Union Bank of India

Balance Check Number 2024

Union Bank of India is a popular public sector bank offering various financial products and services. Digitisation of financial services using advanced technology has brought delight to Union Bank of India customers. It spares them from the mundane task of visiting the branch for simple transactions like the Union Bank of India balance check. The wait in the long queue is agonising. Now with various offline and online methods for financial transactions, including Union Bank of India balance enquiry number. 


Union Bank Balance Check Number 2024

Are you wondering how to check the Union Bank of India balance? Here is the simplest way to check your account balance:

  • Give a missed call from the registered mobile number to Union Bank of India Balance Check Number 09223008586
  • The phone will stop ringing after some time.
  • The account balance will be conveyed immediately through SMS to the registered mobile number.

Customers of Union Bank of India who have not registered their mobile number can visit the bank branch and request its registration. Registration is mandatory as the calls from unregistered mobile numbers will not be acknowledged.

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Different Methods of Union Bank of India Balance Enquiry 2024

Union Bank of India has devices various methods for balance enquiry. Some methods can be used by smartphone users as well as for customers who do not have access to smartphones, 3G or Wifi.

Union Bank of India Passbook

Union Bank of India balance check through Passbook is the legacy method for balance enquiry. The passbook contains the day to day debit and credit transactions in the account and andthe account balance. 

Customers can get the passbook updated for constant awareness about their funds’ position. The passbook updation is made even simpler by installing passbook printers at every branch, which is user-friendly. The customers can themselves print the passbook using the passbook printer.

Customers who are not comfortable using the passbook printer facility to get the passbook updated across the counter are still in vogue.

Union Bank of India ATM

Union Bank of India balance enquiry is possible using the ATM card issued to Union Bank of India customers after account opening. Once the ATM card is activated, the card can be used for cash withdrawals and balance enquiry. 

The customer has to visit Union Bank of India ATM or any bank ATM and get the account balance in the following way.

  • Insert the ATM card
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN when prompted.
  • Choose the ‘balance enquiry’ option from the menu on the screen
  • The account balance will be displayed immediately.
  • Option to view mini-statement with latest transactions is also available.

Through SMS Service

This service is provided for customers who have registered their mobile with the bank. Now it is mandatory for registration of mobile numbers with the bank and is done at the time of opening the account and so the service is available for all customers in general. Existing customers whose mobile number is not registered can get it registered by visiting the Union Bank of India branch. For the Union Bank of India balance check, you will have to

  • Send an SMS to Union Bank of India balance check number 09223008486. 
  • Type ‘UBAL” and send SMS to 09223008486 for account balance
  • Type ‘UNMS” and send SMS to 09223008486  for a mini-statement
  • As the case may be, either the account balance or the mini-statement will arrive through a return message.

 Through USSD Code

Customers without smartphones and those who have not registered for either net banking or mobile banking can get the account balance through USSD Code. Registration of the mobile number is mandatory to use this service. 

With the registration in place, you can do the Union Bank of India balance enquiry as follows:

  • Dial *99*# or *99*63# using the phone dial pad
  • Options of languages will appear
  • Choose the language preferred
  • Enter IFSC Code or two-digit bank code
  • Submit a request.

Union Bank of India Internet Banking

Customers of Union Bank of India who has registered for Internet Banking can utilise the service for Union Bank of India balance check. Net banking facilitates various banking functions like funds transfer through NEFT/IMPS, balance enquiry, generation of account statement etc. To use the services, the customers have to follow the step-by-step guide given below.

  • Access the net banking facility through the website of the bank.
  • Log in to your net banking account with the login credentials.
  • Choose the required service like ‘balance enquiry’ from the dashboard.
  • The balance will be displayed immediately.

Union Bank of India Mobile Banking

The facility is available only for customers who have registered for mobile banking services. Registration for mobile banking services can be done through any bank ATM or Union Bank of India ATM, or directly through the website of the bank. The registration can be done by visiting the branch or can be opted for at the time of submitting the application for opening an account. The mobile banking services are available for both Andriod as well as iOS users. On registration, a 4-digit PIN will be provided.

There are various UBI Mobile Apps that can be used for varied transactions. These apps have to be downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Thereafter the customer can log in to the account using the four-digit MPIN and then avail of the desired service. Read further to understand how to use the Union Bank of India balance check app.

U-Mobile App

You have access to various banking transactions through U-Mobile App. The host of facilities available are listed below:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Funds transfer 
    • Between two registered mobile numbers
    • To account at Union Bank of India
    • To accounts at other banks through NEFT
  • Funds transfer through IMPS
    •  using mobile number and MMID
    • Using Account Number and IFSC Code
    • Using Aadhar Number
  • Funds transfer through Merchant IMPS
  • OTP generation
  • MMID generation
  • Recharge of mobile, Fees payments
  • Stop payment of cheques
  • Updation of cheque status
  • Hotlisting of debit card
  • Locating ATM branches
  • MPIN change
  • Registering complaints and giving feedback.

Consolidated funds transfer up to Rs. 50000/- in a day through various funds transfer options can be carried out using the United Bank of India balance check app.

Union Selfie and mPassbook

This is similar to a physical passbook but an electronic version. Customers can view the account balance easily through this app.

  • The app can be downloaded by non-customers of Union Bank of India to open a UBI account with QR code using PAN Card, mobile number and Aadhar Card.
  • Multiple accounts can be linked to this app for viewing account balance

Union Bank UPI App

For secure banking transactions, you can use this app.

  • A virtual payment address (VPA) will be given on registration to this app. The VPA will appear like abcd@uboi or abcd@unionbank.
  • Receipt and payment of funds can be made using the VPA without compromising account, debit card details or IFSC Code.
  • A ‘view balance’ option is also available to know the account balance.

Why Should You Regularly Do Union Bank of India Balance Enquiry?

There are various valid reasons for carrying out the Union Bank of India balance enquiry. Union Bank of India has provided various methods for balance enquiry that can be accessed at the convenience of the customers either from home or from the workplace, or from anywhere else.  Being aware of your funds’ position will enable meticulous finance management, which is a good practice. You can spare yourself from various awkward instances like missing out on EMIs, cheque bounce, etc. if you plan your finance well and are constantly aware of the account status. There are various benefits in checking the account balance on a regular basis.

  • Identify suspicious or unauthorised transactions: Regular internet banking users compromise personal information like account numbers and debit cards as well as credit card numbers. With online frauds on the increase, you should be alert and identify any such transactions that have not been initiated by you. Early detection of such transactions will help in investigating, and you will be able to recover the amount lost. For this, a regular Union Bank of India balance check is required.
  • Keep track of interest and other periodical income: Your investments in fixed deposits, shares, etc., will yield periodical income which will be credited to your account. Tracking these credits on a regular basis to ensure that there are no missouts is essential.
  • Streamline spending: With online facilities for shopping, funds transfer, bill payments etc., you are bound to lose track of the spending. If you have to balance your expenditure with your income, you should necessarily have a peek at the account balance regularly. 
  • Be aware of bank levies: There are various levies collected by the bank for the services offered and penalties for breach in the guidelines. You should be aware of these levies and try to control the ones that can be. There are penalties for cheque bounce, not maintaining a minimum balance, over drawings in the account, etc. Unless you review regularly, you will not be aware of these. You can always control these levies by checking the account balance before issuing a cheque, maintaining the account’s minimum balance, and not going overboard on withdrawals.

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How is the Union Bank of India Balance Check Useful?

Union Bank of India balance check is a snapshot of all your transactions. Reviewing the balance check statement will give you an insight to your expenditure and enables you to control the ones that are unnecessary. Most importantly, a regular balance check will protect you from fraudulent transactions. There is a time limit for reporting credit card frauds, and if not detected with the given time frame, then rectification will be not possible, and you may end up with a financial loss. Being unaware of your liquidity position especially if you are living from pay check-to-pay check can cause serious financial stress. Keeping a watch on your reserves position is very important and should not take much of your time with various convenient and simple methods available.

Union Bank of India Balance Check FAQs

✅ What is Union Bank of India Missed Call Service?


This service is available for customers who have registered their mobile with the bank. 

  • Give a missed call on the Union Bank of India balance enquiry missed call number 09223008586
  • The phone will get disconnected after a few rings.
  • Immediately you will receive the account balance via SMS.

Customers without an internet connection, 3G or a smartphone can also benefit from this service.

✅ How to check Union Bank of India balance without a mobile?


If you do not have a mobile, you can check the Union Bank of India balance using the internet banking facility provided by the bank. You will have to register for an Internet banking facility, and you will be ready to login into your net banking account using the login credentials on the website of the bank.

✅ How to check the Union Bank of India balance with an ATM card?


ATM-cum-debit card will be issued by the bank on opening an account. You can visit the Union Bank of India ATM or any other bank ATM and check the balance as follows:

  • Insert the ATM card in the slot provided.
  • When prompted, enter the four-digit ATM-cum-debit card PIN.
  • You will be directed to a screen with various options.
  • Choose ‘Balance Enquiry’ to view the account balance.

✅ Are passbooks issued by Union Bank of India a mode for account balance check?


Passbooks are the age-old method for checking the account balance. With advanced technology, the passbook updation has been made very convenient. A passbook printer installed at every branch of Union Bank of India will do the job of updation. The printer is very user-friendly, and you can print the passbook yourself and get the account update. 

✅ How can the registration of a mobile number be done?


You can register the mobile number by visiting the nearest branch of Union Bank of India.  You can also do the registration at the ATM or through net banking.