Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator Before Meeting the Banker?

Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator Before Meeting the Banker?

Financial institutions are actively adopting technology for ushering in more transparency in their operations. This is being done to comply efficiently with the guidelines of the RBI as well as for making borrowers more financially aware. Earlier lack of transparency was something that made individuals wary of availing loans. But now, with the introduction of customer-friendly financial apps, tools, and technology, the customer today is smarter and more aware of his rights.

Right from loan eligibility calculators, to free CIBIL score check facility, to EMI Calculators, a borrower today is equipped to make informed decisions. For instance, most private banks share free access to Personal Loan EMI Calculator on their website.

Whether you are looking for a small cash loan from HDFC Bank or an SBI Personal Loan, it will be useful to assess the  EMI Calculator before meeting the banker. A lot of borrowers skip this step and expect the banker to do all the calculations for them. However, this is not a recommended approach.

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Significance of a Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A Personal Loan EMI Calculator is software that helps the users calculate the exacts EMIs they will be serving after availing a loan. To calculate the EMI, certain inputs are required from the user i.e.

  • Quantum of the loan: It is the Personal Loan amount which you want to borrow or are eligible for.
  • Repayment Tenor: It is the period during which you intend to repay the entire loan.
  • Interest Rate: This is the rate of interest which you will have to bear for the entire repayment tenor.
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When you enter all these details and press on the calculate button, you will get the EMI, which you must serve for the given amount at the given rate of interest and for the specified repayment tenor. This way, you are able to understand if you will be able to afford the EMIs or if there is a need for you to reduce the loan amount or search for a better deal.

While these are the basic features of a Personal Loan EMI Calculator, there are some tools which show you advance information. For instance, when you use an SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator, you also get the total interest which you will have to bear. Thus, you can compare the overall load of the loan at different tenors more effectively.

Using Personal Loan EMI Calculator

It is completely hassle-free to use Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Some of the common features of EMI calculators are:

  • Easy to use: It is extremely easy to use a software program as you need to enter the inputs where required. You do not need for any technical knowledge for using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator.
  • Free of cost: A Personal Loan EMI Calculator is absolutely free to use, i.e., you need not pay any charges to use the service. Moreover, you can use it as many times as you want without any restrictions.
  • Available on multiple platforms: You can access software as per your ease. For instance, HDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator is available on the bank’s website, mobile website, and mobile app for the bank customers.
  • Basic information required: You just need to enter the basic information pertaining to the Personal Loan. This information is readily available and does not require much research.
  • Complete privacy: Personal Loan EMI Calculator is hosted on a secure website and can be used without any worries. Your information is kept completely secure and is not shared with anyone.
  • Accurate calculations: The calculations of the EMI calculator are absolutely accurate and devoid of errors. Thereby, it can be used without any worries for your financial planning.
  • Multiple options: Many financial institutions offer customization options with Personal Loan EMI Calculator as well. Moreover, you can use this tool on any lender’s website, even if you are not going to apply for a loan with them.

Why must Borrowers use an EMI Calculator before applying for a Personal Loan?

  • Transparency: Using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator renders a higher degree of transparency when you avail credit to meet your financial needs. You have a better understanding of the degree of financial commitment that will be required from your side. In fact, if you have any doubts after using this tool, you are in a better position to raise some questions to the lender.
  • Determine the loan amount: Using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator will save you from overborrowing. As you will get a clear understanding regarding the EMIs you will be serving; you can carefully decide as per your financial health.
  • Understand the affordability: When you get a clear picture regarding the EMIs, you will have to serve, and the total interest cost you are going to bear; you understand the affordability factor more accurately. If the total cost of the loan seems high, compare offers from other lenders or negotiate for a better rate. 
  • Choose a convenient repayment tenor: Selecting the optimal repayment tenor is essential for maximizing the benefits of a deal. With the help of a Personal Loan EMI Calculator you can easily determine the repayment tenor, which will help you choose the EMI that you can afford. 

Plan the repayments: When you know the load of EMIs accurately, you can actually plan the repayments. Having a look at the various sources of your income and your fixed monthly expenses will help you plan your repayments more efficiently and take care of your Cibil Score as well.

All in all, you should always use a Personal Loan EMI Calculator before availing a Personal Loan and tap the maximum benefits available.

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