8 Reasons to Say Thank You to Your Credit Card Company

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A Credit Card is a pool of advantages, but many people are not sure about choosing one as it is believed that it can lead to debt. However, it is not true. A Credit Card does come with a credit limit, which is decided by your income. A Credit Card does not allow you to exceed the bar set, above which you will not be able to pay back the money. Along with that, the card has different modes of repayment. If you are unable to clear the whole amount in one go, you can choose the option of EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment). So what are the different ways a Credit Card saves you some money and brings a lot of happiness with exemplary services and unbelievable rewards?

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1. Carrying a card is a lot easier and safer than carrying cash

If you lose your wallet, you lose all the money inside, but with Credit Cards, you can get the card locked anytime, thus keeping your hard-earned money safe from thieves.

2. It helps increase your credit score

The first thing your financial advisor will suggest to you, to correct a poor credit score, is to apply for a Credit Card and use it, ensuring that repayment is made on time every month.

3. Paying extra amount is optional

If you make the payments on a regular basis, you are not going to pay even one extra rupee to the card issuer. Additionally, you can get interest-free days on future purchases.

4. Rewards

Shopping is so much fun when you spend while you earn. A reward card collects points which can be used in shopping again. It also offers cashback or exclusive discounts. As compared to debit cards, the rate of discounts is usually more when paying through Credit Card. From free movie tickets to a free stay at a resort, or a flight ticket, or even groceries, and petrol; there are benefits so frequent that you would love to say thank you to your Credit Card.

5. Currency is no bar

Domestic or international, a Credit Card allows you to make payments anytime, anywhere. Many educational courses are now available online which require an online payment, and if this payment is in dollars, you need a card that works for international payments too. Debit cards often do not offer this facility, and even if they do, extra charges need to be paid for the same. This digital era requires freedom of digital payment, and Credit Card offers you that. Apply for your Credit Card online just now through MyMoneyMantra and don’t let opportunities slip away.

6. Credit in an emergency

Getting a loan is a time taking process, though not too long nowadays, still it needs some processing. But with a Credit Card, you can get the money just at the very moment. In a time of urgent requirement, it serves as your best friend who will not deny helping.

7. The complimentary services

Travel insurance or card protection plan, extended warranty or bonus points; a Credit Card shows its worth in a hundred ways.

8. Sign up benefits

As a new user, the card issuing company welcomes you with a gift voucher, free movie tickets, exclusive discounts on lifestyle products and services and so on. Once you use these cards, it is entirely possible that you will end up having more than one.

The reasons mentioned above are enough to be thankful to your Credit Card, isn’t it?With so many benefits of Credit Cards mentioned here, anyone would want to give it at least a try.  Majority of the urban families have at least one Credit Card. But if you don’t have any, there is no need to worry. One can apply for a Credit Card online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Wondering How We Can Get a Credit Card? Which is best for us? Just visit MyMonyMantra and compare various Credit Card offers from various issuers, and apply for the best one according to your needs and liking.

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