Central Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2024

Central Bank of India, a commercial bank providing a spectrum of financial services and products, has devised various digitised methods to make Central Bank Balance Enquiry hassle-free and simple. Now, the customers of the Central Bank have access to their account information  24X7 at the comfort of their home.

In addition to this, the digitised modes can be used for various other purposes like funds transfer, hotlisting of cards, placing cheque book requests, knowing the status of the cheque and many more.  Continue reading to know how to check Central bank balance using the digitised modes and how to use them for other banking transactions as well.


Central Bank Balance Check Number

This service is available for savings bank accounts and current accounts. Customers should have their mobile numbers linked to their savings bank or current accounts to avail of this service. The steps to get account balance through Central bank balance check miss call number are given below.

  • Give a missed call to the Central bank balance check no 95552 44442
  • A few rings, and then the call will disconnect automatically
  • You will then get the account balance through SMS.

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Different Methods of Central bank of India Balance Enquiry in 2024

With an objective to reduce the number of customers visiting the bank branch for basic banking transactions like the Central Bank Balance Enquiry, the bank introduced various methods for a quick Central Bank balance enquiry. The different modes for balance enquiry are discussed below.

Central Bank Internet Banking

Internet banking registration is a part of account opening at the Central Bank of India. If the registration has been missed out at the time of opening the account, for whatever reasons, the same can be done later by submitting an application along with KYC documents. On review of the documents and the application, the internet banking facility will be activated. You will get the login credentials after the activation, which can be used for accessing your net banking account.

For a Central bank balance check through net banking, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your net banking account from the official website of the bank using the login credentials.
  • Choose ‘Account Summary’ on the dashboard
  • You can view the account balance within no time.
  • You can also do funds transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and pay utility bills through a net banking facility.

Central Bank SMS Banking

Central Bank of India can now get account information by just sending an SMS. This facility is accessible only after registering for  SMS balance enquiry. The registration can be done by visiting the branch and submitting an application for SMS banking registration with details of account number and mobile number. The procedure for this method of Central Bank balance check is given below.

  • Use the SMS  format BALAVL <A/c No> <MPIN> and send it to Central Bank balance check number 99675-33228 for the account balance.
  • The account balance will be sent to you immediately via SMS.

Central Bank Mobile Banking

Central bank mobile banking is a very simple and easy mode forb, and the account balance is available at the click of a button at any time and anywhere. Central Bank of India provides three mobile applications for Central Bank balance enquiry and other added services. The apps available are Cent Mobile, Cent m-Passbook, and Cent Mobilite. Let us now understand the functionality of mobile applications.

Cent Mobile:

Cent Mobile app is available for Android and iOS users.  The mobile app can be accessed for several non-financial transactions before registration for mobile banking. The customers of Central Bank can access the mobile app for balance enquiry, funds transfer, payment of utility bills, etc., after registration for mobile banking services.

Cent m-Passbook

Cent m-Passbook gives virtual details of your bank account. The account holders can use Cent m-Passbook for viewing the account balance as well as ledger details. The additional features in  this app  are:

  • You can access the app offline to view the account details.
  • The search can be by transaction date, remarks, transaction amount and transaction type. You can apply any of the filters for a quick view.
  • There is a provision to set a default account.
  • The transactions can be arranged either in descending or ascending order.
  • A personal passbook creation option is available wherein you can create your own ledger and add transactions to it.
  • You can also customise the number of transactions per page.

Cent Mobilite

The advantage of Cent Mobilite is that it is multilingual and so gives you the choice of a preferred language. The features and functionalities in this app are limited, and the customers can use the app for balance enquiry,  mini-statement, funds transfer, etc.


This version of keeping track of your account details is most popular among customers who prefer old school methods of banking. Every account holder will be issued a passbook on opening an account. The passbook is meant to keep you informed about the cash flow in your account by regular updation. You can visit the bank branch and get the passbook updated at regular intervals.

Central Bank ATM

For instant Central bank balance check,  the customers of the Central Bank of India can visit the ATM of  Central Bank or any other bank and get the account balance and mini-statement comprising of the last few transactions by using the ATM card issued at the time of opening the bank account. Follow the steps listed below. 

  • Visit the nearest Central bank ATM or any other bank ATM
  • Insert the debit card
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN
  • Select  ‘Check Account Balance’ or Balance Enquiry
  • You can view the account balance instantly

Central Bank Customer Care

For Central Bank of India balance enquiry, you can contact Central Bank customer care by calling the toll-free Central Bank balance enquiry number 1800 22 1911. 

To call and get the account details from the customer care, the account holders have to follow  the instructions given below:

  • Call the Central Bank balance enquiry no 1800 22 1911
  • Select the language
  • After this, the customer can get the account details, mini-statement and can also have a chat with the customer care representative for assistance regarding other services.

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Why Should You Regularly Do the Central Bank of India Balance Enquiry?

Routine checking of a bank account is essential to keep the liquidity position in the order. A mere glance at the account balance will not suffice. You will have to verify if all the transactions are recorded. If there are any missouts, then you will have to bring them to the notice of the bank for corrective measures.

The various reasons why a regular Central Bank balance enquiry is necessary are illustrated below:

  • To make sure that there is  sufficient balance in the account for cheques that have been issued, for EMI payouts, to manage the monthly expenses etc
  • If you are an entrepreneur and there are regular cheque deposits into the account, you will have to do a routine balance cheque that all the cheques are honoured. If any cheque is returned, then you will have to claim the amount from the client before it is forgotten.
  • There are chances when the cash deposit made into your account is not recorded. It means there has been a wrong credit transaction, i.e., the amount has been wrongly credited to another account. You will have to spot such anomalies well in time if corrective measures have to be taken. A regular Central bank balance check will do the job for you.
  • With a Central bank balance check, you can keep a close watch on your expenses and curtail the ones that are unnecessary. This will help you save money and maintain reserves for any emergencies.

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How is Central Bank  Balance Check useful? 

A sound and stable financial position are what every one of us desires. But how can you achieve one?  A good steady income is not just enough for healthy financial status. Managing the funds is equally important. You should be aware of the expenses and, if going overboard, should know how to control them. 

Having knowledge of the transactions in your account on a regular basis in order to identify anomalies like unauthorised transactions, inappropriate levies, wrong debits, missout in credits etc., regular monitoring of the account is essential. Central Bank balance check is a simple tool that will give you complete information about the transactions in your account. The balance check can be done through various offline and USSD Codes.

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Central Bank Balance Enquiry Number FAQs

✅How to view account statements of Central Bank of India accounts online?


To view the account statements of Central Bank of India accounts online, you can call the Central Bank balance enquiry number 1800221911. You can also login to the mobile apps of the bank, i.e., Cent Mobile or Cent Mobilite and navigate to ‘Account Statements’. Select the period for which the statement is required to view a detailed account statement online.

✅What is the procedure to download the Cent mPassbook app, and how to use the app?


The process for downloading the Cent mPassbook app is given below.

  • To begin with, the app has to be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple store.
  • After installation, click on the application.
  • The Cent M Passbook app will open.
  • At this stage, you will have to choose the preferred language.
  • The registration process should be started by entering the User ID, i.e. the CIF of the customer and the registered mobile number.
  • On authentication of the details provided, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP, you will have to generate a four-digit MPIN. On confirmation of the password by re-entering it.
  • This MPIN has to be entered every time you log in to the mobile application.
  • On accessing the mobile app with the MPIN, all the account details can be viewed on the mobile.
  • Personal ledger, passbook and account details can be viewed on this app.
  • Details of all the accounts linked to the customer’s CIF will be available.
  • You can choose the account for which the information is required.
  • The default details on the mobile application can be changed by the user.
  • Option for creation of a personal ledger is available wherein transactions from the passbook can be marked, and own transactions also can be added.

✅How to register for a Central Bank net banking facility?


You can follow the procedure explained below for the Central Bank net banking facility.

  • Obtain the relevant application form either by visiting the branch or downloading it from the bank website. 
  • Fill in all the details required and submit the application at the home branch.
  • After reviewing the details, the net banking facility will be activated.
  • The login password and the transaction password will be dispatched to the registered mailing address. The login password and the transaction password will be sent separately for security reasons.
  • On receipt of the passwords, the customer has to procure the User ID from the 


  • With all the credentials, the net banking facility can be activated.

✅How to do a Central Bank balance check using the missed call service?


Under this service, Central Bank balance check by giving a missed call through a registered mobile number to Central Bank balance enquiry number 95552-44442. The call will disconnect after a few rings. Thereafter the account balance will be sent through an SMS.

✅Is there a toll-free service for Central Bank balance enquiry?


Yes. You can give a call to the Central Bank balance enquiry no 1800221911, which is toll-free. You will have to select the preferred language and follow the IVRS instructions for the Central Bank of India balance or the mini-statement as the case may be.

✅How to do the Central bank balance check through internet banking?


To avail of this service, you should first register for internet banking facilities. You will be provided with login credentials on registration. You can log in to your net banking account with the login credentials through the bank website. After login, navigate to the ‘Account Details Option’ on the dashboard. Choose the account for which the details are required if you have multiple accounts. The account balance will be displayed immediately.