Loan in Seconds: Yes Bank Launches Digital Loan Against Securities

Loan in Seconds: Yes Bank Launches Digital Loan Against Securities

Yes Bank has launched paperless Loan against Securities. This instant digital loan against investment allows borrowers to apply for up to Rs 1 crore secured loan against mutual funds and debt funds.

The scheme is launched under YES BANK’s ‘Loan in Seconds’ platform. The loan works as an overdraft facility extended as a credit limit against owned securities. No additional documentation is required to apply for Yes Bank Instant Loan.

Thus you can apply for this loan from your home or office and get instant approval that will not take more than a few minutes. The interest levied only on the amount of limit utilised for the exact period. This makes it a great option of affordable emergency loan.

Yes Bank has partnered with KFin Technologies for facilitating these online loans against mutual funds.

Benefits & features of Yes Bank Digital Loan against Securities:

  • This is an Instant loan offering. It can be availed of within a few minutes.
  • The loan can be raised against both debt and equity mutual funds.
  • The credit limit can be raised up to Rs. 1 crore against debt mutual funds.
  • You get access to required amount without liquidating your investments.
  • The interest is applied only on the amount utilized for exactly the days you have used funds for.
  • The process is completely digital & paperless. There is no hidden cost or steps involved.
  • No additional documentation is required for accessing funds. Thus, easy to meet eligibility is another benefit.
  • It only requires two checks each from the Bank and KFin Technologies.
  • In all, it is one of the hassle free instant loan options from Yes Bank that will not disrupt your cash flows or quality of life during urgent cash requirements.
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