Get Quick Business Loan Approvals with a High CIBIL Score

Updated on: 03 Jan 2024 // 5 min read // Business Loans
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Starting a business is not a child’s play. The success of the business not only depends on how well does your product or service fulfil the needs of your customers, but it also matters if you have the required capital in hand.

Running a business does not always work as intended. A lot of people find it hard to sustain their business due to lack of funds. There are several people who find it hard to start a business because they lack the capital to do so. This is where several financial institutions have come up with attractive quick loans like Tata Capital Business Loan which help businesses get a decent capital to get their business started or help sustain them.

A Quick Business Loan is one of the easiest ways to get the necessary capital for your business. There are several business loan providers in the market, and it is important to understand the requirements and expectations to get these loans approved. 

Here are a few tips on how you can get your quick business loan approved without any obstacles.

1. Checking Credit Score

A credit score is a key metric that banks and other financial institutions look for to identify the credibility of the borrower. One thing to understand is that your credit score is not something you can improve overnight. If you have previously borrowed loans that you haven’t paid back regularly, then it will take a while for you to fix your Credit Score. Moreover, it is important to note that the capital or the sum that will be assured in the loan can also vary based on your credit score. It is thereby pertinent that you ensure there isn’t any backlogs as far as your credit is concerned as it can affect your ability to be eligible for the loan and this will also ensure delayed approval of the loan.

2. Ensure you have all the necessary documents

Like every other loan, paperwork is key. Without the right paperwork the approval of your loan, even if your credit score is perfect will be delayed. Some essential documents that you can keep ready for a quick loan approval include

  • Tax returns
  • Business license
  • Bank statements
  • ID Proof
  • Incorporation certificate

Once all these documents are ready, the loan approval process will be fast and hassle-free. Usually getting these documents might take a while depending on the type of business and the duration it has been active. Thus it makes sense to get the process underway for these documents to be ready and then apply for the business loan.

3. Ensure an error-free application

Any application that you submit has to be without doubt thorough and error-free. Any mistake in the application will add to the time taken to get your loan approved. Several loans like Tata Capital Business Loan provide a very user-friendly and quick-to-fill application to ensure that you do not make mistakes with them. The bank or institution also provides support executives who ensure that the application you submit is foolproof and the processing of the loan gets done as quickly as possible.

4. Make use of loan aggregators

With several businesses applying for these loans, several loan aggregators have come into the market. These aggregators collect all necessary information that is required from businesses for loans before they even have a requirement and create a set of pre-ready loans that businesses can avail based on their convenience. These loans are of various types and can be used by businesses accordingly. Different type of loans like short-term loans, installment loans, merchant financing, invoice financing and more are available through these aggregators.

5. Use a mix of online and offline loans

The internet has now become popular as a tool to meet your financial requirements. There are several loans which can be approved by just a click of a button. These loans are extremely convenient and can be used by businesses to ensure that they do not have to wait around a long time to get the capital that they need. However, when the capital required is large, it makes sense to split the loans into both online and offline ones. You can also check out several government schemes.

6. Being Patient is key

Irrespective of the type of loan that you take, you must go through the details of every clause and requirement put forth by the lender. Being hasty for a loan is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make. The problem with this is that even when the institutions provide and approve loans with the best of intentions, certain clauses that the borrower seems to miss out on reading can lead to issues in the future, and this is a scenario that you would always want to avoid.

7. Keep your options open

You should always consider more than a few options when applying for a Business Loan. One of the reasons why this is important is that it gives you the flexibility to negotiate rates with the bank and at the same time will provide you with a good idea of what the market rates are. More often than not, people tend to pay high interest rates because they do not have the room to bargain as the lender is their only option for the loan. Comparing multiple loans and bargaining with your bank executive can at times give you a much better interest rate than you would’ve expected. The bank wants a credible customer who will use their services more often, and this is why a good negotiation is a must.


While getting a business loan has become extremely easy today it is prudent for you as a business owner to look for options that best serve your business interests and help your business grow.