UCO Bank Balance Check Number 2022

UCO bank is a government-owned commercial bank that started operations in 1943.  True to their vision, they strive to be the most sought-after financial institution by providing world-class financial products and services clubbed with state of the art technology. To make the most basic transaction, i.e., UCO bank balance check possible 24 x 7 with convenience, the bank has devised various offline and online methods to get all-in-all information about the accounts. The customers of UCO bank can have the balance of their accounts at their fingertips.


UCO Bank balance check number

The customers of UCO bank who have registered their mobile number with the bank or linked the mobile number with their bank account can now do the UCO bank balance check by giving a call to the UCO Bank balance enquiry number 1800 274 0123, which is toll-free. The UCO Bank missed call balance check service is not provided by the bank. The customers can get the balance of their account by just calling the toll-free number.

Different Methods of UCO Bank Balance Enquiry in 2022

UCO Bank Balance Check Online Method

Checking your UCO account balance online is instant and easy. It can be done on the go. There are various methods to check UCO Bank balance online. Following are the most used ones:

UCO Bank Balance Check via Net Banking

You can check your UCO bank account balance via internet banking facility provided by the bank to its account holders. Account-holders who are registered with the bank for net banking facility can check their balance using this facility. You can know UCO bank balance by checking the account summary post login on net banking. Also, account holders can request services, make transactions, transfer funds and make utility bill payments with UCO Bank net banking facility.

UCO Bank Balance Check via Mobile Banking

Accountholders can use UCO Bank mobile banking services via UCO Bank M-Banking, BHIM UCO UPI, UCOSecure, UCO Pay+, and UCO mPassbook. Below are the UCO Bank mobile banking apps through which accountholders can track their account balance online:

  • UCO Bank M-Banking: Account holders of UCO Bank can download the UCO Bank mBanking app on Android or iOS mobile devices to avail of various banking services including UCO Bank Balance enquiry check. 
  • UCOSecure: This mobile app from UCO Bank provides you safe and secure digital products offered by the bank. The app also enables you to check bank balance along with other services like instantly blocking and unblock all the digital products.
  • UCO Pay+: It is mobile wallet app offered by UCO Bank only on Android platform. With this app, you can load money, spend it on recharges, and bill payments of gas, electricity, insurance, mutual funds, etc. You can also check your account balance through this app.
  • BHIM UCO UPI: UCO Bank BHIM UPI app allows accountholders to pay and receive funds using UPI through Virtual Private Address. Also, users can check their account balance through this app.
  • UCO mPassbook: This app enables users to check all their transactions on the go on electronic passbook. Account-holders can check UCO Bank balance online with mPassbook.

Check your Account Balance via UPI for UCO Bank

You can check your UCO Bank account balance through any UPI by following the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open any UPI app installed on your smartphone by entering the login code.
  • Choose the UCO Bank option to check account balance of your account.
  • Tap on the ‘Check Balance’ option.
  • Enter your UPI PIN created by you during registration on the app.
  • Your account balance will appear on your screen on entering the UPI PIN.

UCO Bank Balance Check Offline Method

UCO Bank balance check can be done offline as well. If you prefer checking your UCO Bank balance offline, you can make use of any of the following methods:

UCO Bank Balance Check through Passbook

UCO Bank gives passbook to all its accountholders through which they can check of all their banking transactions including their account balance. You can visit your nearest UCO Bank branch to track your UCO Bank balance with a passbook. The passbook contains all your debit and credit transactions.  

UCO Bank Balance Check through ATM

If you are a UCO Bank accountholder, you can visit your nearest UCO Bank ATM for quick UCO Bank balance enquiry. At ATM, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Swipe your UCO Bank ATM Card on the ATM machine.
  • Use your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Now choose the option of ‘Check Account Balance’.
  • Your UCO Bank account balance will be displayed on the ATM instantly

UCO Balance Check through SMS Banking

To know your UCO Bank balance by SMS, you can easily send an SMS and check your account balance. Just type UCOBAL <mPIN> and send it to 56161 to check UCO Bank account balance.

If you have multiple UCO Bank accounts linked with a single mobile number, you can check UCO Bank balance by typing UCOBAL <mPIN> <14-digit Account number> in SMS and sending it to 56161.

Why Should You Regularly Make UCO Bank Balance Enquiry?

Want to practice prudent financial management? Then, the first step is a regular UCO Bank balance enquiry. Real-time funds position awareness is the stepping stone to astute financial management. UCO Bank balance enquiry on a  regular basis not only helps you in developing financial management skills but also accords you with various benefits.

Prevents overspending: It helps you manage your expenditure within the available means. If you are not aware of your funds’ position and continue to spend erratically, you will go overboard and may end up paying penalties for over drawings in the account. 

In time detection of anomalies and frauds: If you have a glance at the account transactions now and then, you will be able to detect suspicious transactions and unauthorised transactions in time. There are certain disputed transactions like credit card/debit card frauds that occur online that have to be reported within a certain period. Disputed transactions reported beyond the time limit will not be eligible for investigation, and you will end up in a financial loss. 

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur who gets payments from various clients, you should be clarifying for the credits to follow up on time for non-payments. Delay in verifying the receipts for services rendered may make it difficult to get the payments from the clients. 

Reconciliation of the inflow and outflow of funds through a regular UCO Bank Balance Enquiry will avert such anomalies in the account and help in maintaining a healthy financial status.

Income from investments: You may be having income from other sources like fixed deposit interest, dividends, maturity proceeds, etc. Keeping a close watch for these credits will give an alert for any missouts so that you can bring them to the notice of the bank for timely action.

Prevents EMI missouts: There can be unplanned debits like bank charges for ledger maintenance, for not maintaining a minimum balance, for NEFT/RTGS transactions, for printed account statements, etc., that will bring down the account balance. If you presume that there is sufficient balance to honour the EMIs without paying attention to these charges, then you will not only be liable for a penalty for EMI  dishonour but also a decrease in the credit score that may negate the chances of approval for any loans that you may need in the future.

How is UCO Bank Balance Check useful?

UCO Bank balance check is a tool that keeps you aware of the financial transactions in your account and helps you budget your expenses. There are various modes of UCO Bank balance check to suit the convenience of the customers. You can do the balance check through internet banking, ATM, passbook, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking and through USSD Code. You can be cautious of frauds and anomalies with the help of a UCO  Bank balance check. To keep robust financial health, a regular UCO Bank Balance Check is essential.

UCO Bank Balance Check Number FAQs

✅ How to check UCO bank balance with USSD Code?


Customers without Wifi or data banks can utilise the USSD code for checking the account balance. The step-by-step guide for UCO Bank balance enquiry with USSD Code is as given below.

  • Use  the  phone dialer of  a registered mobile number and dial *99#
  • Opt for the preferred language
  • Enter the four digits of the IFSC Code of the bank, i.e., UCBA 
  • Select the ‘balance enquiry’ from the options on the menu.
  • Follow the instructions for the UCO  Bank balance check.

There are other options like mini-statement, funds transfer through MMID, know your MMID and Change Pin. You can choose the service required and follow the instructions on the screen.

✅ What are the features of UCO mBanking Plus?

  • The customers of UCO bank should have an operative UCO bank account to be able to use the mobile banking service. 
  • The UCO mBanking facility is available for current accounts operated individually and proprietorship accounts,  savings bank accounts, accounts of UCO bank staff, overdraft against deposits, credits to loan accounts through NEFT/IMPS.
  • Minors aged 10 years and above can access the mBanking app.
  • HUF, Societies, Trusts, Clubs, illiterates are not eligible for mobile banking.
  • Only retail customers can access the UCO mBanking app at present.
  • Only Android and iOS devices support UCO mBanking Plus app.
  • Balance enquiry, mini-statement, funds transfer, payment of utility bills, viewing the accounts linked to a customer, hotlisting of debit/credit cards, etc., are some of the transactions that can be done through UCO mBanking Plus.

✅ How to register for UCO bank Mobile Banking?


You can register for UCO bank Mobile Banking through the mobile banking application. Alternately, you can register for UCO bank mobile by visiting the branch and submitting the application for mobile banking registration. On review of the application, mobile banking will be activated. The MPIN and TPIN will be sent by SMS to the registered mobile number.

✅ How can I check my UCO bank account balance through a phone call?


For a UCO bank balance check through a phone call, you will have to call the UCO Bank balance check no 1800-274-0123. You do not have to register a mobile number for this service. You can just make a call, and you will receive your account balance through SMS.

✅ How to check UCO bank account balance through SMS banking?


For checking the UCO bank account balance through SMS banking, you will have to send the SMS to UCO Bank balance enquiry no 56161. The SMS formats to be used are UCOBAL <mPIN> for a single and UCOBAL <mPIN> <14 digit Account number> where the customer has multiple accounts. All you have to do is to type the relevant SMS format and send it to 56561.

✅ How to check UCO bank balance online?


Customers with internet connection or databank can check UCO bank balance through net banking or mobile banking. Registration for net banking or mobile banking is necessary. You can log in to your net banking account using the login credentials or download the mobile apps, i.e., UCO mBanking o Plus, UCOSecure, BHIM UCO UPI, UCO Pay+, or mPassbook and check the account balance.

Do I have to pay any charges to check UCO Bank balance?


No, there are no charges involved in checking UCO Bank balance. However, nominal operator charges will be applied for SMS services.

Do I need to visit UCO Bank to check my bank balance?


If you are an UCO Bank account holder, you don’t need to visit the bank to check your account balance. You can check your balance from any ATM, SMS or through mobile app.

Can I use UCO m-Passbook application offline?


Yes, once your account is synced and data is loaded, you can use the application in offline mode as well. The account balance will be shown as per the last synced date.

What are the different online modes to check UCO Bank account balance?

  • UCO Bank Balance Check via Net Banking
  • UCO Bank Balance Check via Mobile Banking
  • Check your
  • Account Balance via UPI for UCO Bank