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Money View was founded by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal during the year 2014. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It constitutes a team of youngsters who are excited to use technology to revolutionise the personal finance industry. They are a team of youngsters inspired to build a financially fit India. Money View is funded by 2 investors viz. Tiger Global Management and Accel.

In the area of Personal Finance Management Money View is the market leader. They aim at building a finance fit country and have been constantly adding features at the request of their app users.

Money View is not a lender by itself but owns and operates a technology platform and has contractual relationship with lenders pursuant to which the lenders are offering various credit facilities to the users of the app. The credit facility offered by any lender is governed by the terms and conditions agreed upon between the lender and the borrower and Money View is not a party to it.

Interest Rates   1.33% Per Month
Loan Amount Upto 5 Lakhs
Tenure 1 Year to 5 Years
Loan Processing Fee Up to 2% of the Loan amount
EMI Bounce Charges  400+ GST
Prepayment Charges 5% on principal outstanding + GST

Table of Money View Contents

Features and Benefits of Money View Personal Loan

  • Personal Loans available for salaried as well as self-employed individuals with a stable income
  • Money View considers scores from its own proprietary credit scoring process. CBIL Score should be more than 650 to avail its Personal Loan.
  • Age limit for the loan is 21 years to 57 years
  • Loan quantum ranges from 10,000 to 5 Lakhs
  • Interest rates start at 1.33% per month
  • You can get a flexible repayment tenure can be up to 60 months
  • Instant validation of the candidate's identity is done through Aadhar or eKYC. Name and address are validated and the photograph is extracted from the UIDAI database for eKYC.
  • One can apply for a loan from anywhere. All that one has to do is to download the app and apply for a loan. This app makes the process of availing a Personal Loan a seamless and friendly experience.
  • The entire process is paperless and digital from documentation to verification
  • The borrower can choose the loan amount and repayment period while applying for the loan.
  • Get updations about the application status, verification details and EMI payments through the app. If sufficient amount is maintained in the account EMIs will be automatically debited from the account.
  • Check your eligibility in just 2 minutes and get cash disbursed in your account in a few hours

Various Uses of Money View App

Money View app can not only be used to avail loans but also to:

  • Periodically view ones bank account balance
  • To keep a check on one's expenses by setting and following a budget
  • One can track the expenditure using the expense manager (via SMS)
  • Keep track of office reimbursements
  • Gets bill reminders on time

Money View app has come as a boon for people looking for a solution to overcome the hassles and hurdles faced to avail Personal Loans by making the whole process easy and quick.

How to Take Personal Loan by Money View App?

  • Money View reads and processes the transactional SMS sent by one's bank and billers on a smartphone. The user need not provide the name and bank details while using the app. All the information is extracted from the SMSs. While downloading the app a Smartphone Android App user would have given permission to read SMS on their device. The technology used by Money View is trusted by many top financial institutions in the country.
  • The backend systems of Money View are designed in line with the best banks in the country. The data provided is encrypted and any transaction with Money View is safe.
  • Though all the information is obtained by reading and processing the transactional SMSs sent by banks and billers on a smartphone, one can be assured that privacy will be maintained since the algorithms of Money View cannot track OTP messages and personal messages. To make it further secure Money View allows users to set a 4 digit PIN so only the user can access it.

Money View Personal Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate for Money View Personal Loan starts at 1.33% per month, depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Money View Personal Loans for all your Needs

Here are the types of Personal Loans offered by Money View depending on the purpose for which the loan is sought for:

  • Loan for Mobile Purchase
  • Loan for a Family Function
  • Loan to Buy a Used Car
  • Loan for Marriage
  • Loan for Medical Emergency
  • Loan for Used Bike/Motorcycle Purchase
  • Loan to Repay Credit Card Debt
  • Loan for Furnishing Home
  • Loan for Emergency

Eligibility Criteria for Money View Personal Loan

  • Applicant should be salaried individual or self-employed
  • The minimum monthly income for the salaried applicants must be as follows:
    • 20,000 (for applicants who are new to credit or for those whose location is Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, other NCR regions).
    • 15,000 if applicant's CIBIL score is above 675 and if the applicant is located in a metro city (except for Mumbai/NCR).
    • 25,000 if applicant's CIBIL score is between 300 and 675
    • 13,500 for all others
  • The minimum monthly income for self-employed applicants 25,000
  • The minimum CIBIL score required for Money View Personal Loan is 650 or Experian score of 750.
  • The applicant must be in the age group of 21 years to 57 years

Documents Required for Money View Personal Loan

The documents required to avail Money View Personal Loan are as follows:

  • 1 recent photograph
  • Identity proof (anyone): Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License, Ration Card
  • Address proof (anyone): Aadhaar Card, Passport, Electricity Bill, Ration Card
  • PAN Card
  • Salaried employees: Salary slips, Form 16, and bank statements of the last 6 months in PDF format
  • Self-employed people: Last 2-3 years' ITand bank account statements

How to Apply for Money View Personal Loan

Below are the steps to get the Money View Personal Loan:

  • Check your eligibility and know the maximum loan amount you can avail through Money View website in just 2 minutes.
  • Download the Money View Loans app on your smartphone in just a few taps from the Google Play Store.
  • Provide the personal details required and upload the necessary documents on the app
  • Get the loan amount disbursed into your account in just 24 hours of approval

You can also contact MyMoneyMantra to get Money View Personal Loan.

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loan is a multipurpose loan without restriction on the end use. It is the best option to manage expenses like buying high end appliances for your home, planning a wedding or travel, education expenses, medical emergencies, and so on. It can be used for just about anything including the purchase of a vehicle. To avail vehicle loans, one has to again go through the cumbersome process. But Personal Loan these days can be obtained with a click on the computer. The main advantage is that no collateral is insisted for Personal Loan.

In the case of Home Loan, vehicle loan, and other collateral-based loans, where the loan is availed for a specific purpose, the asset created out of the bank finance itself becomes the security. The ownership of the asset will be with the lending institution and will be released only on payment of the entire loan along with interest and other charges. However, in Personal Loans even if an asset is created out of the finance one gets immediate ownership of the asset.

Points to be Considered Before Availing a Personal Loan

It is this easy and simplified process that has made Personal Loans a very popular product. However, the disadvantage is that people are getting very impulsive in availing loans and ultimately land up in a precarious financial situation. One should consider the following points before deciding to avail the loan:

  • Debate about the need and want aspect. If the purpose for which the loan is being availed is absolutely necessary then only consider the loan. For instance, loan taken for a foreign travel. The plan for travel need not be immediate. One can wait to make some savings exclusively for the travel and invest the same to plan a holiday.
  • There are a lot of players in the market with attractive offers. Do a thorough research and the one that is feasible and works to one's advantage.
  • Do an eligibility check even before applying for the loan. With this you will understand as to where you stand in terms of commitment. You can know in advance the loan amount you are eligible for and decide whether it will suffice for the proposed project. You can use the eligibility calculator and EMI Calculator of MyMoneyMantra for the purpose.
  • Lending institutions charge a pre-payment penalty or pre-closure penalty only to discourage borrowers from closing the loan account before the allotted time. The charges may range from 2% to 5%. Not all lending institutions collect the pre-payment penalty. Look for lenders who do not penalise pre-payment or pre-closure. This will enable one to plan to get relieved of the loan burden as early as possible. If there are no pre-payment charges then it is recommended to make periodical part-payments in order to clear the loan early and decrease the cost of the loan by paying lesser interest.
  • Look for lenders who make the disbursement at the earliest. If the funds are not available at the time when it is most needed then there is no use of such loan.

What are the Reasons for Rejection of the Loan Application?

Many times a loan proposal may be declined despite the credit score being good. Credit score gives details of one's repayment history and lenders get an indication of the chances the loan being repaid. You need to understand what other factors might go wrong apart from the credit score that leads to the rejection of a loan proposal.

  • A credit report gives the overall credit scores, but these scores are associated with certain remarks. If there are remarks like "written off" or "settled" this will give an inference that the lenders had given up the idea of recovering the dues from this particular candidate and ultimately had "settled" or "written off" the loan. This definitely a negative remark. If loan payments are delayed beyond a reasonable period (days past due) will also give a negative remark in the credit report.
  • Banks have a list of defaulters by address, ID and address proof details. If by any coincidence your details match with that of the defaulter then the loan application will be rejected. For example, if you are staying in shared accommodation. If one of the persons living in the address has defaulted at any point of time and they find the same address in the loan application, then your proposal will be rejected.
  • If you have stood as guarantor for a loan that has defaulted, then this will reflect in your credit history which will work against your Personal Loan application.
  • Loan to net take home salary stipulations are laid down by lenders to ensure that after providing for all the commitments including the proposed loan EMI the lender is left with enough money for your sustenance. If this is not met with then the loan application will be rejected.
  • If your credit history shows that you are a compulsive borrower then the lender may consider such proposals as risky and may not entertain the loan application.

Take all the above aspects into consideration and improve your credit score to increase your chances of a loan application being approved.

How to Improve Your Credit Score with Money View?

You can improve your credit score by following the tips mentioned below:

  • A judicious mix of secured and unsecured loans will give a good credit score
  • Pay all your loans and Credit Card dues regularly and on time
  • If you don't have a credit score already, you have to create a credit history to have a good score. For this you have to start availing small loans which can be repaid quickly and on time. Prompt repayment track will improve the credit score.
  • Some banks and other financial institutions offer Credit Cards against Fixed Deposits. By using this card, you can easily create a credit history. Since it is a secured card you may not be tempted to use the card on impulse and the credit utilisation can be kept under track.

Despite doing all this, if the loan application still gets rejected, you should look for other avenues like NBFCs. They do not have such stringent conditions like the banks and it may be much easier to get a loan approval from them. They will be charging much higher interest than the banks. It is up to one's individual decision to take such loans or not.

Advantages of Prepaying a Personal Loan

Banks normally discourage prepayment of loans by imposing a penalty of 2% to 5% on the outstanding loan balance. This may be very heavy at times. Some banks do not charge any pre-payment penalty and some of them have a lock in period after which the charges are waived. In such cases if one is having surplus funds it is advantageous to pre-close the loan.

  • Pre-closure of the loan will reduce the cost of the loan. If not closed before the stipulated loan tenure, one has to pay interest till the last day. However, on pre-closure interest can be saved for the residual repayment period. If calculated, you may realise that the amount of interest would be quite high and thus by prepaying the loan, the cost of the loan would have reduced.
  • Even part-payment is good in some cases. Even though saving in terms of interest may not as high as in the case of pre-closure of the loan, the loan tenure is decreased which results in a proportionate decrease in interest outgo.
  • Early closure and part-payment of loans will have a positive impact on one's credit score. So, it is recommended to close the loan as early as possible without stretching it till the last stipulated date.

By following the steps towards creating a good credit profile one can be confident that the loan proposal will be considered favourably.

Before applying for the loan keep in mind that the repayment towards the Personal Loan will have a great impact on one's cash flow and so one should go for it only when no option is left.

All said and done it not that easy to avail a Personal Loan with traditional banks. With the mounting NPA level banks have laid down stringent rules in lending even with sufficient collateral support. Personal Loans are high-risk loans and the chances of the loan going bad are much higher than secured loans. Naturally these loans will be extended only after thorough verification of documents and one's credit history.

To make the whole cumbersome process of availing Personal Loans a better experience Money View app was designed. One can apply for a Personal Loan through this app and get the money in a few hours. It is that easy.

How to Increase the Money View Personal Loan Eligibility?

  • Keep a Clean Record: Prompt repayments of past loans will create a clean record. One should honour commitments within the stipulated time to maintain a clean record. A good credit history is indicated by the credit score. A proposal with a good credit score is what gains preference.
  • Keep the Loan Tenure Long: The repayment tenure chosen fixes the EMI. One should choose a repayment period that will result in an EMI that suits the applicant's pocket. If one has good income and enough funds to source a higher EMI then a short loan tenure can be chosen. Shorter the loan period better will be the credit score.
  • Creditworthiness: CIBIL score is the indicator of the track record of an applicant. Earlier repayments made on time will create a good credit history which will reflect by way of good CIBIL Score. CIBIL score for Money View Personal Loan should be more than 650.

How to Decide the Right Amount of EMI?

  • Review all the present commitments. Consolidate and arrive at the residual amount to service the proposed equated monthly instalment (EMI).
  • The key deciding factor for Personal Loan eligibility is the income of the applicant
  • With the details of the rate of interest, income, and loan amount required, you can choose the right EMI with the help of the MyMoneyMatra's EMI Calculator. You can try various permutations and combinations to arrive at the EMI that suits your pocket.

Change in Personal Loan EMI with Pre-payment

The interest is charged on reducing balance. If part-prepayments are done whenever a surplus fund is available, the outstanding balance will reduce considerably. The cost of the loan can be reduced by reducing the outgo towards interest. EMI can be changed in two ways on pre-payment:

  • The EMI amount can be stable and the loan tenure can be reduced: You can opt to keep the EMI amount stable and reduce the tenure of the loan payment enabling yourself to close the loan account earlier and free yourself of the commitment.
  • The EMI amount can be changed, keeping the loan tenure same: For borrowers who intend to lower burden on the monthly EMI the option of keeping the loan tenure constant and decrease the EMI amount is best suited.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator - How it Helps

The Personal Loan EMI Calculator is an online tool, which helps the loan applicant to compute the exact amount of EMI to be paid on a monthly basis without facing a financial crunch. This computation will help the borrower to plan the monthly and annual expenses in such a way that the budget is not disturbed and they can plan the finances accordingly. The loan parameters like loan amount, tenure, and interest rate need to be provided by the borrower to calculate the EMI that is suitable for their requirements.

How to Use the EMI Calculator on MyMoneyMantra?

  • Visit MyMoneyMantra website and select the EMI Calculator provided under the Financial Tools tab.
  • Enter the loan amount required, the proposed interest rate, and tenure needed
  • Click on Calculate button to get the result
  • You will get the proposed EMI in just a blink of your eyes
  • You can use various permutations and combinations to arrive at the EMI best suited to you as per your budget.

Money View Customer Care Number

You can contact Money View for any query at 080 4569 2002

OR email at loans@moneyview.in for any loan-related queries

If you have any loan payment queries, email at payments@moneyview.in


How should I upload my selfie or video on Money Loans App?

Here's what you will need to do to upload your selfie or video on the app:

  • Record a video of yourself in a bright room with a plain background holding your PAN card and say your full name a clear audible voice and upload.
  • Click (or upload from mobile media) your clear picture in a bright room with a plain background and upload.

In which case the loan will be rejected?

The loan will be rejected if:

  • If the credit score is less than 650
  • If the salary is less than the required income criteria
  • If the documents submitted are incomplete or incorrect
  • When one does not qualify to get a loan as per Money View credit process

What is a paperless process?

The loan processing flow of Money View is completely digital and is done through the app. One need not submit any physical documents. This process is known as a paperless process.

Does one really get a loan with 2 business hours?

  • Money View tries their level best to process the loan within 2 business hours. The 2 hour period starts from the time one has reviewed and submitted loan agreement and ends once the loan amount is received.
  • Application, NACH, eligibility check is not a part of 2 business hours. This stage requires back and forth movement between the customer and customer support team for which providing a conclusive time is difficult.

Can one change the loan amount after applying for the loan?

No, one cannot change the loan amount with the app. If a mistake has occurred while applying then the same can be rectified by sending an email to their customer care team.

Can one get multiple loans?

No. The existing loan has to be repaid in full and a fresh loan should be applied.

How does one repay the loan?

An authorisation will be given to deduct the EMI from one's bank account while applying for the loan in the app. So, the EMI will be deducted directly from the bank account.

Can manual payment be made for the loan?

Yes. If the auto debit is not activated in one's bank account then one can transfer the EMI amount by using the "pay" button in the app.

Why do NACH EMI and the actual EMI differ at times?

  • The NACH EMI is fixed as per the loan amount, but the EMI debited will be the EMI chosen by the applicant on the app.
  • It is done to avoid multiple NACH forms to accommodate additional deductions when top-up loans are availed.

What if the EMI is not paid on time?

EMI is debited normally on the 5th of every month. If funds are not available on that date a grace period of 3 days is all Fowed. Beyond that late fee will be charged.

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