ICICI Credit Card Customer Care

ICICI Credit Card Customer Care like the bank’s cards is one of the best customer care services today. The bank offers some top-of-the- line cards with amazing features and benefits for its clients and an aqualiy high quality ICICI Credit Card Customer Care service to back them up. Read on to learn more.


ICICI Credit Card Customer Care

ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Bank is one of the top four Indian banks and a leading multi-national Indian financial services company. The bank extends a thorough and transparent customer support and service for its personal, private & corporate banking consumers, including credit card users.

Typically, a customer can raise a complaint for their personal or corporate banking experience and/or credit cards in following ways:

1. Phone:

ICICI Bank Exclusive Customer Care Number (Toll Free) is 1800-103-8181

All Customer Care officers are available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. You can register your complain 24 X 7 on Helpline to Interactive Voice Response system.

For unresolved queries call 1800 200 3344 between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Do share the Service Request Number or SRN (numeric digits only).

Your complaint should not be older than 2 months. Also, call from your registered mobile number.

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State Wise ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers are shared below:

ICICI Bank customer care email id: customer.care@icicibank.com

LOCATIONPersonal BankingWealth/Private BankingCorporate/ Business Banking/Retail Institutional Banking Customers
Andhra Pradesh730666777773064433997306446699
Bangalore08033667777/ 080444550000803344339908033446699/ 08044456000
Bhopal075533667770755334433907553344669/ 07554445600
Chandigarh01723366777/ 017244455000172334433901723344669/ 01724445600
Chennai04433667777/ 044444550000443344339904433446699/ 04444456000
Delhi01133667777/ 011444550000113344339901133446699/ 01144456000
Gurgaon01243366777/ 012444455000124334433901243344669/ 01244445600
Himachal Pradesh981766777798174433999625446699
Jaipur01413366777/ 014144455000141334433901413344669/ 01414445600
Jammu & Kashmir901866777790184433999018446699
Madhya Pradesh909866777781034433997879446699
Punjab73076677777307443399Punjab: 9023446699
Raipur077133667770771334433907713344669/ 07714445600
Uttar Pradesh808166777783034433998303446699
West Bengal810166777798324433999641446699

ICICI Bank Contact Numbers of Global Offices (for NRIs)

Bahrain+973 17 576 161
Hong Kong+852-22342651, +852- 22342655
Sri Lanka+94 11 4242448
Russia+7 495 981 4988

2. E-mail

For instant access to your complaints and concerns use following ICICI email ids.

ICICI Bank customer care email id: customer.care@icicibank.com

For unresolved queries: headservicequality@icicibank.com

For Wealth Management response: wealthmanagement@icicibank.com

NRIs can send email to: nri@icicibank.com

For DEMAT services: headdematservices@icicibank.com in

3. Resolution through Branch:

Contact branch officials directly for resolution of issues or simply drop complaints/feedback in the branch drop boxes or write in the complaint book available in the branches.

4. Website:

Sharing your views and reviews on ICICI bank website is just a few clicks away.

Visit the feedback page: https://www.icicibank.com/feedback and share your compliments and complaints by filling a form.

You can also use assistance of iPal - ICICI Bank Chatbot. Here you will find resolution to most of the frequently asked questions.

You can also log in and register a complaint to the "Account Manager" or "Complaints" section.

Write to the business heads of respective products, if not satisfied with the resolution.

However, if you are still dissatisfied with the resolution, contact Principal Nodal officer at:

The Principal Nodal Officer
ICICI Bank Ltd
Bandra Kurla Complex
Mumbai 400051

e-mail to: headservicequality@icicibank.com.

Internal Ombudsman of the Bank

If you want to report your dissatisfaction even after contacting Senior Management and Principal Nodal Officer contact Internal Ombudsman of the Bank for examination.

ICICI Bank Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

The ICICI Bank has clearly defined its Customer Grievance Redressal Policy on the official website and outlined the clear framework for addressing and resolving the customer grievances. The policy is designed keeping in mind concerns of both rural as well as urban consumers, and is thus made available in public domain at all bank branches as well as website. Customers can share their views, reviews and complaints via phone, email, website and various social media channels according to their convenience.

The user can further escalate complaints to the next level in case of unsatisfactory resolution of their concerns. The grievance escalation matrix can be accessed on the official website.

To enhance the quality of customer service, ICICI bank also runs several forums on their website and other platforms to review customer grievances.

Complaint Redressal Turnaround Time

Types of CaseTime Required for Resolution
Normal cases7 working days
Fraud cases, Legal cases and cases that need retrieval of documents, including case with old records21 working days
Cases involving 3rd party (other Banks)30 working days
Chargeback related cases45 to 90 working days  
or as per VISA/Master Card policy

In case the bank needs additional time, it will provide details and expected timelines to the customer.

You can check ICICI complaint application status here: https://twitter.com/ICICIBank_Care

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MyMoneyMantra Toll Free number is 1800 103 4004

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