OBC Balance Check Number 2023

Oriental Bank of Commerce is a popular public sector bank headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. Two banks were merged with Punjab National Bank on April 1 2020. One of the banks is OBC, and the other bank is the United Bank of India. With the merger, Punjab National Bank became the second-largest public sector bank in the country. You can read further to understand the different offline and online modes that facilitate OBC bank balance check.


OBC Balance Check Number

The OBC bank balance check can be done by calling the toll-free OBC balance check number 08067205757. The call should be made from a mobile number registered with the bank. The procedure to be followed is as given below:

  • Give a missed call to the toll-free OBC balance check no 08067205757 from a registered mobile number.
  • The call will get disconnected after a few rings.
  • The account balance will be sent to the registered mobile number through SMS.

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Different Methods of OBC Balance Enquiry in 2023

To curtail the footfalls in the branches and also to make the account information available to the customers 24 x 7, several other modes of OBC balance enquiry were conceived by the bank besides the missed call service. Details of the different methods of OBC bank balance check are given below.

OBC Internet Banking

Internet banking facilities will be provided for all the OBC customers with an operative account. You can register for the net banking facilities at the time of opening the account. Else, you can visit the bank branch and get it activated by submitting an application form for the purpose. You can also register for the net banking facility through the website of the bank by accessing the website and choosing the self-register option.

Once the net banking facility is activated, you can do the OBC bank balance check by following the procedure shown below.

  • Access the website of the bank.
  • Login to your net banking account using the user ID and password
  • Go to ‘Account Details’ on the menu.
  • If you have multiple accounts linked to net banking, choose the account for which the details are required.
  • The account details will be displayed on the screen.

OBC Mobile Banking

OBC Mobile Banking is a safe and secure option to have the account details at your fingertips. OBC has devised several mobile applications for different purposes. The mobile applications that can be utilised for OBC balance enquiry are OBC mPay and BHIM Oriental Pay. With the mobile applications you will be able to get a summary of transactions in the account, views mini statement, transfer funds from mobile to mobile and mobile to account through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS, hotlist debit cards, set ATM PIN, control the debit card access at POS by enabling and disabling as and when required, pay utility bills, get informed about cheque status, open deposit accounts, locate nearest ATMs, etc.

Mobile Banking services are available for Android and iOS users. To use the services for OBC balance check, registration for mobile banking services is essential. Registration can be done by visiting the branch and submitting an application through an ATM or through the internet banking portal provided on the website of the bank.

To use the mobile banking bank after registration for mobile banking services, follow the instructions given below:

  • Download the mobile App from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Verify the registered mobile number.
  • Log in to the App using the login credential.
  • Click on the ‘Account’ option and choose ‘Operative Accounts’ from the options available.
  • You will be able to view the account balance immediately.

SMS Banking

SMS Banking services are available to customers who have registered their mobile number with the bank. If not registered, it can be done by visiting the nearest OBC branch and submitting a request for mobile registration. On registration, the OBC balance enquiry will just be a simple method of sending an SMS to the OBC balance check no 9915622622.

The SMS formats are different for different services. For OBC balance enquiry, you will have to type “ACBAL <14 digit Account number> and send SMS to OBC bank balance check number 9915622622. For mini statements, you will have to type “STM <14 digit Account Number> and send SMS to OBC balance enquiry number 9915622622. The account balance or the mini-statement will be received immediately through an SMS.


It is the general practice at OBC bank to provide a passbook for all the customers on opening an account to keep updated about the transactions in their account. The customer can visit the branch and get the passbook updated from time to time. The passbook is a mirror image of the account ledger maintained at the bank. It gives details of all the debit and credit transactions in the account along with the balance. Passbooks are the most convenient way for OBC balance check for customers who are comfortable with the old-school method of keeping track of the account details.


Like passbooks, OBC customers will be issued with an ATM-cum-debit card to enable withdrawal of cash, balance enquiry and generation of mini-statement without visit the bank branch. For OBC bank balance check with the ATM card, you can follow the instructions given below:

  • Visit the nearest OBC ATM or any bank ATM.
  • Swipe the ATM card
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN
  • Choose ‘Balance Enquiry’ from the options on the screen.
  • You will be able to view the account balance immediately.

Customer Care

Yet another simple method of OBC balance check is to call the OBC balance enquiry no 18001801235. You can call the toll-free number from the registered mobile number, select a language and follow the IVR instructions to either get the account balance, mini-statement or for any other account-related queries. You will be the required details instantly through an SMS

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Why Should You Regularly Make OBC Bank Balance Enquiry?

It is necessary to route all your financial dealings through a bank account to have an unerased record of all your transactions for years. It is just not enough to open a bank account and to operate the same. You should also keep a vigil on the cash flow in the account. Review of the account on a regular basis helps methodical financial management. You will be bestowed with various benefits if you have the discipline of keeping yourself informed about the inflow and outflow of funds in the account and be aware of the account balance on a regular basis. You will be helped in the following ways by doing an OBC balance check consistently.

  • You can keep track of the cheque status and make an enquiry if there is a delay in the realisation of the cheque. Timely follow up to get the proceeds of the cheque to the account can be done only on a regular OBC balance check.
  • Get anomalies like wrong debits, wrong credits or unauthorised transactions rectified by timely detection. Some of the anomalies, like unauthorised online transactions, can be rectified only if reported within a time span. Time barred reports will not be acknowledged. This can be possible only with a periodical OBC balance enquiry.
  • To keep track of the regular interest, dividend payouts and other regular credits like rent etc., you will have to do a regular account check through any of the online or offline methods devised for the purpose. It is easy to track missouts if reconciliation is done on a regular basis. Monthly reconciliation is recommended than a yearly reconciliation as the whole process becomes very strenuous. Detection of anomalies after a time-lapse will be difficult to rectify.
  • If there are regular payments made through the account, it is even more essential to be informed about the daily balance to avert payment dishonour. Banks charge levies for services rendered on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. If the balance in the account cannot accommodate the levies as well as payments due for that period, it will result in dishonour of payments. Penalties will be levied for such dishonours. The repercussions will be more serious if the dishonours comprise EMI missouts. In addition to penalties, you will lose credibility that can affect you greatly in the future when you approach banks for big-ticket loans like home loans, education loans, etc.
  • If you are a salaried individual and depending solely on the monthly salary for all the expenses, including credit card dues and EMIs, if any, then you will have to keep a close watch on the expenses to avoid overspending. OBC balance check on a regular basis will help you budget your expenses.

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How is OBC Bank Balance Check useful?

OBC bank balance check is a simple tool that enables the obtention of detailed account information without visiting the branch. There are various offline and online modes of OBC balance check devised by the bank. A regular balance check is a head start to astute financial management. You can budget your finances and save the penny for a rainy day. Periodical balance checks can avert mishaps like cheque bounce, EMI missouts, monetary loss on account of frauds, etc. In brief, you can maintain a uniform liquidity position with an OBC balance check.

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OBC Balance Check Number FAQs

✅ How to register for OBC mPay App?


To be able to use the OBC mobile banking app, registration for mobile banking services should be done. This can be done either by visiting the branch, through ATM or through the net banking portal available on the website of the bank.

Registration through ATM

Follow the instructions and be guided to complete the mobile banking registration through ATM:

  • Visit the nearest OBC ATM.
  • Insert the debit card in the assigned slot
  • Select ‘other services’ and click on ‘Mobile banking.’
  • Under Mobile Banking, select ‘mPay Registration.’
  • Enter the registered mobile number and re-enter for confirmation.
  • Enter the PIN and click on ‘submit.’
  • The MPIN will be sent through an SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • Download the OBC mPay App through Google Play Store or Apple Store 
  • Enter the login credentials and start using the App for the required services.

Registration through Internet Banking

The step-by-step guide will help registration for mobile banking through the internet banking portal:

  • Visit the net banking portal on the website of the bank.
  • Select ‘e-services’ from the dashboard.
  • On the next page, select ‘mobile banking services.’
  • On selecting the bank account and mobile number, a customer ID will be displayed.
  • Enter the transaction password on the next screen to receive an OTP on the registered mobile number
  • On successful registration, MPIN will be sent to the registered mobile number through an SMS
  • You can now download the App from Google Playstore or Apple Store and start using the App with the customer ID.

Registration through OBC mPay

Follow the simple steps given below for mobile banking registration through OBC mPay:

  • Download the OBC mPay app from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Enter the details required for registration.
  • Enter the debit card details for authentication, after which you will receive an MPIN on the registered mobile number.
  • A prompt for change of MPIN and password will appear on successful registration. You can make the changes and start using the App.

✅ How to monitor your account through offline methods?


There are various offline methods like SMS banking and balance check through USSD Code for monitoring the account. You can get the account balance as well as mini-statements through SMS banking. With the USSD code, you will be able to check the status of the cheque deposited into the account, place a request for a cheque book, transfer funds in addition to getting the account balance and mini-statement. The mandatory requirement for the purpose will be a registered mobile number.

For SMS banking, you will have to send an SMS in the prescribed formats for either account balance or mini-statement, and you will get the desired information through SMS immediately.

SMS format for account balance: “ACBAL <14 digit Account number>

SMS format for mini-statement: “STM <14 digit Account Number>

✅ What is OBC missed call service?


Under the OBC missed call service, you will be able to get the account balance or mini-statement by giving a missed call to OBC bank balance check no 08067205757. The call will disconnect after a few rings, and you will get the information asked for through an SMS.

✅ Can OBC balance enquiry be made with the ATM card?


Yes. You can access the OBC ATM of a non-OBC ATM through the ATM card gaining access by entering the PIN. You can choose the ‘balance enquiry’ option to get the account balance.

✅ Are there any charges for accessing the OBC mobile banking services?


No. OBC mobile banking services are free of charge.