How to Convert HDFC, SBI & ICICI Credit Card Purchases to EMI?

Convert your credit card spends over a certain amount to easy EMIs with HDFC Bank, SBI and ICICI Bank. Although, the interest rate & tenure varies with banks, but the easy EMIs make it convenient to spread and manage the credit card bills. Know more about how can you convert HDFC, ICICI Bank and SBI credit card purchases to EMI.


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How to Convert HDFC, SBI & ICICI Credit Card Purchases to EMI?

Credit Cards are used by almost everyone today. This is one of the best options to make payments today and repay them later on without an additional cost. This allows you to plan finances and investments with greater flexibility.

With leading Credit Card providers such as HDFC Bank, SBI Card, and ICICI Bank, customers have a host of options to choose the best of cards as per their spending choices and habits. One can avail unlimited value back offers, discounts, and rewards on each card spending. On top of all, you also enjoy the advantage of flexible repayment and a facility to convert your card purchases into easy EMIs.

This indeed is one of the best ways to make essential purchases such as electronics, household furnishings or any lifestyle products without pinching your monthly budget.

SBI Card extends "Flexipay" facility; HDFC Bank offers "SmartEMI" feature; while, ICICI Bank allows "Instant EMI" to the existing card members to convert their card purchases into flexible EMIs for ease of repayment.

Let's discuss each of these EMI features below:

SBI Flexipay

The flexipay facility offered by SBI Card allows customers to convert all big purchases into smaller EMIs. Any transactions made on the SBI Credit Card that exceed 2500 can be converted into Flexipay. In order to convert the transaction into Flexipay, the customer should begin the process within 30 days of making the purchase.

Features of Flexipay 

  • All retail purchases can be converted into EMIs over a period of 6, 9, 12 and 24 months.
  • The amount paid per 1000 on the EMI is as follows:
    • 6 months- 177.5
    • 12 months- 93.5
    • 24 months- 51.9
  • A one-time processing fee of 2% is charged that is subject to a minimum of 199 and a maximum of 1000.
  • An interest rate of 22% per annum is applicable on these EMIs. The interest rate may also change as per the offers applicable.
  • In case of foreclosure of the Flexipay plan, a cancellation fee of 3% is levied on the outstanding principal amount.
  • If the customer cancels the EMI conversion request within 45 days of making the booking, all the charges levied will be refunded. If not, the cancellation fee will be charged as applicable.
  • You can use the EMI calculator to instantly check the effective monthly instalment on the credit card bill. Before using the Flexipay option, use the calculator and choose the ideal choice.
  • Add on SBI Cardholders cannot convert transactions into Flexipay.
  • Credit card bills that are over 30000 can also be converted into EMIs that are paid over a tenure of 36 months.
  • Interest levied, and fees/charges are not eligible for conversion under the Flexipay Option.

How to convert SBI Credit Card payment into EMI?

With SBI Card, you have three options available to convert any purchase into an EMI.

The options that are provided to customers are as follows:

  • Through Internet Banking: All SBI Credit Card users have access to a net banking account. It is possible to log in to the net banking account and request for an EMI conversion by following these steps:
    • Log in to SBI Net Banking Account.
    • Under the Benefits Menu on the left, click on Flexipay.
    • This takes you to a new page where you need to select the transaction that needs to be converted to EMI.
    • Next, select the repayment period and interest rate, and click confirm.
    • The transaction will be converted to EMI as you confirm.
    • These steps can also be followed on the SBI card mobile app to convert a transaction into an EMI.
  • Through SMS: Send an SMS "FP" to 56767. You will receive a call from an SBI executive. Share details of the transaction that needs to be converted into EMI, along with the desired tenure and more.
  • Through Customer care: Alternatively, call SBI helpline directly to get the card transaction converted into an EMI. You can contact 18601801290 from MTNL/ BSNL and 39020202 for other service providers. The local STD code must be affixed to the latter number. After the request has been raised, a confirmation message is sent to the registered mobile number of the customer. The application will then be processed within five working days.


Being an HDFC Credit Card member, you can conveniently convert your card payments into an affordable EMI scheme at an attractive interest rate. The EMI is calculated on the reducing balance method.


Repayment: The EMI and GST applicable will be added to the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) in your Credit Card statement. You are required to pay MAD in every statement cycle. The outstanding balance will attract applicable interest & charges.

No Documentation: No paperwork or documentation is involved in processing the request.

Interest Rate and Tenure: You can choose flexible tenure anywhere between 9 to 36 months for converting card purchases into EMI.

How to request?

Netbanking: Login to NetBanking with your customer id and password. Go to Cards section and select Credit Cards. Next, choose SmartEMI option under Transact.

Phone Banking: You can call phone banking and request the same.

ICICI Bank Instant EMI

ICICI Bank's Instant EMI feature allows you to "shop in full, pay in parts" without adding much of the interest burden on your pocket. 


  • ICICI Bank has tie-ups with over 250+ brands and thus offers affordable EMI plans on almost all of your card purchases.
  • You can request for Instant EMI option on the go using internet banking or iMobile app.
  • There is no documentation involved.
  • You can choose flexible tenure up to 24 months, i.e., 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24 months of EMI. If you opt for up to 12 months EMIs, the interest is calculated at 13%, while for larger EMIs up to 24 months, the interest will be charged at 15%. In effect, you can convert card balance into EMIs at just 1.17% per month on monthly reducing balance. It is certainly much lower than the revolving interest rate.
  • Being a card member, you can request any of the transaction of 3000 or above in the last billing cycle to convert into EMIs.
  • If you have the requisite balance, your request is instantly approved, and card balance is converted automatically into EMI.
  • The card statement will clearly mention the purchase transaction that is converted into EMI.
  • Gold, jewellery, fuel or cash transactions are not eligible for the EMI facility.
  • The facility is not available on purchases older than 30 days.

You can convert your card purchase into EMI through the following methods:

Through Internet Banking:

  • Log in to ICICI Bank Internet Banking.
  • Go to 'My Accounts' and select 'Credit Cards.'
  • Choose 'Convert to EMI' option.
  • Now select the Card, Transaction, EMI tenure and Submit the request.

Through iMobile app:

  • Go to ICICI Bank iMobile app.
  • Visit Cards section and select the Credit Card.
  • You can see your 'Recent Transactions' here.
  • Select 'Convert to EMI' on eligible transaction.
  • Opt for EMI tenure and submit the request.

Call Customer Care

You can give a missed call on 9537667667 from the registered mobile number. ICICI Credit Card representative will follow up and process your request.

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