5 Things You Need in a Perfect Home and how to Fund Them

Updated on: 22 Jan 2024 // 3 min read // Personal Loans
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Be it for comfort, relaxing, or spending quality time with the family; your home is really all you need. But there are certain items you need to make the house a home. And while they are not all economical, they are indeed necessary.

Here are the 5 things you need to simplify your life at home and make it perfect.

1. Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a modern kitchen concept wherein all its components are managed in a calculated manner to maximise usage while minimising the space. Each section in a modular kitchen serves a particular purpose and the section is designed accordingly as well. The design gives your kitchen a less crowded look. Innovative design ideas are implemented to maximise storage space and help you organize your kitchen better. Be it huge cooking utensils and vessels or bulky food items, modular kitchens carry storage space for it all while also adding an element of glamour to the traditional version. Proper planning and innovation allow one to install the right kind of storage units, cabinets, and cleaning units in the kitchen.

2. Smart Television

Technology is certainly taking our world to new heights. While screen size, picture, and sound quality continue to be the detrimental factors when deciding upon a TV, the advent of smart televisions has opened up a whole new world of features for customers. Smart TVs incorporate an operating system which allows the viewer to access and view media content online, in addition to the cable operator-provided channels. Smart televisions allow access to online programs, music, movies and other media content available on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and so on. The latest models even allow web browsing, gaming, and accessing media content on your computer. Features like Screen allow one to view smartphone content on TV screens as well.

3. Refrigerators

Refrigerators have long been synonymous with grocery storage. They are essential kitchen equipment which helps keep food fresh and safe – and the importance of eating healthy food isn’t something that needs stating. Refrigerators slow down bacterial growth and any piece with a temperature of 4.4 degree Celsius (40 degree Fahrenheit) is capable of protecting your food.

IoT (Internet of Things) has lately manoeuvred its way into refrigerators as well, and smart refrigerators offer features like touch screen view, remote access to the interiors, and so on. They also allow one to look up recipes or play music online.

 4. Air Conditioner

Barring hill stations, temperature across India remains high for a majority of the year. As one moves south, even the respite of the winter season is taken away. Air conditioners (ACs) are an important part of our daily lives and ensure a comfort level that’s hard to match. Efficient air conditioning improves one’s work efficiency as the body spends less energy cooling itself down. The filters in air conditioners improve air quality as well by removing pollutants (as many ACs are now coming with air purifying feature). A Pleasant temperature in the bedroom makes sleeping easier as well.

Additionally, air conditioners protect furniture as well. Since wood loses and gains moisture with the humidity in the air around it, your furniture can warp over time. ACs prevent any such event, while also preventing other electronic devices in your home from overheating during summers.

5. Curtains

Gone are the days when curtains used to be arbitrary home décor material bought without much thought and consideration. Today, their role in improving a room’s overall aesthetic and uplifting its ambiance and energy is well recognised. Besides, they serve several other practical purposes as well. The most prominent of these is improving the energy efficiency – curtains restrict the sunlight entering your home through windows and maintain the temperature indoors, putting less pressure on your appliances. They are also used to protect one’s privacy – depriving strangers of peeping into your personal life.

While these additions may seem a blow to your budget, the task can be managed easily with a Personal Loan. And thanks to the internet, one can also compare interest rates of different lenders and Apply for Personal Loan Online from the comfort of their home. A Personal Loan ensures you enjoy the comfort of these items without any delay by taking the burden of funding away from you and providing you with affordable repayment options.

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