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About Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the leading public sector banks in India. It is an Indian multinational bank that provides banking and financial services to both individual and corporate entities. The bank was founded in 1894 and now has branches across the length and breadth of the nation.

Being India's very own Swadeshi Bank, financial products by PNB are designed particularly to cater to the diversified demand in the retail and commercial lending, insurance, MSME finance, agricultural and multi sector growth in the country.

PNB Bank Home Loan Interest Rates in - June 2021

Interest rate


Loan tenure

30 Years

Loan turnaround period

8 - 15 days

Loan to value (LTV)

Get loan up to 85% of the project cost

Who can apply?

Self-employed professionals

Salaried individuals

Indian residents


Up to 4 applicants are allowed as co-applicants

Lowest EMI

 665 Per Lakh

Why PNB Home Loan?

There are many reasons for selecting PNB Home Loan over others:

Large network of branches: PNB has over 6800 branches across the nation. You can conveniently find the nearest PNB branch for any of your concerns regarding the Home Loan. A lot of consumers prefer to raise loans with the bank having a physical branch in their vicinity.

Loan for everyone: PNB provides various types of Home Loans such as housing Finance Scheme for Public, PNB Pride Housing Loan for government employees, Housing Loan for the public, PNB Gen-Next Housing Scheme, PradhanMantriAwasYojna, and more. You can conveniently search the desired deal according to your budget with PNB.

Fast consent: Some banks are really slow in processing and approving the loan applications. This is not the case with PNB as the loan approval is almost instant for eligible applicants.

Fast disbursal: The loan disbursal process begins as soon as your loan application is approved. Also, the loan amount is transferred to your bank account within a few seconds.

Post disbursement services: After a loan is sanctioned, there may be some discrepancies or demands of the customers. For example, a person that wants to change the name of a co-applicant or so. PNB HFL provides assistance to the customers for all these purposes.

Repayment options: PNB gives its customers a wide range of repayment alternatives. So choosing a method of repayment will never be an issue for PNB Home Loan

Types of PNB Home Loans

You can conveniently find a customised Home Loan according to your needs from PNB. Right from Home Purchase Loan, to Home Construction Loan, to Home Improvement Loan, to Home Extension Loan, to Residential Plot Loan to many more, you can find the loan for each of your needs from Punjab National Bank. Some of the popular PNB home loan products are:

1. Housing Loan for Public - PNB Max Saver: The aim of this loan is to enable the borrowers to save a significant amount of money on interest payments.

PNB Max Saver


  • Borrower of PNB Max Saver can enjoy low-interest obligations.


  • Prospective borrower - As per our existing Housing Loan Scheme.

  • Existing borrower - Where complete disbursement has been made.


  • Purchase or construction of a home or flat.

  • For extension, renovation, repair of existing house.

  • Loan amount cannot be used to purchase a plot or land.

 Nature of Facility

  • Overdraft with monthly reducing Drawing Power.

 Extent of loan

  • Minimum 10 lakh
  • Maximum   need based


  • As per Housing Finance Scheme for public.


  • As per Housing Finance Scheme for Public


2. Housing Loan for Public: Housing Loan from PNB ensures availability of a Home Loan to everyone at attractive rates.


  • Availability of Home Loans to everyone at a low rate of interest


  • Construction of house/ purchase of constructed house/ purchase of a house under construction/ making extensions to an existing house/ for repair and renovation of existing house/ for purchase of land or plot for building a house on it in the future.


  • All salaried employees with at least 3 years of experience. The co-borrower should be salaried


  • Individuals and joint owners

 Quantum of Finance

  • For construction/ purchase/ extension: Need based

  • For purchase of land or plot: 100 lakh for borrowers in state capitals and metro cities; 50 lakh for others

  • Maximum amount for repairs, renovation, and alterations: 25 lakh

 Margin Requirements

  • Up to 75 lakh - 20%
  • Above 75 lakh - 25%
  • Purchase of land or plot for building house on it: 25%


  • Registered mortgage of the property in question


  • 15 years for repairs, renovation and alterations
  • Maximum 30 years for other loans


3. Gen-Next Housing Finance: This type of loan is specially tailored for IT professionals and government employees to have a decent home.


  • Special home loan for IT professionals, PSB's/ PSU's/ and government employees.


  • Purchase of constructed house/ construction of a house/ purchase of a house under construction


  • All salaried employees with at least 3 years of experience. The co-borrower should be salaried


  • Borrower must be at least 40 years old, and their net salary should be at least 35,000 (after deductions like PF and income tax)

 Quantum of finance

  • Minimum amount - 20 lakh
  • Maximum amount - need-based

 Margin requirements

  • Up to 75 lakh - 20%
  • Above 75 lakh - 25%


  • Registered mortgage of the property in question

 Repayment Tenure

  • 30 years


4. PNB Pride Housing Loan for Government Employees: This Home Loan by PNB is specially made for government employees. Rate of interest is attractive, and there are minimal documentation and processing charges.


  • Ensure housing for all government employees.


  • Construction of house/ purchase of constructed house/ purchase of a house under construction/ making extensions to an existing house/ for repair and renovation of existing houses/ for the purchase of land or plot for building a house on it in the future.


  • For permanent employees of Central / State Governments/ Defence Personnel & Paramilitary Forces - Individuals or Joint owners.

 Quantum of finance

  • Depends on the cost of the project and repayment capacity of the borrower in case of Construction/Additions/Purchase of House/Flat

  • For Purchase of Land/ Plot for House Building: Maximum 100 lakh for State Capitals and Metro and 50 lakh for other centers; (Higher amount may be considered on individual merit basis)
    For repairs / renovation / alterations: Maximum 25 lakh.

    Cost of furnishing may be included in the project cost with maximum upto 10% of eligible Housing Loan with a maximum upto 25.00 lakh.

  Margin requirements

  • Up to 75 lakh -20%
  • Above 75 lakh- 25%
  • Purchase of land or plot for building house on it - 25%


  • Equitable/registered mortgage of the property


Loan for carrying out repairs/ renovation/ alterations to the house/flat: Max.15 years inclusive of moratorium period, if any.

Loan for Others: Max. 30 years inclusive of moratorium period, if any.

The income of the spouse and earning children (whether married or unmarried) and of the joint owners can be added for determining the income for the purpose of borrowers` repaying capacity. In such cases, they should be made co-borrower.


Father/Mother can also be made as co-borrower in cases where property is in the single name of his/her son and also clubbing of their income is permitted for the purpose of eligibility/repayment of Home Loan.

Likely rental income, if the property is to be let out, may also be added for determining the repayment capacity.


5. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana: PMAY is central government schemed that is designed for the economically weaker sections of the society and for those who belong to the lower income group.


  • To ensure affordable houses for people belonging to EWS and LIG



  • EWS households - Households having an annual income up to 3,00,000 (Rupees Three Lakhs only)and need a loan for the house with carpet area upto 30 square meters.

  • LIG households - Households having an annual income above 3,00,000 (Rupees Three Lakhs) and up to 6,00,000 (Rupees Six Lakhs)and house size with carpet area upto 60 square meter



  • For extension, renovation, repair of existing house, purchase of plots, addition to existing dwelling units (kitchen, toilet, etc)


  • The beneficiary family should not include anyone else other than husband, wife and their unmarried children. Also, they must not have an all-weather dwelling unit.

 Extent of loan

  • Maximum 30 lakh keeping in perspective LTV and repaying capacity of the borrower


  • Up to 20 lakh- 10%
  • Between 20 lakh to 30 lakh- 20%


  • Up to the age of 70 years


6. Housing Loan For Public - PradhanMantriAwasYojana - Housing For All- MIG:

Tailor-made home loan schemes for individuals belonging to middle-income group 1 and 2.


  • To provide Home Loans to MIG 1 and 2 at an attractive rate of interest


  • Individuals from Middle Income Group (MIG) category. Joint owners from the same family are also eligible.

  • MIG I households - Households having an annual income above 6,00,000 up to 12,00,000 and house size with carpet area upto 160 square meters.

  • MIG II households - Households having an annual income above 12,00,000  and up to 18,00,000  and house size with carpet area upto 200 square meter.


  • For acquisition and construction of houses between 160 square meters and 200 square meters.


  • The beneficiary family should not include anyone else other than husband, wife and their unmarried children. Also, they must not have an all-weather dwelling unit.

 Extent of loan

  • Need based as per the existing Housing Loan Scheme to public.


  • Up to 75 lakh- 20%
  • Above 75 lakh - 25%


  • Up to the age of 70 years or 30 years Tenure, whichever is earlier

Documents Required for PNB Home Loan

For Salaried Individuals

Type of document Salaried Individuals

 Application form

  • Duly filled application form with photograph

 Age proof (Any one)

  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Any other certificate from Statutory Authority

 Residence proof (Any one)

  • Passport/Driving License/Telephone Bill/Ration Card/ Voter ID Card/ Any other certificate from Statutory Authority

 Educational qualifications

  • Latest college degree or equivalent

 Income proof

  • Salary-slips for last three months
  • Form 16 for last 2 years.
  • Bank Statements (Salary Account) for last 6 months.
  • Processing fee cheque in favor of PNB HFL
  • Photocopy of Title documents of the property, approved plan

For agriculturalist: Record of land holding and cropping pattern or any other income proof.

For all other individuals

Type of document Self-employed professionals

 Application form

  • Duly filled application form with photograph

 Age proof (Any one)

  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Any other certificate from Statutory Authority

 Residence proof (Any one)

  • Passport/Driving License/Telephone Bill/Ration Card/ Vote ID Card/ Any other certificate from Statutory Authority

 Educational qualifications

  • Latest Degree

 Income proof

  • Certificate & Proof of business existence along with Business Profile
  • Last 3 years' ITR (self and business) with Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheets duly certified/audited by a Chartered Accountant.

  • Bank statements (self & business) for last 12 months
  • Processing fee cheque in favor of PNB HFL
  • Photocopy of Title documents of the property, approved plan
  • Income proof of  co-applicants

Interest Rate on Advances


Scheme Rate of interest based on MCLR of 1 year*
 Limit up to 75 lac Limit above 75 lac
Housing loan Floating rate for women





 Floating rate for others






 Floating PNB PRIDE (Housing)





 PNB Max Saver! Women (available under floating ROI only)





 PNB Max Saver! Others (available under floating ROI only)





 Floating OD HL


MCLR + 1.40%

  Fixed General FLOATING +0.50%
  Fixed PNB Pride Floating (PNB PRIDE) +0.50%

*One Year MCLR = 8.45%

Other Products by Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is an Indian Multinational Bank with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. The bank is known for providing flawless and prompt financial products and services to individuals and businesses. Below mentioned are the other products and services by PNB.

Punjab National Bank Products and Services

Savings Account

Current Account

Salary Account

Fixed Deposit

Recurring Deposit

Demat Account

Home Loan

Car Loan

Gold Loan


General Insurance

Mutual Funds


Credit Cards

Agriculture Term Loans

How to calculate PNB Home Loan EMI?

MyMoneyMantra EMI Calculator is an excellent tool to estimate the cost of loan beforehand. The tool helps loan applicants to understand why the chosen 'PNB Home Loan' is the best deal as compared to Home Loans provided by other banks and financial institutions. Also, it helps the loan applicant to understand the exact implication of the annual cost of the loan.

EMI Calculator is very easy and convenient. The calculator is designed keeping in mind a layman. The loan applicant just has to put the loan details like loan amount, interest rate and tenure in the space provided. After doing so, just hit the calculate button and the calculator will give you a sort of amortisation table using which you can plan your loan and tax obligations.

Why Apply for PNB Home Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

MyMoneyMantra is a one-stop shop to search for hassle-free home loans according to your credit profile online. At MyMoneyMantra you can quickly evaluate your PNB Home Loan Eligibility and avail a customized quote based on your CIBIL score and repayment capacity. There is no fee involved, and the team will assist you thoroughly in the loan application process.

Some of the salient features of using MyMoneyMantra services include:

  • Fast eligibility check: You can instantly check home loan eligibility on a single web-screen of MyMoneyMantra. It is just a click away to check and compare available home loans.

  • Fast documentation: Keeping customer convenience at a top priority,MyMoneyMantra guides and assists customers with paperwork. We ensure minimal documentation and loan turnaround time.

  • Personalized loan offers: Applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria can expect MyMoneyMantra to give them tailor-made Home Loan offers.

  • E-approval facility: Every PNB HFL Home Loan applicant at MyMoneyMantra.com can expect a swift e-approval after successfully submitting their documents.

  • Guaranteedprivacy: MyMoneyMantra makes sure that your information is not shared with a third party. We promote 100% privacy of personal information of the customers.

MyMoneyMantra is a specialist in the field with three decades of experience in servicing customers with customised financial products.

How to Apply for PNB Home Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

Processing a home loan application on MyMoneyMantra is a cakewalk. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to make a successful Home Loan application on the website:

  • Go to www.mymoneymantra.com
  • Select Home Loan and proceed further.
  • Provide step by step details. Share your gender and city of residence.

  • There could be a number of reasons for taking a home loan, and the borrower has to specify the reason for taking the loan. The loan may be for purchasing a residential plot, purchasing residential ready property, purchasing residential plot and construction, residential under construction or home extension loan. Different types of loans have different procedures

  • Choose the city where you want to buy a property
  • Get an estimate of the market value of the property you want to buy and enter it

  • Choose your employment type, salaried or self-employed or self-employed professional

  • Enter correct annual income; refer to your salary slips for the same.

  • Enter the amount of the loan that you want to sanction
  • Provide personal details like UIDAI number, age, etc.
  • Enter your name, e-mail id, and mobile number.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to proceed further.
  • You will receive an OTP from MyMoneyMantra
  • Enter OTP, and you will be redirected to a new page with home loans offered by different banks and lending institutions. Look for PNB Home Loan and click on the Apply button right next to it.

The entire process is instant and hassles free. It will just take a few minutes to get access to the available offers. You can compare and choose according to your preferences. There is no obligation to make a decision. You can make an informed decision with the help of our Loan Experts.

Punjab National Bank Customer Care

Customer Care Team of Punjab National Bank is very reliable and delightful. The expert team members of the bank help you 24X7 to resolve your problems and queries patiently. In case of any query related to Punjab National Bank Home Loan, you can contact on Toll-Free number 1800 180 2222 1800 103 2222 for the best support. 

PNB Home Loan Latest News

Get 3 Months Moratorium on Your Loans with COVID-19 Relief by PNB

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the Punjab National Bank is extending COVID-19 Relief to its customers to defer their instalments or interest falling due between 01.03.2020 to 31.05.2020 for 3 months.Read More

Punjab National Bank eyes to make a strong comeback in Q2

Boosting the confidence of its customers, Punjab National Bank has officially said that the PSU major expects to steady and strong performance in Q2 (as in Q1) of this financial year. The bank is confident to bounce back despite being hit by the 14,000-crore NiravModi scam last year.

"On a broader level, Q2 was again a good quarter for us. Our retail recovery was on the track like Q1. Our credit has grown by 13.8 percent, much better than the industry. Domestic deposits also grew by about 10 percent." said Sunil Mehta, Managing Director & CEO of PNB.

Get 8.45% interest rate on PNBHFL Fixed Deposit

Suddenly after the volatile stock market and revision of interest rates by several public, private & commercial banks, Fixed Deposit has become one of the most lucrative and safest investment options.

Fixed Deposit scheme of PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) is offering an honest interest rate of up to 8.45%. These FD schemes also come with tax benefits and loan facility.

The PNB Housing Finance's FD comes in two variants - a) Regular deposits pays out 8.45% interest on a deposit of up to 5 crore for up to 60-71 months.  b) Special deposit pays out 8.40%. Interest on a deposit of up to 5 crore for 36-47 and 48-59 month investments.

PNB Board of Directors Approves Proposal to Raise 5431 Crores from Government

The Board of Directors of Punjab National Bank (PNB) has declared interest in raising funds worth 5431 crores from the support of the Indian Government. This capital investment of 5431 that has been made by the central government would be termed as a preferential allotment to Punjab National Bank' equity capital at a pre-determined rate in the Indian regulations.

Indian Bank and PNB to Discharge Whole Stakes into Credit Information Firm-Experian.

Indian Bank and Punjab National Bank are soon going to convert their entire stakes into information services and data analytics firm Experian in accordance with a bid document file that has already launched on September 26, 2018. According to a report, both banks are ready to sell their respective shareholding to Experian. This entire sale procedure for both Indian and Punjab National Bank is managed by the Punjab National Bank (PNB) Investment Services. 

Punjab National Bank Passes ESPS Scheme of 2816 Crore Capital Immersion from Government

Owners of Punjab National Bank (PNB) have declared that they are selling their equity shares of 10 crore to the employees of the bank and taking an infusion of 2816 crore from the central government of India. This decision was passed in the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PNB, which gave the permission to offer, issue and allot the shares maximum up to 10 crore of equity share capital with a face value of 2 per share.  This allotment of share will take place as per the Employee Stock Purchase Scheme (ESPS).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for disbursement of PNB Home Loan?

As soon as the customer has selected the property, applied for the loan, and submitted all required documents relating to his income and the property, the customer can avail the disbursement of his home loan. Also, the property needs to be technically and legally sound. The disbursement would be in Indian Rupees and made at the PNB branch in India, as specified by the customer.

Can I deposit my PNB Fixed Deposit as security for PNB Home Loan?

This facility is available at the discretion of PNB. However, the rate of interest on the loan will be 2% times higher than the rate of interest that the borrower is getting on the Fixed Deposit.

What security do I need to provide for Home Loan?

The prime security for the loan is by way of deposit of Title Deeds and/or such other collateral security as may be decided by PNB. Also, the Title of the property should be clear, marketable and free from any encumbrances.

Is property insurance necessary for PNB Home Loan?

Property insurance is necessary. Insurance would be helpful in protecting the property against unforeseen and unwanted events like earthquake, flood, fire or other man-made calamities, for that matter.

What percentage of property value can be funded by way of PNB Housing Loan?

PNB's funding norms are different for different properties. Also, funding norms may change depending on the loan amount. Generally, PNB can fund up to 90% of the value of a property.

Who is eligible for a PNB home loan?

Eligibility is determined on the basis of current income, continuity of business or employment, current obligations, credit history, credit score, the value of the property, the legal position of the borrower and age of the borrower. Also, the borrower should be an Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin.

Who can avail Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under PradhanMatriAwasYojna (PMAY)?

A beneficiary family not owning a house in any part of India is eligible for this subsidy subject to income criteria as defined for the family under various schemes for EWS/LIG/MIG-1 and MIG-2. Through this scheme, the beneficiary is eligible to avail interest subsidy on the purchase/construction of a house/enhancement of a dwelling unit.

How is a loan recalculated if an NRI becomes an Indian resident?

PNB reassesses the repayment capacity on the basis of resident status. The revised interest rate is calculated, and that interest rate will be applicable on the outstanding loan amount.

A customer is not present in India. Can they still avail a PNB home loan?

If a customer is posted abroad or not present in India at the time of application of loan and at the time of disbursement of the loan amount, he/she can still avail the loan by appointing a power of attorney as per PNB's guidelines. The power of attorney holder can carry out the proceedings of the loan on behalf of the customer.

Can I get a home loan after purchasing a property?

Yes, you can get a Home Loan after purchasing a property at applicable loan rates. The property purchased should not be older than 6 months.

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