Fullerton India Offers Moratorium Till August 2020

Fullerton India Offers Moratorium Till August 2020

Fullerton India has also extended the time line for deferring term loan repayments falling due from June 1 till June 30, 2020 under RBI’s COVID-19 relief package. This is extension of Moratorium 1.0 which allowed deferment of payments between March 2020 to May 2020.

The NBFC has extended the benefit of Moratorium to all of its loan customers including Home Loans (grihashakti) customers. The customers can directly apply for a moratorium on the NBFC’s website and after the evaluation and verification of the request the Fullerton India will grant the EMI deferment benefit.

To opt for Moratorium click on the link: https://associations.fullertonindia.com/contact-us.aspx

  • You will see a customer form on this page.
  • Fill each space as required.
  • Select Yes for ‘Are you an existing Customer?’
  • Enter 15 digit Loan Account Number (LAN)
  • Provide registered email ID
  • Share your registered contact/ mobile number
  • From drop down menu select nature of query as ‘Moratorium’
  • You can also share comments, if any in the Comment section
  • Click ‘Submit’

In case of failure in filling the form or any other issues you can write at email ids:

namaste@fullertonindia.com (for Fullerton India customers)

grihashakti@fullertonindia.com (for Fullerton Grihashakti customers)

Alternatively, you can also submit the Moratorium request by sending an SMS:


to 560703

from your registered mobile number.


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The customers can also reply through registered e-mail ID to the Lender’s communication related moratorium.

Eligibility for Moratorium

To apply for a moratorium, the following eligibility criteria have to be satisfied.

  • Only current customers of Fullerton India, who had active loans as of Mar 01, 2020 can avail of benefits under RBI’s COVID 19 regulatory package. Accounts that are disbursed after March 1 are not eligible for Moratorium relief.
  • All Fullerton India Loan customers can apply. Both individual and company accounts can apply. All dues must be paid as of Feb 29, 2020.
  • The account must not be written-off from the books of FICCL books prior applying for moratorium/deferment.
  • Customers also need to share consent for terms and conditions for Moratorium and revised repayment schedule. The customers can accept it via email, SMS, digital document, voice recording, or physical document.

Fullerton India Moratorium EMI Calculator

To help customers make informed decisions, Fullerton India has provided an online Moratorium EMI calculator on its website. The customers can use the Calculator and understand the cost of delaying repayment before applying for EMI deferment.

Steps to use calculator-

  • Share Loan details: Original loan amount, rate of interest, loan tenure and EMIs already paid.
  • Now mention number of months for which moratorium is required.
  • Choose any of the options: “No change in monthly EMI amount” or “No change in loan tenure”
  • Based on the data, your monthly EMI, loan tenure and number of EMIs post moratorium will be instantly evaluated.


✅ What does opting for moratorium mean?

As per RBI’s directive for extending moratorium, Fullerton India has also extended previous deadline of 31 May to 30 August for customers. The customers can presently avail of 1 more month moratorium till June 30, 2020 through website, SMS or email.

✅ Who is eligible for EMI moratorium by Fullerton India?

All loan customers of Fullerton India can apply. The Moratorium can be availed for repayments falling due between March 1 to June 30, 2020.

✅ Does Fullerton automatically opt in customers for COVID moratorium?

No, the customer needs to either submit online request through website or they can reply to NBFC’s communication via Email or send SMS request for same. In the absence of request for Moratorium, ECS or auto mandate will be processed as before. In case your request for EMI deferment is rejected, non-payment will be considered as a default.

✅ When will my next EMI be due?

The EMI tenure will be increased as per the duration of Moratorium opted for. If you have availed 3 month moratorium and now decide to extend for one more month, the duration of loan will also increase by 4 months. However, due to accrued interest size of the EMI will marginally increase.

✅ On what types of products is Fullerton India offering moratorium relief?

Fullerton India has extended moratorium relief across all products offered by Fullerton India and Fullerton Grihashakti.

✅ How do I apply for Fullerton India moratorium?

Customers can apply for Moratorium by 3 modes:  Website form, email or SMS. Click on link: https://associations.fullertonindia.com/contact-us.aspx and share details of loan account and consent for same. Alternatively send SMS “FULMOR” to 560703 from the mobile number registered with your Loan Account. You can also choose to reply moratorium related email sent by lender on your registered email id. Based on lender’s review of your request, the decision will be communicated to you.

✅ Is there any charge involved for COVID moratorium?

No there is no charged involved in the process of opting for moratorium. But the interest will continue to be charged on the outstanding principal and would be added to your overall outstanding after the Moratorium period.

✅ How is interest calculated during moratorium?

The Fullerton has clearly mentioned on its website that simple interest will be charged on the outstanding principal for the number of months of moratorium.

✅ How opting for moratorium will impact the CIBIL score?

Non payment of your EMIs failing due between Mar 01 to June 30, 2020 will not impact your CIBIL score. However, if you fail to repay the due EMIs after the moratorium it will impact your CIBIL score and also attract late payment charges & bounce charges.

✅ Does EMI moratorium entail waiver of principal or interest?

No. Moratorium is delay or deferment of payments. There is no waiver of principal or interest during this period. The interest will continue to accrue on outstanding principal amount.

✅ Is Moratorium available on Fullerton India SME Loan?

Yes. You can apply through lender’s website, SMS or email and after verification & assessment of request the NBFC will approve your request.

✅ Will Moratorium be available on a loan that is not fully disbursed?

Yes, Fullerton moratorium is available on all loans, even on those accounts that are not fully disbursed.

✅ Is Moratorium available if I paying pre EMI?

Yes. However the interest needs to be repaid before final tranche of disbursal.

✅ Rural customer: How to pay EMI during lockdown?

You can make payment online by visiting website. Do not make any cash payment to the loan officer during lockdown.

✅ I am a rural group loan customer, how do I opt out when others in my group want moratorium?

You can continue paying EMIs online. It doesn’t  matter if others in your group  want to opt for Moratorium.


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