox to trigger the SMS. 
  • Your name has to be entered.
  • MPIN of your choice to be set. This has to be memorised as it will be required for every transaction through the App in the future.
  • The next level will be choosing the type of transaction.
  • For this, authentication using internet credentials or debit card details will be required.
  • For authentication through internet banking credentials, enter the User ID and Password.
  • For authentication through debit card credentials, enter the debit card number, expiry.

To use the facility, the mobile number should be registered with the bank. For dual sim users, the SIM for the registered mobile number should be in the primary slot.

Axis Ok

Axis Ok services are available for Android users with the advantage of availability even offline. You do not need an internet connection to access the Axis Ok app. How to get started with the Axis Ok app? Follow the steps  given below:

  • Download the Axis Ok app from Google Play Store
  • No registration is required for accessing the app.
  • The only prerequisite is that the download request should be from the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • Dual SIM users should insert the SIM of the registered mobile number in the primary slot to be able to access the ‘Axis  Ok” app for Axis Bank balance enquiry or any other service.

The services available on the Axis Ok app are Axis Bank balance check, E-statement registration and request, credit card bill payment, credit card hot listing and activating, cheque book request, etc. Various choice of languages is provided in the Axis Of mobile application. The languages are English, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Tamil.

SMS Banking

The facilities of the bank are now at your fingertips with SMS Banking. You will be able to do all the transactions from Axis Bank balance check to updation of  PAN with a mobile. The mandatory requirement is the message should be from a registered mobile number.

For Axis Bank balance check and other information about your account, send SMS to the following Axis Bank balance enquiry numbers

  • 918691000002 -for NRI customers
  • 56161600 

There are a few points that have to be noted for sending an SMS and getting the due information.

  • The keywords to be used for the SMS are not case sensitive. 
  • The account number can either be the entire  15 digit number or the mere last three numbers except for CUSTID, where all the 15 digits of the account number are mandatory.
  • Using pointer brackets, i.e., “<” “ >” are a must, and the details should be within the pointer brackets.
  • Requests sent by SMS are chargeable.

The keywords for various requests are given below.

RequestSMS formatDetails provided
Customer IDCustIDSavings bank Customer ID
Credit Card Customer IdCUSTIDCCXXXX(last four digits of credit card)Credit Card linked Customer  ID only for Standalone  Cardholders
Balance EnquiryBAL(account number)Balance in the account. If holding multiple accounts, the account number is a must; otherwise, the balance of the primary number will be provided.
Last three transactionsMINI (account number)Latest three transactions in the account
Download  mobile appMBANKDownload link for  mobile app
ATM locaterATM <Pincode> Eg ATM 560085It gives the location of the ATM nearest to you
E-statement registrationGREEN<Enail Id>Registers for E-Statement
E-statement on demandESTMT<last 5 digits of the account number><From date><To date>dd-mm-yy format for dateRequest for E-statement. Email Id is a must for E-Statement
Email ID updationUPDATEM<valid Email ID>Updates Email Id 
Cheque book requestCHQBK<last six digits of account number>Can send a request for a cheque book with a simple SMS instead of a written request. 
Cheque Status Enquiry

CHQST<6 digits of cheque number><last six digits of account number>


Informs whether the cheque is cleared or not
Cheque Stop Payment

STOPCHQ<6 digits of cheque number><last 6 digits of account number><3 digits reason code>


Reason codes 


017-Wrong amount spelt

018-Cheque book not  received

019-Cheque Book lost

020-Cheque book mutilated

021-Cheque book stolen

022-Cheque forged

023-Cheque lost

Accepts stop pay instructions
Mobile Recharge-PrepaidMOBILE < mobile number > < operator name > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bank account numberMobile recharge will be done
DTH Recharge-PrepaidDTH < Customer ID > < operator name > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bank account number.>DTH recharge will be done
Data Card Recharge--PrepaidDATA < Data card number > < operator > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bank account number.>Data Card recharge will be done
PAN updationPAN <Pan number>  < Customer ID >PAN  will be updated for your customer ID
MMID for IMPS transactionMMIDProvides MMID for IMPS transactio
Projected Average Balance

Monthly Balance-SMS: PAMB < last six digits of AC no. >


 Quarterly Balance SMS: PAQB < last six digits of AC no. >


Half Yearly Balance SMS: PHAB < last six digits of AC no. >

Gives average monthly, quarterly and half-yearly projected average balance in your account
Calculations are based on the balance maintained on the previous day, assuming that the same balance will continue for the entire period.

Through ATM

Every Axis Bank customer will be issued an ATM card to facilitate cash withdrawal without visiting the branch. Apart from cash withdrawal, the ATM card can be used for various other services, and one such service is Axis Bank Balance Check.

You will have to visit the Axis Bank ATM or ATM of any other Bank and follow the steps given below.

  • Insert the ATM card
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN
  • Select ‘Balance Enquiry’ from the services displayed on the screen
  • You will be able to view the latest balance in your account.


Passbook will be issued to the Axis Bank customers to enable them to keep a watch on the transactions in their account. Regular updation of the passbook will give you an idea about all the debit and credit transactions in your account. You can visit the bank branch at regular intervals and get the passbook updated.

You also use the passbook printer for the updation of the passbook. A printer will be available at all the branches of Axis bank. This is a quicker mode of updating your passbook.

Note: know about the Axis Bank Mini Statement Number service.

Why Should You Regularly Make Axis Bank Balance Enquiry?

Axis Bank balance enquiry is important for the following reasons.

  • To check if the cheque deposited is encashed and the credit received in the account.
  • To ensure that the cheque issued to a third party is honoured.
  • To check if the credits due to you like periodical fixed deposit interest, dividend warrants or monthly rent are being received promptly and to ensure that there are no missouts.
  • To check the levies collected by the bank and bring to the notice of the bank if there are any levy is inappropriate.
  • To check for any suspicious transactions.
  • To ensure that there is sufficient balance in the account to honour EMIs and ECS registered for utility bills payment.
  • In a nutshell, Axis Bank balance enquiry helps in getting a real-time picture of the funds’ position and the inflow and outflow funds in the account.

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How is Axis Bank Balance Check Useful?

Axis Bank balance check is a user-friendly tool that helps in keeping the finances in place. 

Awareness of monetary position helps in managing the finances in a methodical way. This is necessary especially for persons who are working on a limited budget, for instance, salaried individuals who live by pay check-to-pay check. There are various offline and online methods for Axis  Bank balance enquiry to facilitate both the tech-savvy and the non-tech savvy customers. It is a remote way of being connected to your bank while you are being enabled to be disciplined in your finance management.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the Axis Bank Balance Enquiry No?


Axis bank balance enquiry No is 18004195959 for account balance in English  18994195958 for account balance in Hindi.

✅ What are the modes of Axis Bank balance enquiry that require the registration of mobile numbers?


Registration of mobile numbers is mandatory for missed call facilities, SMS banking and mobile banking.

✅ How to Check Axis Bank balance enquiry through Internet Banking?


At the time of opening an account, internet banking registration will be done to enable the customers to access the facility for various banking transactions. Axis Bank balance check can be done  through Internet Banking by following  the steps given below:

  • Access your net banking account through the website of the bank.
  • Log in with internet banking credentials.
  • Choose ‘Balance Enquiry’ from the available options.
  • The account balance will be displayed immediately.

✅ Which are the Axis Bank balance check numbers for SMS banking?


The Axis Bank balance check number for NRI customers is 918691000002 -for NRI customers

and 56161600 for the others.

✅ How to Check Axis Bank balance without an internet connection?


SMS service and missed call service can be utilised for Axis Bank balance check without an internet connection.