PNB Mini Statement Number 2023

In today's world of digitalization, convenience has become a priority for account holders. To know your account balance or to get an account statement is no more a complicated task. Banking has been made super easy, comfortable and effortless with the help of Net Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Banking.

Using the PNB Mini statement number, it has now become very convenient to have immediate access to the mini statement. SMS Banking is also used to get mini statements. Punjab National Bank Mini Statement provides the details of recent 10 transactions made from respective savings account showing both debit and credit transactions and also the account balance. 


Different Ways to Get PNB Mini Statement

To avail of mobile banking services, account holders shall get their mobile numbers registered with the bank. Also, they need to have an internet connection and a smartphone if they want to have net banking or mobile banking app. Let's now discuss in detail the different ways to get Punjab National Bank Mini Statement:

  • Getting PNB Mini Statement from Missed Call Service:

Getting PNB Mini Statement service is a free of cost service as account holders are just required to give a missed call on PNB toll-free number 1800-180-2223. Also, users can place a call on 0120-2303090, but as this is not a toll-free number, a customer would be charged for this call.

This is a very convenient facility that users can avail themselves sitting at home, and it is also available 24*7.

  • Getting PNB Mini Statement from SMS Banking:

For availing this service, users don't even require smartphones, as this service facilitates PNB users to have access to Mini statements without any use of the internet just by sending an SMS. This service is also not chargeable, but users may have to incur some nominal amount of charges depending upon their network tariff plans. 

Below mentioned are the steps for getting the Punjab National Bank Mini Statement: 

Step 1: At first, PNB users shall be required to get themselves registered for SMS banking service by either visiting bank's branch or ATM. Or, it can be done with the help of Internet banking.

Step 2: After that, PNB users shall send an SMS ‘MINSTMT <space> Account Number’ and send it to 5607040 registered mobile number.

Step 3: An SMS would be received by the account holder having the information of recent transactions via SMS.

  • Getting PNB Mini Statement from Mobile Banking:

Different applications are available for PNB mobile banking. Android users shall download the applications from Google Play Store, and IOS users shall download the same from Apple Play Store. 

After installing the application, the account holder shall log into the same using their unique User-ID and MPIN to have access to banking services online.

Below mentioned are the applications available for PNB mobile banking

  • PNB mBanking App: This banking app is available to have PNB Balance enquiry, PNB Mini statement, cheque book requests etc.
  • PNB mPassbook: This application can be downloaded by PNB account holders to know both debit and credit transactions made in the account.

After opening the application, users can have access to recently done transactions by selecting the respective Bank account.

  • Getting PNB Mini Statement from Net Banking:

PNB also facilitates a Mini statement facility with the help of Internet Banking. Users can register for net banking either at the time of opening an account or maybe at some later stage.

This is a very hassle-free and convenient service to have access to account statements, account balance, for transferring of funds etc. By logging into the official website of PNB by entering a unique Customer ID

and password, an account holder can have access to Punjab National Mini Statement.

  • Getting PNB Mini Statement from PNB ATM:

For getting the mini statement in the form of a hard copy, an account holder shall visit PNB's ATM or any other bank's ATM to get Punjab National Bank Mini Statement. 

  • Insert the PNB debit card into the ATM machine.
  • Go to the Banking option and then select the Mini statement option.
  • Enter the 4 digit pin.
  • The machine would then provide you with a printout of the Mini Statement that would be having details of the latest transactions being made.

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How to Register for Punjab National Bank Mini Statement?

As we know, there are various ways to get Mini Statement like Mobile Banking, Missed call facility, SMS service. To get access to all these services, account holders should get their mobile numbers registered with the bank. 

The different ways to register the mobile number for PNB Mini Statement are as below mentioned:

  • The first way to get the mobile number registered with the bank is to visit the nearest branch and fill an application form.
  • The second way is, i.e. by calling customer care at 18001802222 or by sending an SMS MINSTMT’ /space/ 16-digit Account Number to 5607040. After authentication by the bank and some formalities, the mobile number would get registered.
  • Thirdly by visiting ATMs also, an account holder can get their mobile number registered.

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PNB Mini Statement Number

For getting PNB Mini statement, PNB account holders shall give a missed call at

1800 180 2223 (Toll-free Number)


PNB account holders get PNB mini statement by just placing a call on a toll-free number, i.e. 18001802223, or at 01202303090 (i.e. chargeable). The call should be made by the mobile number that is registered with the bank.

The steps for getting Punjab National Bank Mini Statement are as follows:

  • Firstly, give a missed call to PNB Mini statement number 18001802223 (toll-free) or 01202303090 (i.e. chargeable) to get the information of recently made transactions.
  • The call would get disconnected after two rings.
  • The account holder would receive an SMS having Mini Statement along with recently done 10 transactions.

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Benefits Of Punjab National Bank Mini Statement Service

Below mentioned are some advantages of the PNB Mini Statement service:

  • Mobile banking services and internet banking services are available 24*7 due to which users get flexibility, i.e. they get access from anywhere and at any time.
  • It provides the safest and convenient ways to get access to a mini statement as users are sent OTP's first on their registered mobile numbers for the purpose of authentication and verification.
  • Even without any internet connection, users can get access to the PNB Mini statement with the help of the PNB missed call service and that too free of cost.
  • Time, money and efforts are saved as account holders are now being given many options to get mini statements without even visiting a branch sitting at home.
  • Users don't even require smartphones to get mini statements with the help of SMS service and Missed call facility.

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PNB Mini Statement Number FAQs

✅ What is customer ID in mPassbook?


The customer ID is printed on the passbook. An internet banking user can have access to customer ID from the portal. Login into the official website and then go to "Personal Settings-"> "View personal details"-> and then primary customer ID.

✅ How can PNB mini statement be seen without the internet?


If you don't have a working internet facility, either give a missed call at 1800-180-2223 or 0120-2303090 or send ‘MINSTMT<space>Account Number’ to 5607040 from your registered mobile number. An SMS would be received with the details of recently made transactions.

✅ How to use Google pay mini statements?

  • Go to Payment Methods.
  • Under "Google Pay balance", go to statements.
  • Click on the balance that you want to download.
  • To view more statements,  click on the last 3 months and choose the time period from the menu.
  • Click on download.

✅ Is there any such limit to the number of enquiries that can be made using the app in a day or in a month?


No, there is no limit to the number of enquiries that a PNB account holder can make in a day or in a month using the PNB mobile application.

✅ What is the actual use of the Mini statement?


A mini statement is a smaller version of a bank account statement that helps to provide the details of the latest 5 transactions done by an account holder in their bank account.

✅ How to access Mini statement using mobile banking?


Below mentioned are the steps for availing PNB Mini Statement:

  • Download mPassbook from Google Play Store or Apple App store.
  • Login into the app using a unique customer id and MPIN.
  • Select the type of account, i.e. savings/ current, from the drop-down list to check the Mini statement.
  • Select Mini statement; after that, you will get access to the latest transactions.

✅ Can I have my two bank account numbers registered with the same mobile number?


One can get multiple bank accounts registered with the same mobile number. It's easier to get the details of recent transactions of any of the accounts registered with the bank via Mobile App or Missed call service.