Best Credit Cards to Get Fuel and Utility Bills Benefits

Best Credit Cards to Get Fuel and Utility Bills Benefits


Credit Cards are useful instruments in many ways. You get the benefit of buying now and paying later. Also, you receive handsome rewards points,and cashback offers when you use specific Credit Cards intelligently. Different Credit Cards offer different benefits. If you are looking out for the cards that can help you receive attractive benefits on your fuel and utility bills payments, here are five best options for you.

1. Citi Rewards Credit Card

The highlight of the Citi Rewards Credit Card is that you need not spend more to earn reward points. Secondly, redeeming points is comfortable.

  • The first expense you make on the Credit Card entitles you to receive 150 bonus points.
  • If you spend 1,000 within the first 60 days after the issuance of the card, you earn a handsome 1,000 bonus points.
  • Instant redemption of reward points for fuel at over 1200 partner IndianOil outlets.
  • Get 10 rewards points for every 125 you spend at apparel and departmental stores
  • Other purchases get you 1 point for spending 125.
  • Spend more than 30,000 a month to earn 300 reward points.

It is a quick way to build up your rewards points’ portfolio. Redeem these points with travel options, premium merchandise, and so on.


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2. SBI Simply Click Credit Card

The younger generation loves to do things online. Ask them to pay bills or book a movie ticket,they prefer to do it online. Therefore, it makes sense to use a Credit Card that gives you instant rewards when you do things online. The SBI Simply Click Credit Card is one such product.

  • Pay your utility bills online and get attractive reward points for doing so. One click is enough to pay your telephone, mobile, and electricity bills.
  • Refuel your vehicle with any furl worth between 500 and 3000 using this credit card and get a waiver of 1% surcharge.
  • You get an immediate cashback of 100 on the first movie ticket you book on the “BookMyShow” Mobile app.
  • Spend online with select partners to get 10 times the reward points. Other online purchases entitle you to get 5 times reward points.

3. Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Petrol prices are rising every day. Therefore, if you get the opportunity to get some free petrol, should you not jump at the offer? The Indian Oil Citi Platinum  Credit Card gives you the chance to earn a minimum of 71 litres of free fuel every year.

  • Every 150 you spend at the Indian Oil petrol bunks for refuelling your vehicle earns you 4 turbo points.
  • Also, you get a complete waiver of the 1% surcharge on the fuel.
  • Use your Credit Card at the supermarket for purchasing grocery worth 150 and get 2 turbo points.
  • 1 Turbo point equals free fuel if 1. You can accumulate these Turbo points because they do not have any expiry date.

4. Citi Cash Back Credit Card

It is the age of contactless payments. Citibank is one of the few banks to use this technology in their Credit Cards. The Citi Cashback Credit Card allows you to pay for your purchases up to 2000 without having to enter the PIN.

  • This Credit Card enables you to use your mobiles more because you get 5% cashback on your telephone bill payments.
  • Similarly, you get 5% cashback on all your utility payments you make through this Credit Card.
  • Do you love to watch movies? Have a great time doing so and earn a handsome 5% cashback on all movie ticket purchases.
  • Redeem the reward points you earn in the form of a statement Thus, you end up paying less than what you spend on the card.

5. SBI Simply Save Credit Card

Credit Cards encourage you to spend. The SBI Simply Save Credit Card is different because you can save money by using this Credit Card.

  • Spend 100 on your Credit Card and earn 1 reward point.
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM using this Credit Card within 30 days of its issuance and get a flat cashback of 100.
  • Pay your utility bills like telephone, gas, water, and so on with ease using the SBI Simply Save Credit Card.
  • Manage your liabilities better by paying it off in instalments.
  • Refuel your vehicle with petrol or any other fuel for an amount between 500 and 3000 to get the waiver of 1% fuel surcharge.

These five Credit Cards help you save a lot of money while you spend for your necessary expenses like fuel, utility bill, and so on. Use these Credit Cards wisely and avail the maximum benefit.


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