Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Details

Rate of interest9.99% - 11.49%
Minimum loan amountRs. 50,000
Maximum loan amountRs. 15 Lakhs
Tenure12 to 48 months
Processing feeUp to 2% of loan amount
Minimum take home incomeRs. 25,000 per month
Foreclosure chargesUp to 5% of the outstanding principal
Age required25 to 60 years
Lowest EMI/LakhRs. 2,536
Turnaround period1 – 7 days

Features of Deutsche Bank Personal Loan

Key features of Deutsche Bank Personal Loan are mentioned below:

  • Loan amount: You can apply for a personal loan amounting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 Lakhs fat Deutsche Bank, depending on your eligibility and requirement.
  • Flexible repayment tenure: The loan can be repaid easily within tenures ranging from 12 months to 48 months as per your convenience.
  • Affordable interest rates: Personal loan interest rates vary from 9.99% to 11.49% p.a for floating rate based loans and 10.49% for fixed rate based loans.
  • Low processing fee: The bank charges a non-refundable administration fee or processing fee of up to 2% of the loan amount.
  • Prepayment:
    • For fixed rate loans: 5% of the principal outstanding at loan closure if the loan is closed within 1 year from the disbursement date and 3% if the loan is closed after 1 year from the date of disbursement. Part payment is not allowed.
    • For floating rate loans: The bank does not levy any prepayment charges for floating rate loans and part payment is also allowed.

Why Apply for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan?

Here are some reasons to opt for Deutsche Bank Personal Loans:

  • Nil charges for part/full prepayment of personal loan in case of floating rate loans.
  • Loan can be utilised for multiple purposes like funding family vacation, child's education, purchasing a household appliance, and so on.
  • Higher loan amount available.
  • Flexible repayment tenure.
  • Easy documentation process.
  • Quick approval and disbursal.
  • Balance transfer facility available.
  • Reasonable processing fee.
  • If the applicant is an existing customer or has Deutsche Bank credit card then, the paperwork is less and the loan is processed faster.

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Deutsche personal loan interest rates vary according to the type of interest rate.

Floating interest rate based personal loans9.99% to 11.49% p.a
Fixed interest rate based personal loans10.49%

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculation

For easy EMI calculation, you can use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator available online on our website. The EMI Calculator is an online tool, which helps the loan applicant to compute their EMIs accurately in such a way that they can pre-plan their finances. It supports the borrower to calculate the exact amount of EMI that is payable every month towards the repayment of the Personal Loan availed. The Personal Loan EMI Calculator is very easy and hassle-free to use and it uses the three important loan parameters to compute the EMI just like in the formula above.

To calculate the Deutsche Bank Personal Loan EMI, open the Personal Loan EMI Calculator tool, enter the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure of repayment to get an instant result.

Apart from the EMI calculation, our EMI Calculator also provides the complete amortization schedule.

Here’s an example:

Personal loan amount required: Rs. 10 Lakhs

Applicable rate of interest: 9.99% p.a.

Repayment tenure: 4 years

EMI to be paid each month: Rs. 25,358

Total interest to be paid: Rs. 2,17,174

Total amount to be paid to the lender: Rs. 12,17,174

Amortization schedule

YearOpening BalanceAmount to be Paid (EMI*12)

Interest Paid During

the Year

Principal Paid During

the Year

Closing Balance
1Rs. 10,00,000Rs. 1,52,147Rs. 47,799Rs. 1,04,347Rs. 8,95,653
2Rs. 8,95,653Rs. 3,04,293Rs. 79,362Rs. 2,24,932Rs. 6,70,721
3Rs. 6,70,721Rs. 3,04,293Rs. 55,833Rs. 2,48,460Rs. 4,22,260
4Rs. 4,22,260Rs. 3,04,293Rs. 29,843Rs. 2,74,450Rs. 1,47,810
5Rs. 1,47,810Rs. 1,52,147Rs. 4,337Rs. 1,47,810Rs. 0

Comparison of Deutsche Bank Personal Loan VS Other Providers

Name of LenderRate of Interest (per annum)Processing FeeMaximum Loan Limit
Deutsche Bank9.99% - 11.49%Up to 2%Rs. 15 Lakhs
HDFC Bank10.50% - 21%Up to 2.50%Rs. 40 Lakhs
SBI9.60% - 15.65% p.a.Up to 1. 50% + GSTRs. 20 Lakhs
Canara Bank11.25% - 13.90%0.50%  + GSTRs. 3 Lakhs
ICICI Bank10.50% - 19%Up to 2.25%Rs. 25 Lakhs

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

To apply for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan, you will be required to submit the following documents along with the duly completed loan application form:

 Photo identity proof - any one:

o   Passport

o   PAN Card

o   Voter's ID Card

o   Driving License

o   Job card issued by NREGA - must be duly signed by a State Government Officer.

o   Aadhaar Card or UIDAI issued Letter

Proof of residence - any one:

o   Passport

o   Driving License

o   Voter's ID Card

o   Job card issued by NREGA - must be duly signed by a State Government Officer.

o   Aadhaar Card or UIDAI issued Letter

Signature proof - any one:

o   Passport

o   Banker's Certificate

o   PAN Card

o   Driving Licence

Age proof - any one:

o   Passport

o   Voter's ID Card

o   Birth Certificate

o   PAN Card

o   Driving License

o   Job card issued by NREGA - must be duly signed by a State Government Officer.

o   Aadhaar Card or UIDAI issued Letter

Financial documents

o   Last 3 months statements of Deutsche Bank.

o   Latest 1 pay slip

o   Last 3 months statements of salary account if salary account is in the Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

Every applicant has to meet the following eligibility criteria for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan:

  • Minimum age of the applicant: 25 years when applying for the loan.
  • Maximum age of the applicant: 60 years when the loan matures.
  • Minimum take home income: Rs. 25,000 per month.
  • Telephone numbers: Telephone numbers of both residence and workplace are mandatory.
  • Existing relationship: All salaried individuals having Savings Account with Deutsche Bank can apply for a Personal Loan at attractive interest rates and with minimal documentation.

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Processing Fees & Other Charges

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan involves the following charges in addition to the interest rate:

  •  Processing fee: Up to 2% of the loan amount sanctioned.
  •  Prepayment charges: Up to 5% of the principal outstanding amount.
  • Charges for unsuccessful Standing Instruction for payment or Cheque/ ECS/ NACH bounce: Rs. 500
  • Stamp duty/ taxes/ other government levies: As per applicable laws and guidelines.
  • Charges Post Dated Cheques/ NACH/ ECS/ SI swap: Rs. 500.

How to Apply for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan?

It is very easy to apply for a Personal Loan via MyMoneyMantra. Here is what you need to do in order to apply:

  • Visit the MyMoneyMantra website.
  • Opt for the Personal Loan option. You will see a form at the top of the page under Loans section.
  • Fill in all your personal information marked as compulsory fields - first name, last name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.
  • Specify your employment type by mentioning whether you are self-employed or a salaried person.
  • Enter current employer details.
  • Enter your income details, work experience, and specify the name of the bank where you hold your salary account.
  • Enter all other information required to fill up the form.
  • Enter your contact details so that our team can contact you to guide you through the process of taking the right Personal Loan suitable for your needs.

Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

To apply for a Personal Loan or to get in touch with the Deutsche Bank regarding any query related to Personal Loans:

Send an SMS PL to the number 561615


Call at the number 18602666601

Customers outside India can dial: +91 22 6601 6601

Mumbai customers can also call at: +91 22 6601 6601

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Deutsche Bank Personal Loan FAQs

How to apply for Deutsche Bank Personal?


You can apply for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan online or by visiting the nearest branch and submitting the documents. You can also contact their customer care department. Can send SMS to their listed number and the bank representative will contact the customer. Alternatively, you can make use of MyMoneyMantra online lending marketplace to apply conveniently.

What are the maximum and minimum amounts of loans that can be availed?


The minimum loan that can be availed is Rs. 50,000 and the maximum can go up to Rs. 15 Lakhs, depending on the repayment capacity and the city where the loan is disbursed.

What is the processing fee charged?


The processing fee is up to 2% of the loan amount sanctioned.

What are the documents that have to be submitted while applying for a loan?


You have to submit proofs for photo identity, address, signature, and age along with the loan application form and financial documents.

What security one should provide to avail this Personal Loan?


This is an unsecured loan and no security need be provided to avail this loan.

How can I repay my loan?


You repay the loan in easy EMIs through standing instructions (SI) to debit your Deutsche Bank account with the EMI amount.

How much repayment tenure is available for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan?


You can easily repay your loan over a period of 12 to 48 months.

How long does it take to get my loan?


After successful submission of your loan application along with the supporting documents, the bank gives approval within 7 working days is everything is in order.

Can I prepay the loan?


Yes. You can prepay your loan at applicable pre-payment terms of the bank.

Does Deutsche Bank offer balance transfer facility?


Yes. You can transfer your existing personal loan from another lender to Deutsche Bank.