How to Opt for HDFC Bank Covid-19 EMI Moratorium Relief on Loans & Credit Cards

How to Opt for HDFC Bank Covid-19 EMI Moratorium Relief on Loans & Credit Cards

In order to ease the cash woes of HDFC customers during the testing times where a pandemic outbreak has severely hit the mobility of entire nation & the world, HDFC Bank has also announced EMI holiday of 180 days for its Retail Loan and Credit Card customers.

The bank has set up a hassle free process to opt for EMI and interest deferment up till Aug 2020. You can opt for the Moratorium for the month of June, July, and August 2020 by clicking on the link :

The bank has shared guidelines and FAQs for extension of Moratorium.


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If you have already paid current instalment you can request the refund from the bank. The EMI/ interest Moratorium/deferment is open for all retail loan customers, agri loan customers, corporates, MSMEs and Credit Card holders.

The Process to opt for EMI Moratorium 1.0: 

HDFC Term Loans

The customer needs to share the consent by a phone call or by writing a request email to the bank.

  • The customer can make a call from her registered mobile number and opt for Moratorium by the following the instructions.

HDFC Covid 19 Moratorium Contact Numbers:  022-50042333, 022-50042211

Before making the call make sure you have a loan account number with you.

Covid 19 Emergency Loan HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan

HDFC Credit Cards

All HDFC Credit card customers are eligible to avail the 6 months repayment deferment benefit. Those who want to opt for Moratorium just need to skip the repayment. The bank will automatically register your Credit Card for a moratorium. Also, turn off Auto Pay for your credit card bills for the time being.


Contactless Emergency Loan


Impact of Moratorium on Payments: Illustration

Auto Loan:
Loan amount:  Rs. 8 Lakhs
Remaining tenor: 36 months
Moratorium availed for: 3 month

Interest accumulated during three months: Rs. 25,500
Increase in tenor: 4 months

Salaried Personal Loan:
Loan amount: Rs. 4 Lakhs
Remaining tenor: 48 months
Moratorium availed for: 2 months
Accrued interest for April & May: Rs. 15,000
Increase in tenor: 1.4 EMI

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on HDFC EMI Moratorium

✅What are the eligibility criteria for availing EMI moratorium on my HDFC Loans & Credit Cards?

All HDFC retail bank customers who have availed of Instalment Loans, Credit Lines and Credit Cards before March 2020 are eligible to apply for Covid19 Moratorium benefit. Customers who have overdues before March 1, 2020 are also eligible to request for the moratorium. The bank will review the request. Besides, all Agri Loans including Kisan Gold Card and Microfinance customers are also eligible to opt for payment deferment. All Corporate and SME customers are also eligible. The HDFC Relationship Managers can be contacted for Moratorium specific queries.

✅What does EMI Moratorium mean for a customer?

When you choose EMI moratorium, you are delaying the payment for specific time period. So when you opt for EMI Moratorium, HDFC Bank will initiate any EMI Payment request till Aug 31st 2020. However, the interest will be accrued at the contracted rate on the outstanding principal amount for moratorium period. The loan tenure will get extended accordingly.

✅If I do not want to opt for EMI moratorium, what should I do?

If you want to continue repayments as usual, no step is required. You can service the loan as before.

✅I have paid March EMI but now I want to opt for Moratorium. Is it possible?

Yes, you can opt for Moratorium for March payment. As the bank gets your request, you will be registered for Covid19 Moratorium and the bank will refund the EMI.

✅What are the applicable charges for availing of EMI moratorium?

The contracted rate of interest will be accrued and accumulated for the period of EMI moratorium on outstanding amount. There are no further charges for deferred payment.

✅Can I get EMI moratorium for more than one loan from HDFC Bank?

Yes. You can avail of EMI moratorium for each HDFC term loan.

✅Is there any kind of impact on my credit score due to moratorium?

No. These are exceptional times. When you opt for EMI moratorium, there will be no impact on your credit rating.

✅ Is the moratorium relief also extended to Credit Card and Credit Card Loan customers?

Yes, the repayment deferment/ Moratorium for dues outstanding from Mar 2020 to Aug 2020 is offered to Credit Card customers.

✅What would be impact on my payments after moratorium period?

The interest will continue to accrue during the Moratorium period. For Term Loans, the deferment of payment will lead to extension of tenor, while for Credit Card customers the September statement will include total outstanding and accrued interest during 6 months moratorium period. The customer can make minimum due or full payment as per the availability of funds.

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