7 Things to Look Out for to Find the Best Travel Credit Card

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Managing finances is essential. Travel Credit Cards can give you the right cushion when you go on your business or pleasure trip. Travel cards are beneficial in many ways as they help get you better hotel rates, access to airport lounges, and so on. Also, these cards entitle you to a lot of other benefits.

Where Can I Apply for a Credit Card?

You can Apply Online for Best Travel Credit Card Offers  through MyMoneyMantra, the leading online lending marketplace. You get a list of Credit Cards to choose from. Go through the features carefully and select the best one.

To get the maximum benefits out of your travel Credit Card, look out for these features:

1. Air Miles Rewards

The cost of air tickets can be unpredictable. They can be expensive at times. Sometimes, you might have to book tickets at short notice. These tickets can be costly. Having a travel Credit Card that offers air miles rewards every time you book tickets using the card is beneficial. You can redeem these air miles rewards for free flight tickets or discounts on your air ticket booking.

2. Complimentary Airport Lounge Visits

Check out your travel Credit Card whether it offers complimentary airport lounge visits. The best Credit Cards offer these visits at both domestic and international airports. There might be restrictions on the number of free visits. You should choose the one that provides free visits to suit your travel needs. Some cards offer complimentary membership to various programs that allow free access to airport lounges all over the world.

Best Credit Cards Offers

3. Discount Offers for Hotel Bookings

Whenever you spend over a specific amount on your travel Credit Card, you get attractive discount offers for hotels. Usually, these offers are for luxury hotels. You need not pay exorbitant charges for your hotel bookings. Use these rebate vouchers and reduce your boarding and lodging bills. You also get membership coupons to various hotel chains that offer you fantastic discounts every time you visit them.

4. Low Foreign Transaction Fee

Banks charge a foreign markup fee in the range of 1.5% to 5% whenever you make an international transaction. Check the markup fee with your bank before you apply for the Credit Card. Opt for the travel Credit Card that charges the least transaction fee. You get the list of fees when you apply for the card. Go through the list carefully and check out the hidden charges, if any.

5. Concierge Services

Almost all the travel Credit Cards offer concierge services. These services are beneficial to users, especially if they travel to new destinations. The concierge services assist guests in making restaurant reservations, recommending tourist spas, arranging spa services, booking hotels, coordinating porter services and many more. Some of the travel cards come with duty-free shopping benefits at Indian airports. You have travel cards that offer discounts on dining at specific restaurants.

6. Complimentary Travel Insurance

Usually, you get air accident insurance when you buy your air tickets. Booking the tickets using the travel Credit Card gets you a complimentary air accident insurance policy. The policy covers your medical expenses in case of an air accident and provides compensation in case of death. You have cards that help cover the cost of flight delays under specific circumstances.

7. Other Notable Features

The latest travel Credit Cards come with advanced features like ‘Contact less Payments’ and so on. Check out for the contact less payment logo on the front and backside of the card. Similarly, verify whether the contact less payment facility is available at shops inside the airport lounges.

You should be able to redeem your air miles rewards points easily. Choose the card that offers the maximum redemption offers. Many travel cards come with welcome bonus points. These are additional features. Naturally, the bonus points are a one-time affair. Some cards give you bonus points on reaching spending milestones. Be aware of these aspects as well.

Check out whether you travel card entitles you to Personal Loans and balance transfer options.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Applying for a Travel Credit Card?

  • Usually, the minimum age for applying for a travel Credit Card is 21 years
  • You should satisfy the KYC norms of your bank or the Credit Card issuer
  • Having a bank account in your country is essential
  • A good credit score (750 or above) is essential for the issuance of your travel Credit Card.

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