Personal Loan for Employees of Non-Categorized Companies

Personal Loan for Employees of Non-Categorized Companies


There is hope for those customers looking for personal loans but could not avail them so far because they have been working with companies which are not listed by the banks, otherwise known as Non-listed or Non-Categorized companies. Till now, for employees of such companies, it has been challenging to seek larger size Personal Loans because such Non-listed companies are usually not pre-approved or listed by the banks for purpose of extending loans due reasons including lacking in financial performance, market share or brand name among others.

Whilst some banks like ICICI, HDFC and Kotak have tried to cater to this segment in the past, by providing personal loans to employees of such non listed companies, presently there seems to be a move by reputed multinational banks such as Standard Chartered and Citibank to offering personal loans to this segment of customers.

Very recently, Citibank announced a special offer for providing Personal Loans upto a maximum of 15 Lakhs to employees of such Non-listed companies. While earlier Citibank’s Suvidha account holders from Non -listed companies could avail of personal loans upto 5 Lakhs, which was contingent on such customers having an ongoing saving bank account with Citibank. However, this latest product opens up the offer to employees of non-listed companies who have not maintained any savings account or relationship with Citibank previously.

The rate of interest at which Citibank is offering personal loan to employees of Non-listed companies is presently 14.99%. Moreover, the facility of instant e-approval has been proposed to ease the process of loan application.

The availability of personal loans to such category of people has come at a time when customers’ needs and aspirations are growing in step with the growth of the economy.

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