Welcome Gift & Activation Benefits

  • Get E-Gift Voucher for 1 Premium Economy class ticket with base fare waived off on annual fee and renewal fee payment.
  • Get 3000 Bonus CV points on spending  75,000 within 90 days of the issuance of the card
  • Reward Earnings
  • Milestone Benefits
  • Comprehensive Insurance Cover
  • Lounge Program
  • Domestic Airport Lounge Access
  • Complimentary Priority Pass Membership

Annual Fee & Joining Fee

Joining Fees: Rs 2999 + Taxes  
Annual Fees: Rs 2999 + Taxes

Additional Info: Check Credit Score before apply credit card.

Eligibility for CLUB VISTARA SBI PRIME Credit Card

  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Must be salaried or self employed
  • Possess last 3 months bank statements

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Documents required for CLUB VISTARA SBI PRIME Credit Card

  • KYC fulfilment: Passport/ Voter's ID Card/ Driving Licence/ Aadhaar Letter or Card/NREGA Card/PAN Card
  • Address proof: Utility Bills/ Ration Card/ Passport
  • ID proof: Aadhar Card/ PAN card/ Driving license/ Voter Id Card
  • Income Proof: Last 3 Salary slips / bank statements
  • Photographs

Cashback & Rewards benefits

Reward Earnings

Earn 2 CV points on spending per  100 spent on all categories, including Fuel

Milestone Benefits

  • Get 1 Premium Economy class ticket on each spending  1.5 Lakhs,  3 Lakhs,  4.5 Lakhs, and  8 Lakhs annually.
  • Get 1 Hotel E-Voucher worth  10,000 from Yatra on annual spends of  8 Lakhs

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

  • Cover of up to  72,000 for loss of check-in baggage
  • Cover of up to  7,500 on the delay of check-in baggage
  • Cover of up to  12,500 on the loss of travel documents
  • Lost card liability cover of up to  1 Lakh
  • Ticket cancellation cover of up to  3,500
  • Baggage damage cover of up to  2,500
  • Air Accident Cover of up to  50 Lakhs

Lounge Program

Enjoy exclusive lounge privileges on your Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

Domestic Airport Lounge Access

Get 8 complimentary visits each year to Domestic Airport lounges (maximum 2 visits per quarter)

Complimentary Priority Pass Membership

Get complimentary priority pass membership valued USD 99 and 4 complimentary visits each year (maximum 2 visits per quarter).

Fee and Interest Rate

  • Joining Fee:  2,999 + applicable taxes
  • Renewal Fee:  2,999 + applicable taxes
  • Add-on Fee: Nil
  • Charges for minimum amount due: 5% of the total outstanding amount (minimum  200 + EMI for EMI based product) + all applicable taxes + OVL amount (if any).
  • Extended credit charges: Up to  25 or 2.5% p.m. (30% p.a.), whichever is higher, from the transaction date.
  • Cash advance limit: Up to 80% of the credit limit, subject to a maximum of  12,000 per day. Cash advance fee of up to  25 or 2.5% p.m. (30% p.a.), whichever is higher, from the date of withdrawal will be charged.
  • Cash advance fee: 2.5% of the amount of transaction (minimum   500) for SBI or other ATMs and 3% of the amount of transaction (minimum  500) for International ATMs.
  • Fee for payment dishonor: 2% of the payment amount (minimum  450)
  • Fee for statement retrieval:  100 for per statement more than 2 months' old
  • Fee for cheque pick-up:  100
  • Cheque fee:   100 for payments made through cheque up to  10,000
  • Late payment charges:
  • For amount due   0 -  200: Nil
  • For amount due   200 -  500:  100
  • For amount due  500 - 1,000:  400
  • For amount due  1,000 -  10,000:  600
  • For amount due  10,000 -  25,000:  800
  • For amount due above  25,000:  950
  • Overlimit Charges: 2.5% of the over limit amount (minimum  500)
  • Emergency card replacement fee when abroad: Actual cost (minimum $175)
  • Card replacement fee:  100
  • Foreign currency transaction/Conversion mark up: 3.5%
  • Rewards redemption fee:  99
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion fee/Markup Fee: 1.99% for ELITE Cardholders, only for transactions above or equal to  1,000), 3.50% (for all other cards)
  • Charges for Priority Pass Lounge: $27 per visit + applicable taxes for All Airport Lounge visits within India. $27 per visit + applicable taxes for All Airport Lounge visits outside India.
  • Cash Payment Fee:   100
  • Fee for change in billing cycle:  200 per successful request
  • Surcharges:Railway tickets via irctc.co.in 1.8% of transaction amount + service charge (as applicable)
  • Railway tickets via counters:  30 + 2.5% of the transaction amount

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SBI Credit Card Rewards

Get exclusive welcome benefits, rewards & cashback with SBI Card. Select a well suited card as per your requirement and apply!

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME FAQs

✅ What is the interest free credit period?


You get an interest free credit period of 20 to 50 days with the card. It is applicable only on retail purchases and if you have paid outstanding balance previous months.

✅ When will the CV Points be credited to my account?


CV Points will be auto-credited to your account within 10 working days after the monthly statement generation.

✅ What is the minimum age required to apply for the card?


You must be at least 18 years old to apply for Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME.

✅ What is the cash advance limit available with the card?


You get a cash advance limit of up to 80% of your credit limit, subject to a maximum of  12,000 per day.

✅ What is the monetary value of 1 CV Point?


The value of 1 CV Point is equal to  1.

✅Terms & Conditions

  1. Annual Fees (one-time charge) and Renewal Fees (charged every year) applicable on the SBI Credit Card may vary from card to card and cardholder to the cardholder. These fees are directly charged to the Cardholder's account and will be billed in the card statement of that month.
  2. In an emergency, the Cardholder can use their card to access cash from domestic /international ATMs. The fee is 2.5% or  300 at domestic ATMs (whichever is higher) and 3% or  300 at international ATMs (whichever is higher). SBI has the right to change the transaction fee.
  3. Interest-free grace period could range from 20 days to 50 days
  4. SBI Card may approve certain transactions which are over and above the cardholder's credit limit. The cardholder has to pay an over-limit fee of 2.5% of the exceeded-limit amount or  500 (whichever is higher).
  5. In the case of a Payment Dishonor, the cardholder will have to pay dishonor fee of 2% of Payment Amount (minimum  450).
  6. Credit Limit, as well as Cash Limit, is assigned to Cardholders on the basis of internal SBICPSL credit criteria. The limits are communicated at the time of card delivery to the cardholder.
  7. In case of default, reminders will be sent to the Cardholder by post, telephone, e-mail, fax, SMS for settlement of outstanding on the card account, by post, fax, phone, e-mail, SMS and/or engage third parties to remind, take follow up and collect dues.
  8. The Cardholder has the right to end the Agreement any time by calling into the SBI Card Helpline, writing to SBICPSL or, by cutting the card(s) diagonally. All the cards will be terminated basis the written request. However, the termination will only be effective after payment of all outstanding amounts on the card account.
  9. SBICPSL is authorized to share the information relating to repayment record of the cardholder to a Credit Information Company (RBI certified) within a period of 45 - 60 days.