HDFC Bank Offers EMI Moratorium 2.0: Check New Guidelines for June to Aug 2020

HDFC Bank Offers EMI Moratorium 2.0: Check New Guidelines for June to Aug 2020

In the wake of RBI’s COVID 19 regulatory package, HDFC Bank has offered a three month EMI Moratorium extension to its customers. The bank has sent SMS messages to inform customers about the availability of Loan Moratorium for repayments falling due between the period of June 2020 to August 2020.

The customers can opt for Moratorium by clicking on the link:

 Any issue pertaining to opting for Moratorium can be shared by sending email to ‘’

The bank has released a set of new FAQs for customers wherein the lender has shared response to frequently asked customer query.

The bank has said in its official note on website that the relief package is extended to customers so that they can continue to take care of their family and business amidst shortage of cash flow owing to COVID 19. The bank has requested customers to opt for 1 month Moratorium for June 2020 only and take decision for July and August months later on. For, they must fully understand the financial implication of EMI holiday. The interest will continue to accrue.

Cost of Moratorium

Further the bank has shared following illustrations to explain the cost of Moratorium on its customers.

Auto Loan:

Loan amount: Rs. 8 Lakhs

Tenor left to be served: 36 months, The customer decides to opt for 3 EMIs Moratorium i.e. for the months of June, July & August 2020.

By delaying payments for three months the customer will be liable to pay additional interest of Rs. 25,500 at the contracted rate plus the principal outstanding after 31 Aug 2020. The tenor will increase by 4 months.

Personal Loan for salaried indviduals:

Loan amount: Rs. 4 Lakhs

Tenor left to be served: 48 months

The customer decides to opt for 2 months of EMI Moratorium: July and August 2020.

In this case additional interest at the contracted rate would be about Rs. 15,000 and the same would be added to the principal outstanding. The resultant tenor will increase by 1.4 EMIs.

All those who are opting for Moratorium should also stop the auto pay mandate.


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Format for HDFC Moratorium Email

The HDFC bank has released following Mail format for the convenience of customers seeking Mail communication:

Kindly use this format for sharing your requests and complaints regarding Moratorium 2.0:

Subject: Application for EMI Moratorium

Loan Number: <FULL Loan Account Number>

I wish to defer my unpaid EMIs falling due between Jun 1, 2020 and Aug 31, 2020 on the above referred Loan Number and I understand that interest shall continue to be charged on the outstanding portion of the term loans during the moratorium period.

Signed by Borrower/s.

The customers can send this on email:

The customers can also choose to submit this letter at any of the HDFC Bank Branches.

The NRIs who have availed loan facility in India should also email their request on this ID.


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FAQs Related to HDFC EMI Moratorium Package 2.0

✅ What is the RBI’s new EMI moratorium COVID 19 – regulatory package?

Amidst ongoing financial disruptions caused due to COVID-19, RBI has allowed all Indian Banks & financial institutions to offer another 3 month moratorium for EMI payments & credit line outstanding. The previous moratorium expired on May 31, 2020 and thus Moratorium2.0 falls between Jun 1, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020.

✅ Who is eligible for HDFC EMI Moratorium for 3 months- June, July & August 2020?

All HDFC Bank customers with retail instalment loans or credit facilities are eligible for COVID 19 Moratorium relief, provided the credit account is availed prior Mar 1, 2020. The decision remains at the sole discretion of bank. Besides, all all Agri Loan customers (Kisan Gold Card) and Microfinance customers, corporates as well as SME customers are also eligible for EMI deferment benefit.

✅ Will my Moratorium for March to May 2020 continue automatically for June to August?

No. The request for previous moratorium will not run on continuous basis. You need to make a fresh application on the HDFC website for Jun-Aug 2020.

✅ I do not want new EMI moratorium. How do I opt out?

No further action is required to not opt for Moratorium. The bank will make repayment request as required.

✅ I want to opt for June Moratorium but my account is already debited. Can I get refund?

Yes. The EMI will be refunded within 5 working days if you have applied for Moratorium in Jun 2020.

✅ What is the cost of Moratorium? What are the charges involved?

When you opt for EMI moratorium, interest continues to accrue at the contracted rate on the outstanding amount. The original tenor of the loan will be extended accordingly.

✅ What is the process to opt for HDFC EMI moratorium?

You need to share your consent to avail the Moratorium. You need to fill in your loan account number on the link provided by the bank on its website.

Here is the link:

✅ How does an NRI customer apply for the EMI Moratorium?

The COVID moratorium facility for Jun, Jul & Aug 2020 is applicable for credit facilities availed in India only.  In case an NRI has availed the HDFC loan in India, then they can apply for loan holiday for the applicable period.

They need to an email to ‘” from the registered email id with bank.

✅ What should I do if I am not able to complete the application via link?

You must write an e-mail or submit a letter in the format shared above.

✅ Can I apply for EMI moratorium for all running loans?


✅ Can I opt for Moratorium till 31st Aug 2020, if I did not opt for previously?


✅ Can I apply for moratorium for my Credit Card outstanding & Loans on Credit Cards?

Yes, moratorium is available on Credit Card outstanding as well as Credit Card Loans. You can defer the payment till 31 August 2020. You are required to pay either minimum amount due or total outstanding along with accrued interest on the next due date after the Aug 31, 2020.

✅ Are all credit card customers eligible for this moratorium?


✅ How to avail of HDFC credit card moratorium?

You can voluntarily miss the payment and the moratorium will be applied. You should turn off Auto Pay as bank will run all mandates as requested.

✅ What is the official email ID to raise complaints regarding HDFC Moratorium?

The customers can share their concerns to ‘’ The final decision to grant moratorium rests with the bank.


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