Look Out for These Things When Choosing a Travel Credit Card

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The best aspect of a Credit Card is that you can use it anywhere. If you are a frequent traveler, a Credit Card is your best friend. You can book your flight tickets and hotel rooms on the go. There is no need to part with hard cash anywhere. You can pay the Credit Card bill before the due date.

Having an exclusive travel Credit Card is a great benefit for the frequent traveler. You get a lot of lucrative offers like air miles rewards points, discounts, cashback offers, and so on. There are dozens of players in the market. Which one should you choose? Let us look at the benefits of using a travel card and the things you should look for in such a card.

Sign-up Bonus

When you apply for a Credit Cards, go for the ones that offer a sizeable sign-up bonus. There is intense competition among the banks and the Credit Card companies to tie up with the top airlines and travel corporations. Banks offer co-branded travel Credit Cards that entitle you to free flights as a sign-up bonus. You have to satisfy specific qualifying standards to be eligible for the sign-up bonus. Different cards have different rewards programs. You can redeem these points for attractive gifts.

Low Minimum Spending

The sign-up bonus is available only you meet the minimum spending requirement within a specific time frame. It is better for you to opt for such cards that offer the minimum spending. Specific cards give you the bonus with just a single purchase. However, if you are confident of spending more, you should go for the cards that fetch you substantial rewards. Nevertheless, it is better to start with a smaller card and graduate to the bigger ones.

Credit Cards Best Offers

Look for Cards Offering Specific Category Spending Bonus

Look out for travel Credit Cards that offer additional points when you spend in specific categories like dining, airfare, and so on. The advantage of a co-branded travel card is that you earn these rewards only if you use the particular brand. The cards have tie-ups with several retailers whereby you get extra points on spending at such retail shops.

Cards That Offer Perks are the Best

The Best Credit Card Offers always come with additional perks to entice customers. The travel cards come with benefits like free nights at hotels, priority boarding, zero foreign transaction fees, and so on. Using the co-branded travel cards enable you to develop loyalty with the travel company. Choose the travel Credit Card that offers the perks to meet your specific travel requirements.

Look Out for Annual Fees

Travel Credit Cards give you lots of benefits such as free flights, free booking in hotels, and so on. Naturally, such cards will come with an annual fee component. It is tempting to go for the travel Credit Card that charges the minimum yearly fees. However, you have to note that the Credit Card company charges the fees to provide you the services you wish to have during your travels. A fee-based card is better as it gives you more significant reward points than the standard Credit Cards.

Foreign Transaction Fee

When you use your Credit Card for a foreign transaction, you have to pay the foreign transaction fee. Regular travelers do not mind paying the cost as they accumulate enough points for redemption. If you are an occasional traveler, you should opt for the travel Credit Card that offers zero foreign transaction fees. However, cardsproviding such benefits might not offer other perks. Hence, choose your cards with a lot of introspection and care.

Tips to Choose the Right Card

  • There are many travel Credit Cards available in the market, Choose the one that suits your requirement.
  • Compare a few cards before choosing the right one.
  • Utilize the services of https://www.mymoneymantra.com to compare the benefits, perks, and fees between various products on a single screen.
  • Have a couple of co-branded cards of different airline companies. You get a more extensive choice of flight tickets.

Use travel Credit Cards for booking your flight tickets. Your standard Credit Cards will not fetch you any reward points when you book flight tickets or hotel rooms. Now, you are aware what to look for in a travel Credit Card. Therefore, it is advisable to research for the best Credit Card offers and choose the one suited to your needs. Have a great time accumulating these reward points.

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