Utilise Your Credit Card to Buy Gifts for Your Loved Ones This Eid

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There is no better way of displaying your affection for your friends and family members than partaking with the choicest gifts. The best way to finance those gifts is by using your Credit Cards. If you don’t carry one, you can browse MyMoneyMantra, that has partnerships with leading Credit Card service providers and look at the best Credit Cards to apply for this season. You have instant approval Credit Cards provided you have an impeccable credit record.

Here are some traditional gift ideas for Eid:


Also known as Eidi, giving money is the most common form of gifting during Eid. Elders in the family give Eidi to the younger generation. All Muslims, either rich or poor, follow this wonderful tradition with great fanfare. You can pitch in with your Eidi as well. Use your Credit Cards to get cash advance thereby enabling you to give Eidi to your friends and family.


Wearing new clothes is the trademark of every important festival in India, irrespective of the religion you follow. Ramadan is the most famous Islamic festival. Hence, our Muslim friends go all out to purchase Islamic clothing like the Kurtas, Sherwanis, Thobes, and so on. You can also buy these garments online from reputed online retail stores using your Credit Cards. These websites have the facility of gift-wrapping these garments and dispatching it directly to the recipients.

Utilise credit card this eid

Sweets and Other Delicacies:

You associate Ramadan Eid with the traditional ‘Sevaiyyian’ It is a delicious sweet dish made from milk, dry fruits, sugar, and sevai (a conventional rice preparation). You can have your fill when you visit your Muslim brethren to wish them on the auspicious occasion. Do not go empty-handed to their homes. Use your Credit Card and buy some of the most delicious sweets available in the market. Do not forget to carry chocolates for the kids.

Islamic Books:

Islamic books are still regarded as the best gift you can ever give during Eid. Use your Credit Card online to order a brand new Quran or a volume of Hadeeth books. Every Muslim will treasure this gift of yours for the rest of their lives. They would remember you every time they open the book to read. The Muslim community also exchanges these books as they teach the actual values of the beautiful Islam religion. You can also gift the children with stories of Islamic prophets having traditional Islamic morals.

Send Your Loved One on a Haj Trip:

Every Muslim individual considers a visit to the Haj as the ultimate pilgrimage. Use your co-branded Credit Cards to book air tickets for your loved ones. There can be no better gift than the opportunity to visit Haj. Going on a Haj pilgrimage is a lifetime opportunity. Sponsoring a needy Muslim and enabling the individual to go on the Haj is the ultimate charitable act you can do for any Muslim.

Donate to Charity:

Muslims love to do charity. You contribute your mite by using your Credit Cards to donate to the charity of their choice. The charitable endeavour is any day better than showering expensive gifts on people. Helping the less fortunate people is one of the best things you can do in life.

Toys and Electronics:

Gifting toys, electronics or gadgets during Ramadan are widespread. The technology is developing at a rapid pace. Use this opportunity to gift some of the latest electronics gadgets to your near and dear ones in the Islamic community. Use your Credit Cards to purchase these gifts online. Ramadan Eid is a festival that spreads love and joy to people of all communities and religion. Buying gifts for your loved ones are one of the best things you do during Ramadan. Apply for the best Credit Cards and use them wisely.

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