Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number 2024

Read how you can check the account balance in Allahabad Bank by an SMS, Bank Passbook, net banking, mobile banking apps, etc.


Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number 2024

Allahabad Bank is one of the most popular public sector banks. For ages, the bank has been catering to the varied requirements of its customers with regular innovations. Digitisation was the major step taken by the bank to spare customers the agonising ordeal of visiting the branch and waiting for long hours to conduct banking transactions. Various offline and online modes have been implemented for transactions like Allahabad Bank balance enquiry, funds transfer utility bills payment etc. You can now stay connected with the bank from the comfort of your home or workplace.

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Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Allahabad Bank balance enquiry is made on a regular basis by customers to understand their financial comfort. Allahabad bank has provided plenty of options for the customers for this task that can be operated any time and from anywhere. One such option is the missed call service. You follow the given steps to avail of the service.

  • To initiate this service, you will have to first register your mobile number with the bank.
  • Give a missed call to the allahabad bank balance check no 09223150150.
  • The call will disconnect after a few rings.
  • Immediately you will receive an SMS mentioning the bank balance.

The request from a mobile number not registered with the bank will not be accepted, and a message will be sent stating that the particular mobile number is not registered with the bank.

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Different Methods of Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry

Allahabad bank balance enquiry number is one option out of the several other options for Allahabad Bank balance check. The other options are:

SMS Banking

SMS from registered mobile numbers only will be acknowledged. To get the balance through  SMS banking, send an SMS from the registered mobile number to 09223150150 in the format “BALAVL <Account Number>”.  The account balance will be sent through a return SMS immediately.

Through Net Banking

For Allahabad Bank Balance enquiry through net banking, registration for net banking services is essential. This can be done at the Allahabad bank branch after opening the bank account. After registration, access to net banking will be provided. The bank will provide a User Id and password.  The password given by the bank has to be substituted by the password of your choice when you access the net banking services for the first time. You can carry out transactions like funds transfer, utility bills payment, balance enquiry, etc., through net banking. How to go about it is given below.

  • Access the net banking services through the official website of the bank.
  • Log in to net banking by using User ID and password.
  • Choose the ‘balance enquiry’ option from the dashboard.
  • You will be able to view your account balance.

Through Mobile Banking

Allahabad Bank Miss Call Inquiry can be made through Mobile Banking by downloading the

Allahabad Mobile App empowers from Google Playstore or  Apple Store.  This facility is available for Android and iOS users. Once the mobile app is downloaded, you will have to register for the Allahabad Mobile Banking App and set an MPIN. Once the above-mentioned tasks are completed, you can use the Mobile Banking App for balance enquiry, funds transfer, generating mini statements etc.

  • Log in to the mobile app using either the MPIN or internet banking credentials.
  • A host of services will appear on the screen.
  • Choose ‘balance enquiry’ from the menu.
  • The balance in your account will be displayed.

Allahabad bank balance check can be done using BHIM ALLBANK UPI. For checking the balance, you will have to log in using the four-digit  MPIN. The advantage of BHIM ALLBANK UPI. 

Is that you can carry out any funds transaction using the Virtual Payment Address allotted, which is 100% secure. You can also make the balance enquiry by choosing the ‘balance enquiry’ option from the list of services displayed on the menu.

Through Passbook

A passbook issued to Allahabad bank customers at the time of opening an account is a ready reckoner for the transactions carried out in the account. It contains details of all the transactions contained in your account and the balance available. 

You can either get the passbook updated across the counter by standing in a queue or by using the self-service passbook printing machines available at all the Allahabad bank branches.

Through ATM

If you are issued with an ATM card linked to your bank account, it will be extremely convenient to do the balance check frequently. All you have to do is

  • Visit the nearest Allahabad Bank ATM or  ATM  of any bank.
  • Insert the card
  • Key in the four-digit PIN
  • Choose  ‘balance enquiry’ from the options displayed on the ATM screen.
  • You will be able to view the account balance immediately.

Through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD

Not all of them will have access to smartphones or will have an internet connection/3G. How will they get to know the Allahabad Bank balance?  The Allahabad Bank balance check was enabled through the USSD service for such customers. Here is how you use the service.

  • Access the service through a  registered phone number
  • Use the phone dialer pad to  dial *99* 54#
  • Choose the language preferred
  • Enter two-digit bank code or IFSC Code
  • Submit the request

You will get the account balance through SMS.

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Why Should You Regularly Make Allahabad Balance Enquiry?

It is highly essential to keep track of the transactions happening in your bank account. A healthy balance in the account is an indicator of your liquidity position. Keeping track of the outflow and inflow to your account on a regular basis is an astute financial practice and accords the following benefits.

Keep track of the transactions: You should be regularly aware of the outflow and inflow to your account if you have to be aware of your funds’ position on a regular basis. In order to check whether the payment expected has been credited to the account, the cheque deposited to the account has been cleared, or whether there is sufficient balance in the account to honour EMIs, or to carry out any other funds transfer transactions on a regular Allahabad bank balance check is required. 

To avoid overspending: Keeping a close watch on your funds’ position is very necessary to understand your spending capacity. By spending beyond limits, you may land up in a financial mess besides paying heavy penalties. A regular Allahabad bank balance check will save you from stretching your financial means and falling into a debt trap.

To unlock discrepancies: With manual intervention for banking transactions restricted, errors can be expected with regular Allahabad balance enquiry errors, if any can be unlocked immediately and resolved. With instances of fraud on the increase, the occurrence of a fraudulent transaction in your account cannot be ruled out. Keep a watch for anomalies and fraudulent transactions with the regular balance enquiry.

Income credits: The balance in your savings bank account will earn interest on a periodical basis. There may be other sources of income like dividends, deposit interest, rent etc., routed through the account. You can check for such credits with a regular Allahabad balance check.

Be Appraised about bank levies: There are several levies that are collected by the bank at intervals. These are outflows that you should be aware of since the balance in your account will be affected by these levies. If any levy is inappropriate, you can get a refund by bringing it to the notice of the bank.

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How is Allahabad Bank Balance Check Useful?

Allahabad balance check is a platform for accurate information about the transactions in your bank account. Allahabad bank balance check will give you a complete idea about the inflow and outflow in your account and will keep you aware of the funds’ position. The balance check can be done through various options like internet banking, mobile banking, missed calls, SMS banking, through USSD code etc. All these applications are 100% secure and user-friendly. You can access your account from anywhere at any time that adds to your convenience and helps you stay connected with the bank.

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Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number FAQs

✅ How can I check Allahabad Bank balance through missed call service?


To utilise the missed call service, you will have to register the mobile number with the bank and give a missed call to the Allahabad Bank balance enquiry toll-free number 09223150150. The call will disconnect after a few rings, and you will get a reply message with your account balance.

✅ What is the procedure to register for Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking services?


You will be able to check your account balance via Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking apps only after registration for Mobile Banking services. The registration has to be done in a step-by-step manner as given below.

  • Download the Allahabad mobile banking app -empower from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • After installation, opens the app and agrees to the terms and conditions by marking a tick in the box provided to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Dual SIM users have to select the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • You can initiate the registration process by providing internet banking details or debit card details.
  • Enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.
  • After verification, the account holder has to set an MPIN.
  • Click on the ‘Enable’. You will be directed to another screen.
  • Enter MPIN on the screen and confirm it by entering the MPIN once again.
  • At this stage, the registration is complete.
  • The account holder can log in to the Allahabad Mobile Banking app with the MPIN.

✅ How can customers without access to internet banking/3G or smartphones check the account balance?


Customers without access to internet banking/3G or smartphones can check the account balance using SMS Banking and USSD Code Service.

Allahabad bank balance check with SMS Banking

  • Send an SMS to Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number 09223150150.
  • The format for the SMS should be “BALAVL <Account Number>”.  
  • Type “BALAVL <Account Number>” and send SMS through a registered mobile number.
  • The account balance will be provided through a reply message.

Allahabad bank balance enquiry through USSD Code

  • The service can be availed only through a registered mobile number
  • Dial *99* 54# using the dialer pad
  • A list of languages will appear
  • Make a choice of language
  • Enter IFSC code or 2 digit bank code
  • Click on ‘submit’ to send the request.
  • You will either get the account balance or mini-statement as per the request.

✅ What are the other online modes for Allahabad bank balance?


Allahabad bank balance enquiry through Internet banking is an anywhere, any time convenient mode. You will have to register for internet banking by visiting the branch or through Mobile banking to use this facility. Post the registration; you can use the internet banking services as indicated below.

  • Access internet banking through the bank website
  • Login to your net banking account using the User ID and Password
  • Choose the ‘balance enquiry’ option from the menu displayed on the screen
  • You will be able to view your account balance immediately.

✅ What are the other services apart from balance enquiry provided through Mobile Banking?


With the Allahabad Mobile App Empower, you can avail of the following services apart from balance enquiry: 

  • Deposit account management, account beneficiary management, mPassbook facility, account information and account summary
  • Registration of beneficiary, funds transfer through MMID and NEFT; funds transfer to self account or third party account.
  • Cheque book request initiation
  • Debit card issue request, generation of debit card PIN
  • Internet banking registration, setting of MPIN, log in to internet banking through MPIN
  • Recharge of mobile and DTH services
  • Updation of PAN and submission of 15H
  • Unlocking of ATM and internet banking facility
  • Payment with Bharat QR Code
  • Investment in Mutual Fund

With BHIM Allbank UPI, you can avail of the following services

  • Can hotlist or block cards instantly.
  • Round the clock funds transfer facility
  • Receipt and payment of funds using Virtual Address, IFSC Code, Aadhar Number along with account number or MMID with phone number.
  • Real-time funds settlement.

✅ Can the ATM card provided for your account be used for the Allahabad bank balance check?


Yes. You can use the ATM card for balance enquiry by visit Allahabad Bank ATM or any other bank ATM. All you have to do is:

  • Insert the ATM card
  • Enter the four-digit PIN
  • Select ‘balance enquiry’ on the screen
  • The account balance will be displayed on the screen within seconds.
  • You can also view the mini-statement with the last five transactions if you opt for one.