5 Traits of a Successful Business Loan Application

Updated on: 16 Jan 2024 // 3 min read // Business Loans
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Obtaining a loan has become the necessity of modern times, it could be a Home Loan, a Personal Loan or a Business Loan. In case of a business owner, the importance of a Business Loan cannot be overemphasised. No matter how great your business idea is, it won’t be going anywhere if you do not have enough cash to actualise your plans.

If you are a business owner, you must understand that your personal resources are only going to get you this far and then you will be forced to ask yourself this question “Where Can I Get a Business Loan?”

Earlier when the economy was upbeat, even the financial institutions were readily willing to extend the facility of loan for your different requirements. Ever since the latest developments that have shaken the financial sector (NPAs, Frauds, and so on), all lenders have become precarious while sanctioning any new loans.

A slight discrepancy in your loan proposal and it would be struck down within seconds. You need to be extra prepared while drafting your Business Loan proposal so that there are no discrepancies whatsoever.

Personality Traits of Smart Applicants

Well, stop thinking and keep on reading because here are 5 common personality traits of smart Business Loan applicants that will also help you plan your approach towards applying for a Business Loan successfully.

1. Responsibility

A smart Business Loan applicant is highly responsible. This applies to various aspects of a loan application including money, paperwork and organisation skills. As you won’t be able to meet the lender in person in some cases, the best way to show that you are responsible is through a High Credit Score.

A good credit score which is above the threshold specified by the lender indicates that you are a responsible borrower who honours his EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) on time. This will show you in a good light with the lender who prefers the applicants with a good credit score and has a good credit history.

2. Precision

A smart Business Loan applicant is precise with numbers. He would only ask for that much amount which is required for the business purposes, not a penny more nor a penny less. If you want to convey the same feeling to the lenders in your case, then you should take some time and enlist the help of professionals to ensure that your business plan is complete and is based on actual facts and figures.

If you act greedy and ask for an unrealistic amount, your application might be rejected by the lender as your financials won’t tally with the amount you have sought.

3. Preparedness

Smart Business Loan applicants are always prepared with all necessary documents and have all the financial information on their tips. You should also be ready with all the financial, personal and banking documents when you apply for a Business Loan.

You must know that no matter how careful you are, sometimes the lender may ask for additional documents. If you spend some days trying to prepare those documents, it will reflect you in a negative light. Whereas if you have all the documents and financial statements ready with you, you can promptly provide them to the lender leaving a good impression.

4. Planning

A smart Business Loan applicant always plans ahead and does not wait for a financial emergency to happen before scrambling at the last minute for a loan. Similarly, you should keep a close watch on your financials, industry trends and market regulations & small business loan interest rates.

When you can sense that in the upcoming months there could be a financial crisis in your business, you can start preparing your loan application then itself and apply quickly. This way you will be able to procure the required funds well in time for meeting the requirements.

5. Attentiveness

A smart Business Loan applicant is always attentive and careful about the repayment dates and makes sure that the EMIs are paid before the due date. This helps them to enjoy a good credit score which opens up further avenues for future borrowings.

You must also be careful and attentive about the repayment dates and make sure that you pay your EMIs on time to prepare a good credit history. You need to remember that your responsibility does not end with the disbursal of a loan, it instead starts at that moment.

Having these personality traits will significantly improve your chances of obtaining the required Business Loan for your company. So, you should try to inculcate these traits into your personality as well and you would see how future growth avenues open up for you.