Bank of India Credit Card

Founded in the year 1906 by some of the most eminent businessmen hailing from Mumbai, Bank of India became a nationalized bank only in the year 1969. Since its inception, the bank has been actively working towards providing niche banking services in the most cost effective manner. They are known for being extremely proactive and providing the best possible customer care.

Bank of India is one of the most revered development banks in the counts, who are consistently providing financial solutions not only to individuals but to Small Businesses in the mass and rural markets as well. They currently have over 5000 branches pan India and have been pioneers in providing the best banking services and innovative banking systems to every customer.

Bank of India Credit Cards

With Bank of India, you have MasterCard, Visa and RuPay card options. Each card under their product range is loaded with features that are perfectly suited to fulfill your requirements in terms of your lifestyle as well as your expenses. These are among the most sought after credit cards in the country because of their straight-forward eligibility criteria and the simple application procedures.

To ensure that customers get great value for every paisa spent on their credit card, they also provide attractive reward points. These points can be redeemed for products and services with some of the top merchants and brands. These rewards are provided under and exclusive BOI Star Rewardz program that gives you a detailed product catalogue to redeem your points against.

The BOI credit cards are also extremely convenient to use. You have great repayment options that ensure that you do not miss any repayment towards your card. These cards are extremely secure to use as well.

Categories of Bank of India Credit Cards

There are three categories of Bank of India Credit Cards with unique cards under each category. These categories include:

MasterCard Credit Cards

  • BOI India Card
  • BOI MasterCard Platinum International Card

Visa Credit Cards

  • BOI Visa Gold International Card
  • BOI Visa Platinum International Card

RuPay Credit Cards  

  • BOI RuPay Platinum Credit Card
  • BOI SwaDhan RuPay Platinum Credit Card

Features of Bank of India Credit Cards

Bank of India Credit Cards are loaded with attractive features that make it more convenient for customers to use the cards and also give them maximum benefits on each card. Some such features include:

  • Get Interest Free Credit Facility: You have a credit free period of up to 51 days depending upon the Bank of India Credit Card that you choose. This allows you to save on your spends on each type of card.
  • Enjoy Revolving Credit: Revolving credit facility is provided to customers to ensure that they do not have the burden of making lump sum payments towards the credit card. By paying just 10% of the amount outstanding on or before the payment date, customers can make use of the revolving credit facility. They will have to pay an interest of just 1.70% per month for the remaining payment due. Interest is higher at 2.5% per month if the entire billing amount is to be paid.
  • EMI Option Available with Each Card: Customers have the option of avoiding large payments at one go by converting all transactions into easy EMIs. The minimum value of the transaction in order to convert it into an EMI is 5000. Within 20 days of the transaction, the amount can be converted into EMIs of up to 36 months.
  • Cash Withdrawal Facility: These cards come with a cash withdrawal facility which allows you to generate emergency funds. You can withdraw cash from any BOI ATM or an ATM of another bank.
  • Balance Transfer Option: Card holders have the option of transferring their balance on credit cards of other institutions to their BOI credit card. The amount that can be transferred is up to 75% of the credit limit available on the current card. The minimum amount required for balance transfer facility is 5000 for the BOI India card and 10000 for the other types of credit cards.
  • Concession in Mediclaim policy: Card holders can also save on the premium paid towards their Mediclaim health insurance. With the tie up with the National Insurance Co, customers can get concessions on premium up to 5.00 Lakhs

Benefits of Bank of India Credit Cards

The benefits available to customers because of the several added features of BOI Credit Cards are as follows:

  • Easy repayment options: Bank of India provides several facilities in order to make repayments on the credit card more affordable for customers. To begin with you have the interest free period and the revolving credit facility. You can also convert any transaction into an EMI that is affordable for you.
  • Complete security: The cards come with an EMV chip and are also protected by a PIN to ensure that the chances of any frauds are reduced. You also get SMS notification for transactions made on your card to check if they are authorized. The 24x7 customer care facility allows you to hot list any card instantly in case of a suspected fraudulent or unauthorized transaction.
  • Exclusive rewards: Every BOI credit card customer is automatically registered for the BOI Star Rewardz program. That way, you can earn exclusive points on all spendings that can be redeemed against lifestyle products, services and a lot more. BOI has partnered with some of the best brands and merchants to give customers great value for each point earned.
  • 24x7 customer care services: You can reach BOI customer care via a toll free number 24X7. This helps you get instant solutions for any disputes, grievances or queries that you may have with respect to your credit card.
  • Easy application process: The application process for these cards is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is submit a form and necessary KYC documents.

Detailed Features of Bank of India Credit Cards

Each BOI Card is unique and is loaded with features as mentioned below:

BOI MasterCard Credit Cards
Name of the CardFeatures
BOI MasterCard India Card
  • This is a classic BOI Card that is available for domestic usage.
  • The billing cycle for this card is form the 16th of one month to the 15th of the ext.
  • The gross annual income required in order to be eligible for this card is 0.75 Lakhs per annum and above.
  • The card can be used securely at over 250000 stores in India.
  • You can also enjoy 24x7 cash advance facility at over 9000 ATMs.
  • The interest free period is up to a maximum of 51 days.
  • Revolving credit is provided as per the eligibility of the customer.
  • The credit limits available are extremely flexible.
MasterCard Platinum International Card
  • This is a chip card that comes with a picture of the card holder.
  • This card can be used in India and overseas with any merchant where MasterCard is accepted.
  • There are charges applicable to staff and public.
  • This chip card offers maximum safety for any POS transaction which also requires a pin.
  • The card can be used only in India on a magnetic strip.
  • The maximum cash withdrawal allowed per day is 50000.
  • The cash withdrawal limit available is equal to 50% of the credit limit available on the card.
  • The billing cycle is from the 1st of one month to the last day of the same month.
  • Customers can avail one complimentary domestic airport lounge access every quarter.
BOI Visa Credit Cards
Name of the CardFeatures
BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card
  • You can enjoy an interest free credit period of up to 51 days.
  • This is a chip enabled card that comes with a photo of the user for more security.
  • You can get a cash advance for this card of up to 50% of the spending limit of the card.
  • Customers can withdraw up to 15000 each day as cash advance.
  • The card is accepted globally at over 2.5 Lakh stores.
  • You can earn attractive reward points offered by BOI Star Rewardz Program on every purchase made using this card.
  • This card is chip enabled and also comes with a magnetic strip.
  • There are charges applicable to staff and public for this card.
  • Being a chip card it is most secure when it comes to POS transactions which also require you to provide a pin.
  • You can get a cash advance limit of 50% of your spending limit.
  • Maximum withdrawal allowed is 50000 each day.
  • The billing cycle is from the 1st of one month to the last day of the same month.
BOI RuPay Credit Cards
Name of the CardFeatures
Rupay Platinum Credit Card
  • This is a chip card that comes without any photo of the customer.
  • It is valid in India and in any store across the globe where RuPay Cards are accepted.
  • It offers better security features because it is a chip card and is also protected by a PIN number.
  • The billing cycle begins on the 15th of each month.
  • You get exciting welcome benefits including gift vouchers from some of the leading merchants in the country.
  • You can get an accident insurance cover of up to 2.00 Lakhs in case of death or disability because of an accident.
  • You also have the advantage of a 24x7 concierge service for any assistance on hotel bookings or travel reservations.
  • On all utility bill payments made using this card, you can avail great cash back offers. This also includes cash back on spends made in eateries, restaurants etc.
SwaDHan Rupay Platinum
  • This is one of the few cards that is issued against the TDR.
  • This is a chip enabled card but does not contain any picture of the card holder.
  • The card is valid in India and globally in any store that accepts RuPay Cards.
  • The card ensures maximum safety with POS transactions and is also secured with a PIN number.
  • You can enjoy great welcome benefits from some of the top merchants in the country.
  • Billing cycle for this cards begins on the 15th of each month.

Bank of India Credit Card Rewards Details

Any Bank of India Debit Card or Credit Card Holder is automatically eligible for the Star Rewardz Program offered by BOI. You can visit www.credit.biorewardz.com to register for tyhis program and enjoy several benefits on every spending on your credit card.

There are several ways in which customers can earn their Star Rewardz Points as mentioned below:

  • For every 100 spent on the card, the customer earns 2 Star pojnts.
  • In case the merchant falls under any preferred category, customers each 3 star points on every 100 spent.

Using mobile banking or internet banking services like NEFT and carrying out a minimum of 10 transactions each month allows you to earn 20 Star Reward points.

These reward points can be redeemed against several free gifts, services and merchandize listed on the BOI redemption platform. This includes airline tickets, bus tickets, personalized products, movie tickets, electronic items, home, fashion and beauty products and even music and sports products.

The redemption platform is very dynamic and gives you several new options each month. New goods and services are added regularly to this platform to provide members with more options of products and services to choose from.

In order to redeem the Star Rewardz Points, customers need to earn a minimum of 100 star points. The star points earned must be redeemed within 3 years of them being issued for a particular purchase. Any additional points that are earned from partnered merchants and stores can be used up to 12 months of them being issued.

Bank of India Credit Card Fees Details


Name Of the Card

Issuance FeesAnnual Maintenance FeesCard Replacement Charges
BOI Visa International Platinum Card200150150

Bank of India Credit Card Charges Details

There are certain credit card charges applicable on BOI Credit Cards for both public and staff as mentioned below: 

Cash Advance Charges
At any branch2.5%, subject to a minimum of 50
At a BOI ATM2.0%, subject to a minimum of 50
At other ATMs2.5%, subject to a minimum of 75
Balance Enquiry Charges
At other ATMs20
Cheque collection chargesAs per latest service charges applicable
Cheque return chargesAs per latest charges applicable
PIN replacement50 on every occasion
Usage above the spending limit10 for every transaction
Retrieval of charge slip100 or the actual charges, whichever amount is higher

How to Apply for BOI Credit Card

With Bank of India credit card, you have the following options available to apply for your credit card.

Steps to Apply Through the Website

Bank of India does not provide the facility of applying for a credit card through the website. Customers have to visit the nearest branch in order to submit an application.

Steps to Apply Through MMM

MyMoneyMantra offers an easy online option to submit a credit card application. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to apply for one.

  • Log into the official mymoneymantra.com website.
  • Register and create an account.
  • Sign in to your account and choose the ?Credit Card? option.
  • Under this section select the card of your choice.
  • Fill up a simple online form.
  • Once the form has been filled and submitted, a representative from MyMoneyMantra will contact you for the documentation process.
  • After the documents have been submitted, the bank will assess your application and approve it if you are eligible for the particular card.
  • Once the card is approved, it will be sent to your via speed post of through any courier service.

Steps to Apply Offline

  • Visit the nearest BOI Brach.
  • Submit a duly filled form along with the necessary documents.
  • Make sure that all KYC documents submitted are completely verified.
  • After the application has been submitted, it will be review and approved as per the eligibility criteria for that card

Eligibility Criteria For Bank of India Credit Cards

The eligibility criteria for Bank of India Credit Cards are as follows:

  • The applicant should be an individual of Indian origin.
  • The applicant may also be an NRI or an individual of foreign origin currently employed in India.
  • The credit score must be as per the requirement of the bank.
  • There must not be any defaults or lapses in payments to be made to BOI or any other bank.
  • All KYC formalities must be completed.
  • The individual should have a steady income which can be verified with salary certificates or IT returns.

Documents Required for Bank of India Credit Cards

Customers have to submit the following KYC documents in order to complete the BOI Credit Card application:

  • Recent passport size photographs
  • A duly filled application form
  • ID Proof: Passport/ Driver?s License/ Voters ID/ Adhaar Card
  • Address Proof: Utility Bills/ Passport/ Adhaar Card
  • Income Proof: IT returns/ Form 16/ Last 3 months Salary Slip/ Last 3 months bank statements.

Making your Bank of India Credit Card Payment

There are different options available to make payments towards your BOI credit Card:

  • Auto debit: In case of branch billing cards, the amount can be debited from the charge account provided by the customer to the bank.
  • Using Internet Banking: You can use internet banking facilities offered by BOI or any other bank to pay any amount outstanding on your credit card.
  • Mobile Banking: Use BOI Mobile App to make payments towards your credit card.
  • Cheque drop boxes: You can drop a cheque or DD at drop boxes at BOI branches or ATMs.
  • NEFT and RTGS: Use these online payment facilities to clear any outstanding.
  • At the Branch: You also have the option of making the payment through cash at any BOI branch that is located close to you.

BOI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

The customer care numbers for BOI Credit cards are as follows:

  • 24x 7 Toll free number- 1800-220088
  • Landline- 022.40426006

Email ids that you can contact are:

Credit card queries: HeadOffice.CPDcreditcard@bankofindia.co.in

EDC/POS Machine: HeadOffice.CPCedc@bankofindia.co.in

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Bank of India Credit Card FAQs

✅Is it possible for minors to get a BOI Credit Card?


No minors are not eligible for a BOI Credit Card. In order to be eligible for this card, the individual has to be at least 18 years of age.

✅ What are the two billing options available with BOI Credit Cards?


With BOI Cards, you have a direct billing card or a branch billing card. In case of the direct billing card, the charges must be paid by the user on his or her own before the due date of the bill.

In case of branch billing cards, the customer authorizes the bank to debit the outstanding amount from a charge account directly on or before the due date.

✅ Is it possible to get a corporate card?


Yes, you can get a BOI corporate credit card. Companies are required to submit a board resolution of the organization which mentions the name of the person it needs to be issued to, the designation and the spending limit offered.

✅ Can I get an add on card:


Yes. BOI offers add on card facilities to any close relatives of the primary card holder. This includes the spouse, parents, children or siblings of the individual who are over 18 years of age. A detailed verification of the KYC documents of the add-on card holder is necessary. In case of an-add on card, the auto debit account or the charge account is the same as the one for the primary card holder. The spending limit available for the primary card and the add on card together is the same as the limit on the primary card.

✅ Is it possible to change the billing address, phone number and other personal details?


Yes, you can change your address, email id, phone number and other details by visiting your branch in case of branch billing card. In case of a direct billing card, the request can also be sent via email to the Card Products Department Head Office along with the documents that you are required to submit.

✅How can your redeem Star Rewardz?


Customers have the option of checking their Star Rewardz Points by logging into their Star Rewardz Account. They also have the option of calling the customer care for this information. In order to redeem these points, they can use the 24x7 Rewardz Account facility or even call the toll free customer care number.

✅ How does one renew a BOI Credit Card?


The annual renewal of the card is automatic unless the customer cancels the card by notifying the bank. The annual renewal is done 2 months before the expiry of the card in case of branch billing cards which must be collected from the branch itself. In case of direct billing cards, the card is sent to the address provided by the customer.

✅ What to do in case of a failed ATM Transaction where the account is debited without receipt of the amount?


In case of any failed transaction on your BOI credit card in case of a cash advance, you can send an email to the Card Product Department. For any failure in an internet banking transaction, call the StarConnect Cell Data Center.

✅ How to register my card for online transactions?


On the official BOI website, click on Cards and choose the type of card. Then click on the Registration option and follow the steps mentioned to create the password for your online transactions. Changing this password regularly is recommended to prevent any chances of online frauds or any unauthorized transaction.