SBI Credit Card Eligibility

Before one applies for any credit card, there are basic eligibility criteria that need to be fulfiled. Likewise, SBI Credit Card eligibility criteria vary, and therefore, it remains important to fulfil the eligibility criteria first, so the chances of rejection for an SBI Credit Card are minimal. There are some basic eligibility criteria that are listed by SBI. While some of them may differ depending on occupation and other factors, some basic criteria are always looked at before a credit card is issued to anyone. Here we will talk about some of those SBI Credit Card eligibility factors that can help you understand before you apply for them. 


SBI Credit Card Eligibility for Salaried and Self-Employed 

SBI has defined certain factors for both salaried and self-employed individuals in order to apply for a credit card. Here are some of them:

Annual Income: An individual who wishes to apply for a credit card must have a stable source of income. For salaried as well as self-employed, the minimum annual income should be Rs. 2 lakh. 

Age: SBI has also mentioned the minimum and maximum age limit at which any individual can apply for a credit card. The minimum age limit should be at least 21 years, and the maximum age is 70 years. 

Credit Score: While individuals who are new to credit cards will have to build a credit score over the years for existing customers, a credit score is one of the important criteria that SBI looks into. A good and strong credit score is highly recommended before you apply for any SBI Credit Card. An ideal credit score is 750 and above. Individuals with a lower credit score can also apply for a credit card, but the risk and chances of rejection are higher. 

Documentation: For any application for a credit card, the bank might ask for your salary slips, your bank statements, along your proof of identity and address.

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SBI Credit Card Eligibility for Students

Apart from the salaried and self-employed individuals, students can also apply for a credit card. There are many SBI credit cards for students that come with a low annual fee and, at the same time, are packed with benefits for students. If you are a student and looking to apply for a credit card, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • You need to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to have valid documents like your KYC, college documents, your Aadhaar card and age proof.
  • Your bank account also needs to have a fixed deposit of Rs.25,000 or more since the bank decides the approval/rejection from this.

Minimum Income Requirement for SBI Credit Cards

Credit CardMinimum Income Required
SBI SimplySaveRs.20,000 per month
SBI SimplyClickRs.20,000 per month
SBI Card EliteRs.60,000 per month
SBI Student Plus Advantage You need to have a fixed deposit at any SBI branch and be applicable for students who have taken an education loan.
SBI StyleUp ContactlessRs.20,000 per month
IRCTC SBI PlatinumRs.20,000 per month
Air India SBI PlatinumRs.40,000 per month
SBI Card PrimeRs.32,000 per month

How to Check SBI Credit Card Eligibility?

Excluding the other parameters, below mentioned are some of the basic factors through which you can check SBI Credit Card’s eligibility:

  • The minimum age for applying for a credit card should be 21 years
  • The maximum age for applying for a credit card should be 70 years
  • The occupation of the cardholder should be either salaried or self-employed
  • Other factors like your credit score, job stability etc. will also be considered

Before applying for a credit card, you can also contact the SBI customer care executives, and they can guide you further if you are eligible for a specific SBI Credit Card.

How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status?

In order to check your credit card application status, you can check online with the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the SBI Cards website https://www.sbicard.com/ 

Step 2: There, you will find 'Track Application' 

Step 3: Select ‘Check status of application’ under that

Step 4: Fill in the Application/Reference number 

Step 5: Click on the track, and you will then see your current credit card application status.

Alternatively, you can also contact SBI credit card customer care executives to check the status of the same.

Factors That Impact SBI Credit Card Eligibility

  • Your Credit Profile - One of the first things that perhaps banks check is your credit history. This includes your credit score, your past credit transactions and if there are any penalty charges in your profile. Based on this, the banks decide if you are eligible to get an SBI Credit Card.
  • Age - There is a set age limit for credit card applicants. The minimum age for any applicant should be at least 18 years (for student credit card), while the maximum age preferably can be 65-70 years.
  • Occupation - For any credit card applicant, it is important that you are either salaried or a self-employed individual. The chances of credit card approval are higher when there is job stability with a regular source of income. Instability in your job might be a concern for the bank, but there will still be some chances of approval provided your credit history is clean.
  • Location - The place you reside also holds importance. Mostly, SBI has branches all across the country, but there might be some remote areas where SBI does not function properly. For this, it is better to contact the bank branch, and they will let you know if your city is within the SBI branch.

SBI Credit Card Eligibility FAQs

What options do I have if I wish to redeem my SBI Reward points?


Redemption can be done via the website www.sbicard.com or through the SBI Mobile App. Redemption against cash can also be done in writing by sending an email to sbicard.com/email.

How can I redeem my reward point through SBI Website?


Here are the steps to take:

  • 1st step  log into www.sbicard.com
  • 2nd step  Click Rewards and then click on Redeem Rewards
  • 3rd step  Browse through the item catalogue to pick your choice items
  • 4th step Click Redeem now to confirm your picks

How can I redeem my rewards accumulated on my SBI Credit Card through Mobile App?

  • 1st step  log in to your SBI card mobile app
  • 2nd  Click the Rewards tab on the left then click Redeem Rewards
  • 3rd    Skim through SBI Reward catalogue to pick your items of choice
  • 4th  Click Redeem to confirm your picks

How can I redeem Cash gains from SBI credit card reward points?


Redeeming cash gains off reward points is easy. Just send an email to sbicard.com/email to notify SBI of your request or simply call the helpline.

How long will it take to receive all the items redeemed against Reward points?


For E Vouchers, it will take between 3 to 10 working days. Reward catalogues take between 15 to 30 working days.

How can I pay my SBI credit card bills?


Payments can be made using one of two options. An online option and an offline option.

Online options

  • NEFT payment
  • Paynet
  • Pay online
  • Visa credit card pay
  • Online SBI
  • Electronic Bill payment
  • National Automated Clearing House
  • Debit card
  • Pay via SBI online app
  • Pay via SBI Pay
  • Pay with Yono

Offline options

  • SBI Auto Debit
  • Cheque Drop Box
  • Over The Counter Payment
  • Payment Enquiry
  • Utility Bill Payment

Do all SBI Credit Cards come with an annual fee?


The majority of the SBI credit cards come with an annual fee, but there are a few credit cards that do not have any annual fee. SBI Unnati credit card is one such card that comes with the feature of waiving off annual fees. 

How can I know if I am eligible to apply for a credit card?

There are some basic eligibility factors set by SBI:

  • The minimum age for applying for a credit card should be 21 years. For students, the minimum age can be 18 years
  • The maximum age for applying for a credit card should be 65-70 years
  • The occupation of the cardholder should be either salaried or self-employed
  • Other factors like your credit score, job stability etc. will also be considered

What is a credit limit?


The basic meaning of credit limit is decided by the bank before the credit card is issued to you. Based on your credit history and your annual income, the bank sets a credit limit on your card that you can spend in a month. The bank later also gives an option of upgrading the credit card that includes a higher credit limit as well.

How should I Apply for an SBI Credit Card in India?


You can apply for SBI Credit Card by contacting the SBI bank branch for the customer care helpline.