Bank Of Baroda Credit Card Status

Bank of Baroda offers a variety of products and services and caters to both commercials as well as retail sectors. Bank of Baroda also offers a wide range of credit cards designed to suit the various lifestyle requirements of its customers. Apply for the credit card and check the Credit Card Status 7 days after completing the application process.


BOB Credit Card Status

Have you applied for a BOB Credit Card and are waiting for approval? Check the BOB Credit Card Status  online and be rid of your anguish. The bank has devised various offline and online methods to check the status of the credit card application. After seven days of completing the application process, you can check the status of the credit card. Know all about the different modes of  BOB Credit Card Status check in this article.

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How to track BOB Credit Card Status Online?

There are two ways of checking the BOB Credit Card Status.

Through the website of the bank

Follow the procedural guide given below to check the BOB Credit Card Status

  • Visit the official website of the bank.
  • Click on the 'Track Application Status
  • Enter the BOB Credit Card Application Number.
  • Click on the 'Get Details' option
  • The status of the credit card application will be displayed on the screen.

Through Email

To check the BOB Credit Card status via email, you will have to write to the bank at ccb@bobfinancial.com. The subject of the email should be 'AS-(application reference number). You should also mention the credit card application reference number, date of birth and mobile number in the email. You will get the status of the card via email or SMS.

How to track BOB Credit Card Status Offline?

If you are not able to check the status online, you have other methods to check the BOB Credit Card Status.

Through Customer Care

You can check the BOB Credit Card Status by calling the BOB Financial Solutions Limited helpline at the following numbers.

Resident customers can call the numbers

  • 1800 103 1006
  • 1800 225 100
  • 1800 258 4455
  • 1800 102 4455

Non-Resident Customers can call the numbers

  • +91 79490 44100
  • +91 79236 04000

Keep the credit card application reference number ready before you make the call. The representative of the bank will need the application reference number to provide you with the application status.

Always make the call from the mobile number you have mentioned in the credit card application.

Through the Branch

Visit the nearest Bank of Baroda branch and contact the concerned official. Provide the details required, like the application reference number, to check the status. The official will also require photo identification proof for authentication. Thereafter he/she will let you know your credit card application status.

Security tips to keep in mind for your BOB Bank Credit Card

A credit card provides easy access to funds and makes your shopping, travel, dining, and entertainment comfortable, as you will not have to pay immediately for any of the transactions. Along with advantages, credit card comes with a threat of fraud as well. If you do not exercise caution regarding certain aspects pertaining to the credit card, you may fall prey to fraudulent transactions and end up with a huge financial loss. Some of the points to ponder to avert misuse of the credit card are:

  • Keep the credit card in a safe place. Do not leave the credit card unattended at any point in time.
  • Keep the credit card in your wallets/purses so that a theft/loss will come to your notice immediately.
  • Note down the credit card number and the BOB Financial Solutions Limited numbers for immediate reference in case of need in the future.
  • You should maintain high secrecy in respect of the PIN. Do not share the PIN with anyone, including your close friends or family members.
  • Don't fall prey to unscrupulous calls claimed to be from the bank by providing the card details and the OTP. The bank never calls to get the credit card details.
  • Do not note down the PIN anywhere.
  • The PIN created should not be predictable. Avoid using the date of birth, anniversary dates, and sequential numbers for creating a PIN. The PIN should always be random numbers that cannot be guessed easily.
  • When you are using the credit card at merchant establishments, restaurants, petrol pumps etc., insist on the card being swiped in your presence. With this, you can avoid theft of credit card details or the PIN reaching the wrong hands.
  • When the card is returned to you after swiping, ensure you have got the right card.
  • Never take the help of others to use your credit card in ATMs.
  • Immediately on receiving the credit card consignment, check for the correctness of the name. If there is any discrepancy, do not return the card to the delivery boy. Instead, contact BOB Financial Solutions Limited and inform them about the discrepancy and get the issue resolved.
  • If you notice theft or loss of a credit card, report to BOB Financial Solutions Limited immediately and get the card blocked/hotlisted.
  • Do not share sensitive card details like credit card number, expiry date, CVV, OTP and PIN with anyone, including your family members. When you dispute a transaction which is OTP enabled or ATM transactions, the transactions are considered secured if authenticated with the OTP or ATM PIN. The customer will be liable for such transactions, and no relief will be provided.
  • Ensure that your mobile number and Email ID are updated with BOB Financial Solutions Limited to get regular alerts for transactions on your credit card. BOB Financial Solutions Limited will reach out to you in case of any suspicious activities on your credit card

Precautions to be taken for online transactions

  • For enhanced credit card security, sign up for the VISA Verified Security Code Program.
  • Sites that allow transactions with Credit Card numbers and Card Expiry dates alone should be avoided.
  • Look for sites with HTTPS code or the security icon that indicate the security of the site.
  • Avoid accessing sites that are sent in Emails. Type the address of the concerned site on the browser bar to access it.
  • Do not fall prey to offers that require you to verify sensitive details like credit card number, expiry date, CVV number etc.
  • If you are doing online transactions at a Cyber Cafe, ensure to clear the browser history and delete all temporary files/cookies before ending the session so that your account details are removed.
  • Ensure that your credentials are typed on an automated system when you are on an IVR transaction.

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BOB Credit Card Application Status FAQs

What are the various results for BOB Credit Card Status?


The following results will be displayed or informed while checking the BOB Credit Card Status.

In Progress: If your application is still under review and a conclusion has not been reached, the status will be ‘In Progress.’

On-hold: When the review of the application is kept on On-hold or pending for want of additional information, the status will be ‘On-Hold.’

Approved: Your request for a credit card has been approved, and the card will be dispatched soon.

Dispatched: On approval of the credit card application, the card will be sent for delivery. In such a case, the status will be 'Dispatched', and the card will reach you soon.

Rejected/Declined: Your request for a credit card has been rejected or disapproved. The reasons will not be mentioned. You will be able to get the details by calling the BOB Financial Solutions Limited helpline.

No Records Found: If the credit application reference number entered is wrong, then the status will be 'No Records Found' You should verify the number once and provide the right reference number to get the status.

What are the tips to follow before applying for a BOB Credit Card after rejection?


Follow the steps given below and improve the chances of getting approval for a BOB Credit Card.

  • If the application is rejected, reapply for the credit card after six months and work on some of the aspects that can surely help in getting approval for the credit card.
  • The rejection of a credit card application can bring down your credit score by many points. Work on improving the credit score before reapplying for the credit card
  • Check credit score for any discrepancies or errors that can bring down the credit score and get the same resolved before reapplying for the credit card.
  • Ensure that the credit card you are going to apply for suits your spending pattern.
  • Be aware of the fact that a credit card or an additional credit card will only increase your debt burden. Apply for a BOB Credit Card only if you are confident of handling the additional financial burden. Otherwise, you will be inviting financial stress upon yourself.
  • Check for the eligibility criteria and have all the documents required before reapplying for the credit card.

What is a Spoof, and how to identify a Spoof?

  • A spoof is a phishing or hoax email and will seem to be from reputed companies. 
  • The email message will say that there is an urgency concerning your credit card and ask you to click on the link that will lead you to a spoof website to provide your personal information. 
  • Just clicking on the link will enable the fraudster to access your computer, decipher the keystrokes and get the password.
  • You should also keep guard against web forms that ask you to provide personal information like date of birth, PAN, Bank Account details, and Credit or Debit Card Numbers. Remember that any reputed Company or Bank would never ask you for such details.

You can identify the Spoof by just going through the email and sense the following:

  • Provoking you by saying that there is an issue concerning your card and the card will be temporarily closed, and you will be penalised if you do not respond to the mail immediately.
  • To avoid spam filters, the hoax emails will have some visible spelling errors.

How can I safeguard myself against Spoof?


To safeguard yourself from Spoof.

  • Never visit the website by clicking on the link provided in the email. Always type the site address directly on the browser bar.
  • Segregate Email IDs for Official and Personal Use. Choose Email ID with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for bank-related transactions/communication. Always select sites that start with 'https' and not 'http'

If my Credit Card Application is rejected, what could be the reasons?


There could be several reasons for the Credit Card Application to be rejected.

  • Incorrect/incomplete information provided in the application.
  • Not submitting the entire set of documents required.
  • Not complying with the eligibility criteria stipulated for the credit card variant that you have applied for.

What is the turnaround time for processing the BOB Credit Card application?


If all the required details and documents are provided, the bank will take 20 working days to complete the review and give a decision.