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Every girl wants a wedding that she and the attendees remember for the rest of their lives. A dream wedding is every girl’s dream. From the perfect dress, to the perfect shoes and the venue – a grand wedding can need quite a bit of financial planning. Sometimes the perfect wedding can cost a bomb, and if you decide to have all that celebrities usually have in their wedding, then it might cost more than that!

This is where a Personal Loan for Wedding makes sense. Not only will it make your wedding an affair worth remembering, but it will also save you from the hassle of seeking the finances to pull off an extravagant wedding. 

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Personal Loan for Wedding: Should You Take It?

For most couples in India, planning a wedding means the involvement of the entire family. Jewellery and gifts can be quite a huge expenditure, let alone the wedding planning. Hence, a Personal Loan can be quite a relief for the couple and the parents planning it.

If you plan to have a grand wedding and a wedding that will include grand venues, great food, and decor, but you do not really have a strong financial backup, then a wedding loan makes sense. However, if you are okay to have a toned down wedding, then you should avoid taking a Personal Loan.

Also, a new life after marriage has many new expenses and having a Personal Loan is not really a good idea. In addition, since a Personal Loan is an unsecured loan, you may have to deal with a high rate of interest.

Therefore, to answer your question about whether taking a Personal Loan for a wedding makes sense, we would suggest you trust your judgment and understand the scale at which you want to have the wedding. 

How Do You Get a Wedding Loan?

Unlike the Home Loan or the car loan, there is no specific loan called a ‘wedding loan’. Therefore, if you want to take a wedding loan, it would come under a Personal Loan. Personal Loans can be taken for any personal reason and this could be for a wedding, a vacation, a medical reason, and so on. When you go to a lender for the Personal Loan, you do not need to specify why you are taking the loan. You simply ask for the loan, and with the right eligibility criteria and the required documentation, your loan is approved within a short time.

HDFC Personal Loan for Wedding:

One of the banks we would suggest you for bearing your wedding expenses is HDFC Personal Loan. Here’s why: 

1. Get your loan instantly:

When taking a Personal Loan, time is of the essence and with HDFC bank; your loan is approved in a very short time. The only thing you will need to take care of is that you meet the eligibility criteria and submit all the right documents. In fact, a pre-approved Personal Loan can be obtained in 10 seconds (when you are already a customer with HDFC bank) and for other customers, the loan can be disbursed in just 4 hours.

2. Easy loan processing:

Gone are the days when you had to wait in line for hours to get your loan processed. Thanks to the internet and net banking, your loan can be approved in a hassle-free manner and with minimal documentation too!

3. No collateral is needed:

Unlike the old days, there is no collateral needed for you to take the loan. You do not even need to put anything on the mortgage. Simply submit the documents, and the loan amount transferred to your bank in a couple of hours.

4. Repaying your loan is a breeze:

The other most important part of a Personal Loan is the ease of repaying. Your Personal Loan with HDFC bank can be repaid with simple instalments and is very flexible. You can choose a tenure that is easy for you and you can choose in between 12 months to 60 months as per your convenience.

5. Apply online:

No need to even go to the bank and wait in line, just open the HDFC bank site, check their Personal Loan eligibility criteria, submit your documents and get the loan in a matter of a few seconds. How easy is life!

So don’t worry about planning the best wedding of your lifetime – take a Personal Loan from HDFC bank and make your dream wedding come to life!

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