Can I Get the Desired Home Loan Amount?

Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 9 min read // Home Loans
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All geared up to give a shape to your dream of buying a home but not sure about the quantum of loan you are eligible for? Getting the desired Home Loan amount that you have applied for depends on your eligibility criteria.

If you have (or planning to) Applied for a Home Loan, here are some factors that will determine how much loan amount you can get from banks or NBFCs:

1. Eligibility

Interest rates on Home Loan are constantly dropping; still, not everyone gets approval for the desired loan amount.

Are you salaried or self-employed? How old are you? What is your monthly income? Do you have a good credit score? Are you young with a stable income? Do you have financial liabilities? Do you have an existing property? Bank considers all these factors before approving a loan application for the desired amount. In short, your eligibility shall determine the amount of loan you will receive.

2. Availability of Down Payment

When you apply for a Home Loan, ensure that you have enough money to make the down payment. Lenders generally provide 75 to 90% funding, depending on the value of the property. Lower the loan amount, higher the funding by banks. Hence, make sure you have at least 25% of the cost of the property before applying for a Home Loan

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3. Co-Applicant with Steady Income

Adding a co-applicant with a steady income can increase your loan eligibility and can thus improve your chances of getting the desired loan amount. The co-applicant can be your spouse, parent, sibling or child.

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4. Credit Score

Your credit score also determines approval and quantum of a Home Loan. If you have a track record of bad repayment history, it may negatively affect your borrowing credibility. Besides, debt liabilities such as a previous loan with a long tenure of repayment may act as a deterrent for obtaining a high loan amount. Having no liabilities and a good credit score will not only help you get a higher loan amount but you can also enjoy the benefit of lower interest rates.

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