5 Wedding Expenses That Can be Financed With a Personal Loan

Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 12 min read // Personal Loans
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Wedding season in India has already arrived! So many people are getting married, and if not, they are attending the wedding of their friends or relatives. Indian weddings are a grand affair and involve a lot of preparation and expenses. From selecting a venue to booking caterer, photographer (for pre-wedding an wedding photo shoot), makeup artist and so on, everything involves a considerable amount of money.

If you or your loved one is getting married soon, get ready to bear all these costs. If you’ve saved enough for this grand event, that’s great, if not, how are you going to manage? Getting a Personal Loan can help you sort out this trouble by providing you required finance at the right time and letting you repay in affordable instalments over a convenient duration.

It’s always a Good Idea to Take a Personal Loan for such expenses rather than exhausting your hard-earned savings at one go.

Here are some most common wedding expenses that can be financed with Personal Loan amount:

1. Booking a Venue

Thinking of having a destination wedding on an island, beach, or any other place of your dream? Marriage happens once in a life, and compromising on your dream is not a good idea. However, a destination wedding can make a big hole in your pocket. Even if you’re getting married in your own city, charges of banquets and farmhouses are so high. Take a Marriage Loan and choose the place of your wedding without any hiccups.

2. Catering

Your wedding caterer and menu is always proportionate to your budget; Isn’t it? Why compromise on serving delicious delicacies to your guests? Get a Personal Loan so that you have enough funds to include every tasty item on the menu from the best cater available in your city.

3. Shopping

The wedding comes with lots of shopping opportunities. Gifts for bride and groom, their families and relatives, jewelry, clothes and so much more. Indians start shopping months before the due date of the wedding. These shopping bills can be easily paid with a Personal Loan.

4. Accommodation and Transportation Expenses 

Is your guests list too long? Where will you accommodate such a huge crowd and how will you finance their transportation costs if you have chosen a destination wedding? Accommodation and transportation expenses can exhaust your budget if the wedding is happening at an unknown or new place. Personal Loan can help you bear these costs seamlessly.

5. Honeymoon

Indian wedding is a long affair! The preparations start days before the wedding date and till this event gets over, the couple gets exhausted. They need some time out alone to enjoy some moments of peace to relieve their stress and tiredness. For that, they plan honeymoon! Taking a Personal Loan can help you plan vacation at a foreign land. Why settle for a trip to a domestic destination when you can actually go on an international tour?

Even if you opt for a budget wedding, expenses can go up to lacs. Although it is an expensive event, everybody dreams of their own style of the wedding; and why not? It is a lifetime event after all. So, avail a Personal Loan, get immediate funding for the required amount, plan a wedding of your dreams, and repay in easy EMIs.

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