How to Opt for Axis Bank EMI Moratorium on Loan EMIs & Credit Card Dues?

How to Opt for Axis Bank EMI Moratorium on Loan EMIs & Credit Card Dues?

In concurrence with RBI’s COVID 19 relief package, Axis Bank has announced Moratorium for all EMIs & repayments falling due between March 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020.

All Axis Bank customers of Term Loans, Working Capital facilities, and Credit Cards can avail of the benefits of instalment deferment and ease cash flows in the face of adverse liquidity crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

If you opt for Axis Bank Moratorium, you will get a repayment holiday on your Axis bank loans & Credit Cards for the months of March (if unpaid), April, May, June, July and August. The next payment will be due from September 2020, after the expiry of the deferment period.


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The customers can opt for moratorium by clicking link:

Retail Term Loans

Customers of all Term loans like personal loans, auto loans, consumer durable loans, credit cards, credit facilities, etc. are eligible to avail of Axis bank moratorium benefits. However, the retail loan customers need to formally “opt-in” to get the moratorium break on their EMIs & dues.

Link to opt for Axis Bank Moratorium Online:


Lockdown and need Money for Emergency


Credit lines & Agri Loans:

All customers are eligible to avail Axis Bank Moratorium on the following products:

  • Gold Loans
  • Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Loans
  • Farmer Loans: Cash Credit, Overdraft &Term Loan
  • Micro finance Loans
  • Commodity Loans
  • Tractor Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Construction Equipment Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Small Business credit lines like Unsecured overdraft & Term Loans

If any of the customers of the above-listed products wish to opt-out from the available moratorium benefits, they can send an email to the bank at:

The customer can also reach out to any of the Axis Bank branches.

In the absence of any written communication, the benefit of the moratorium will be passed on to the customer.


✅ How will my next EMI/ payment be calculated after the Moratorium Period?

In case of term loans, the residual tenor will be extended by three months along with the accumulated interest accrued on the outstanding loan during the Moratorium.  The new repayment schedule will be shared later on.

As for working capital facilities i.e., cash credit and overdrafts (CC/OD), the accumulated interest during the six-month moratorium will be recovered in full after the expiry of the deferment period.

The Credit Card Statement for September will show total outstanding and accrued interest. A cardholder is expected to pay Minimum Amount Due or make full payment by the payment due date.

✅ What is the last date to apply for Moratorium?

The customer should apply for Moratorium at least 5 days prior to the outstanding instalment or payment; otherwise, the request will be applicable for next month only.

✅ If I have already made payment for March instalment, will I get a refund?

No bank will not refund any of the already paid out instalments.

✅ If I opt for a moratorium period, will interest be applicable?

Yes. The interest will continue to accrue, as per the loan agreement, during the Moratorium/ Deferment period.

✅ Will moratorium affect my credit / CIBIL score?


✅ Can I avail moratorium on more than one loan from Axis Bank?

Yes, the moratorium benefit is available on all loans linked under your customer id.

✅ Do I need to cancel Direct Debit/ Standing Instruction (SI) to pay my loan repayments?

No, you only need to opt-in for Moratorium. The bank will not raise payment once it receives communication from the customer.

✅ Are there any other charges like penal interest for deferring repayments till Aug31?

No, there is no penal interest or late payment charge.  Only interest on the outstanding amount will be accrued for the moratorium period.

✅ How Can SMEs& Corporates avail COVID Relief Moratorium?

Contact your bank or relationship manager. You can also send an email to from the official email of the authorized signatory and share your concerns.

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