10 Ways to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online & Offline

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Being consistent with your Credit Card bill payments is the key to having a good credit score. Since a significant portion of your CIBIL score depends upon repayments made on Credit Cards, a default can make it hard for you to avail any financial assistance in the future.

To ease repayments, SBI Credit Card offers several modes of offline and online payments to consumers.


If you have a net banking account, add your SBI Card as a beneficiary to make third-party payments. Follow these steps to repay your Credit Card Bill through NEFT:

Apply for a Credit Card Online

  • Add the 16 Digit Credit Card Number in place of the account number while adding a beneficiary.

  • Provide the IFSC Code SBIN00CARDS to make Credit Card payments.

  • Save the name of the beneficiary as SBI Credit Card- NEFT.

  • The address to be entered is PAYMENT SYSTEMS GROUP, State Bank GITC, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

  • Complete the registration process and transfer funds as you would to any beneficiary.

2. Paynet-Pay Online

This allows you to make online payments without accessing the net banking account, using the following steps:

  • Open the Paynet-Pay Online page on the SBI website.

  • Provide the card number, email ID, registered phone number, and the amount payable.

  • Choose Net banking option and provide the User ID and Password to authenticate the account.

  • Confirm the amount to be paid, and it will be automatically debited.

3. Electronic Bill Payment

Get the Electronic Bill Pay Service using ATM, net banking, and mobile banking facilities with SBI, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of India, and Citibank. You can use multiple payment channels by following these steps:

  • Log on to your net banking bank account in any of the banks mentioned above.

  • Provide biller name as SBI Card.

  • Fill in your card number and amount payable to make the payment.

4. Through the Mobile App

Download the SBI Mobile Banking App and make your SBI Credit Card payment on the go, using these steps:

  • In the Accounts Summary page, click on Pay Now.

  • Provide the registered mobile number and email ID.

  • Choose the amount that you want to pay, either total outstanding or minimum amount due.

  • Choose the bank name and the payment option using the drop-down menu.

  • Confirm all details and make the payment.

5. UPI

With UPI, you can transfer funds to all your Credit Cards from your bank account via the smartphone. Follow these steps to pay your bill:

  • Install BHIM SBI Pay on any android phone.

  • Provide BHIM Pay account details and registered mobile number.

  • Create a Virtual Payment Address as directed.

  • For SBI Credit Card, the Virtual Payment Address Is <16 digit Credit Card number>@SBI

  • Create a UPI Pin.
  • Use the VPA to make the payment by providing the amount and the UPI PIN.

6. Auto Debit

With this facility, the amount is debited directly from your SBI Bank Account each month. You can register for an auto debit facility with the following steps:

  • Download the Auto Debit form the SBI Website.

  • Take a print out and fill the form with correct details.

  • Choose between “Total Amount Due” or “Minimum Amount Due” to be debited from your account.

  • Get the details in the form verified from the nearest SBI Branch and send the completed form to SBI Correspondence Department, DFL Infinity Towers, Tower C, 10-12 Floor, Block 2, Bldg 3, DFL Cyber City, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana.

  • The amount will be debited from your account automatically on the due date once the form is submitted.

7. National Automated Clearing House

You can now make payments towards your Credit Cards through any bank account. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the NACH Form online

  • Print the form and fill up necessary details.

  • Choose between Total Amount Due Payment or Minimum Balance Payment.

  • You can also choose to have a fixed amount debited towards your Credit Card each month.

  • Send a cancelled cheque along with the completed form to SBI Card and Payment Services Pvt.Ltd, P.O Bag No.28, New Delhi- 110001.

  • The payment will be debited from your account on the due date automatically.

8. Manual Drop Box

This is a traditional, offline method preferred by most customers. Make regular payments using these simple steps:

  • Fill up a cheque with the amount due and the SBI Credit Card number under Payee.

  • Mention your name and phone number on the back of the cheque.

  • Ensure that the Credit Card number is correct before dropping the cheque.

  • There are over 500 SBI Manual Drop Boxes across the country. Locate the one closest to you and drop the cheque well before the due date to allow ample processing time.

  • For amounts below Rs. 10000, an additional fee of Rs.100 is chargeable.

  • You can also choose an electronic drop box near you to get an instant receipt after dropping the cheque.


You can also make payments on an SBI Credit Card from any SBI ATM across India using the following steps:

  • Visit SBI ATM Kiosk near you.

  • Insert the Debit Card into the slot on the ATM Machine.

  • Under the services tab, choose the “Bill Pay” option.

  • Enter the 16 digit SBI Credit Card number and the amount that you wish to pay.

  • You will receive an acknowledgment receipt, and the payment will reflect in 2 working days.

10. Over the Counter

This is another traditional, offline method that you can choose to make your Credit Card payment, using the following steps:

  • Find the nearest SBI Branch.

  • Fill up a Pay-In-Slip. This is available at the information counter at all SBI Branches.

  • Provide the necessary details on the Pay-In slip and make the payment via cash or cheque to the teller at the branch.

  • Make sure you collect the acknowledgment receipt from the teller after you have made the payment.

Above all, SBI also offers different type of Debit Cards with some great features to pay online and offline. There are other apps such as YONO that you can choose to make your Credit Card payments as well.

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