4 Cosmetic Treatments That Can be Funded Through Personal Loans

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We all have individual wishes and desires that we wish could be true and make our best efforts to make sure that they are realised. Sometimes, our wishes far outweigh the money we have and forces us to put them on the backseat, unless we have arranged for adequate funds to fulfil that wish. It could be anything including renovating a home, buying a new gadget, going abroad for education or enhancing our appearance through surgery.

The lack of money might have been a deterrent in the past, but now with so many financial solutions being offered by various financial institutions in India, it is the best time for you to realise your deepest wishes, without worrying about your bank balance. One of the most popular and most feasible financial product to help you in such situations is applying for a Personal Loan.

All About Personal Loans

Personal Loan is an unsecured kind of loan which is extended by financial institutions, banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), to their customers for varied personal requirements. The standard repayment tenure of a Personal Loan is 5 years, and the rate of interest starts from as low as 10.99% p.a. As the loan is unsecured, you, therefore, need not pledge any security to avail this facility.

With the rising demand for Personal Loans, most lenders have enhanced their product offering and now provide the customers with the facility to apply for a Personal Loan online. You just need to fill a simple application form, upload the required documents and your application will be approved in a few minutes,and in most cases, the money would be credited to your account within a few hours. There are various online marketplaces also, which help you with a comparison of different Personal Loan products being offered by lenders and ensure that you are able to make an informed decision.

Personal Loan for Cosmetic Treatments

In the modern-day society, we all try to look our best whenever we go out. Sometimes you wish you could make certain changesin your outer appearance. With the rapid progress of medical technology, new cosmetic treatments have come up to help you achieve your perfect look. But these cosmetic treatments come at a high cost which might sometimes run into lakhs of rupees. Now, if you do not have that kind of money with you, you might think of delaying it till the time you have acquired the necessary amount. But now you need not wait any longer. You can avail a Personal Loan to pay for the particular cosmetic treatment.

Online Best Deals on Personal Loan

One of the best aspects about Personal Loans is that you need not inform the lender about the intended use of money and can use it according to your own wishes. Here are four cosmetic treatments that you can fund through a Personal Loan:

  • Bariatric Surgery

It is a highly popular cosmetic procedure which is immensely effective in weight loss. This works on the principle of reducing the food intake to promote weight loss and involves reducing the size of your stomach to control the amount of food you eat. It is an expensive procedure with costs going up to 3 Lakhs. So, if you also feel that you need to undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss, then Apply for a Personal Loan Online and take a big step towards a fitter you.

  • Hair Restoration

Most men suffer from extreme hair loss that results in baldness towards the later stage of their life. This could be due to genetic reasons or some medical condition. But the fact of the matter is that it is now possible to get your hair back through hair transplant or hair restoration treatment that involves transplantation of hair-bearing skin from one part of your body to your scalp. The cost for hair restoration can also run into several lakh rupees and can be easily funded through a Personal Loan.

  • Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dental treatments such as bleaching or straightening as well as primary dental procedures such as transplants involve enormous expenditure,and the cost of treatment can quickly run into lakhs of rupees. You might be forced to postpone the surgery as it is not covered under Mediclaim. So, you can take a Personal Loan to restore the natural beauty of your teeth.

  • Laser Eye Treatment

Some people do not feel comfortable wearing glasses and want to get rid of them to enhance their self-confidence and appearance. In such a situation, you must undergo Laser Eye Treatment for removal of glasses. Depending on your requirement, the cost can quickly run into lakhs. So, taking a Personal Loan in such a situation makes a lot of sense.

Personal Loans offer you an excellent opportunity to enhance your appearance through many of the available cosmetic treatments. The perfect look that you have been craving for is just a few clicks away with online Personal Loans.

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