Buy Your Dream Dwelling with an Axis Bank Home Loan

Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 13 min read // #mmm news // Home Loans
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All geared up to avail a home loan? So, your wait to own your dream home is over! Read the pros and cons before you avail this facility from a bank. Do you know you may end up paying a higher EMI for shorter home loan tenure? Though your principal amount is repaid earlier, yet the burden of paying a high EMI may not be feasible with your income. But if it is feasible, you may opt for the same. Why not avail an Axis Bank Home Loan? Know about the benefits by contacting mymoneymantra or visit your nearest Axis Bank branch. If you pay extra EMIs every year, you will gain the benefit of paying a further reduced interest besides a reduced principal amount.

If you are looking for an affordable housing loan, Axis Bank should be on your list. This bank offers smaller EMIs to be paid over a longer tenure. This helps customers space out their payments and feel less taxing when paying EMIs. The maximum loan amount that the bank offers will depend on your individual or combined income. When it comes to prepayment charges, it is Nil for floating rate and 2% of the outstanding principal/ amount prepaid for a fixed rate. The applicable interest rates on Axis Bank Home Loan are based on fixed and floating types. Just apply online or get a call back. All you need to do is just do a few clicks on their website or at a portal that hosts multiple banks.

The application process involves meeting an Axis Bank representative followed by submission of application form and documents. It takes around five days for receiving sanctioning intimation for salaried and self employed applicants. This is followed by submission of property documents and review of the same by Axis Bank legal and technical team. Within a period of 15 days, your Axis Bank Home Loan gets approved and then disbursed depending on whether your submitted documents meet all criteria.

If you wish to collect information by talking to an Axis bank representative before you apply for a loan, you may call at any of these toll free customer care contact numbers: 1800 233 5577 or 1800 209 5577 or 1800 103 5577. Alternatively, you may SMS Home to 5676782 to receive a call. And contacting online happens with just a click of your mouse or a touch by your finger tip!

Except for loans availed at floating rate of interest, the bank levies no prepayment charges if you decide to pay off loans before the due date. With an Axis Bank Home Loan, you are entitled to earn eDGE Loyalty Points on your transactions. Do keep note that it is mandatory to have a co-applicant when applying for a loan in this bank. Who can be your co-applicant? He could be the one who is the co-owner of the property in question. If you are the sole owner, anyone from your immediate family is eligible for it. Numerous questions on many aspects related to your loan may crop up in your mind.

To get answers to all your queries, visit the FAQ section of the bank’s official website or an authorized distributor/ marketplace like mymoneymantra. Alternatively, the bank representatives are only a call away to assist you! Call us toll-free at 18001034004 to get best Home Loan offers.

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