High Credit Score -The Road to a Secure Financial Future

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A good credit score is one of the most important criteria for availing a loan. Banks and financial institutions invariably refer to credit bureaus and obtain your credit reports whenever you Apply for a Personal Loan or any other loans. A good credit score can serve you well as it opens up a plethora of options.

What Constitutes a High Credit Score?

A credit score is a  triple-digit number based on the information about loans or debts of the borrower collected from various lenders. The credit bureaus follow a unique system of calculating your credit score based on multiple parameters, including:

Repayment record:  

A good repayment record with no instance of default improves your credit score.

Utilisation of the loan:

 Credit bureaus look at the proportion of outstanding balance to the approved limits, especially in cases of Credit Cards. A credit utilisation ratio of around 30% is acceptable as a good one.

The balance between secured and unsecured loans:

Credit bureaus give importance to how you handle unsecured loans. It gives you higher credibility if you repay your PersonalLoan and Credit Card dues on time.

Length of credit history:

The longer your credit history, the better your credit score.

Frequency of loan applications:

Your credit score takes a hit every time banks do a hard check on your credit history. Frequent applications not only show your desperation but also affect your credit score severely. A score in the range of 750-900 is considered excellent. It opens up a lot of loan optionsand entitles you to various other benefits.

Quick sanctioning of the loan:

A high credit score gives a lot of confidence to the lender about your capacity and intention to repay. It translates into quicker approving of your loan applications. Of course, your income and repayment capacity are also essential factors, but a high credit score makes the task more comfortable for the bank.

Lower interest rates: 

A high credit score allows you to bargain for better interest rates with your lenders. The interest rates on different types of loans vary a lot. Banks look for borrowers with good repayment records. They can offer concessions in interest rates to people having an excellent credit history. On the other hand, you will not be in a position to negotiate if you have a low credit score. Banks can also waive or reduce their processing fees for borrowers with high credit scores.

Apply for Credit Cards and Personal Loans:

A high credit score enables you to Find Best Personal Loan Offers and Credit Cards. These facilities are unsecured facilities,and hence, banks are very choosy about offering them to people. A high credit score can usually be the clinching factor when it comes to Personal Loan Options.

Steps to Maintain a Good Credit Score

Attaining a high credit score requires fiscal discipline. Similarly, maintaining the credit score needs you to exercise financial restraint. The following activities can help you manage your credit score:

Pay your bills on time:

Maintain an impeccable credit record by paying your bills on time.

Do not close your oldest Credit Card:

Your credit score depends on the length of your active credit history. Closing your oldest Credit Card can shorten your credit history considerably thereby affecting your credit score.

Use your Credit Card wisely:

Maintain the credit utilisation ratio at around 30% at all times. Remember to pay your bills in full. You can also spread out your usage into two or three cards to maintain the credit utilisation.

Do not Apply for multiple loans:

The right balance of secured to unsecured loans is desirable.

Check your credit report frequently:

Check your credit report for unnecessary errors that can creep in at any time. Dispute them and ensure that they remain off your credit report. You should not pay the price for someone else’s loan liability. Use MyMoneyMantra website to check up your credit score. Maintain a high credit score and ensure that you have a clear road to a secured financial future.

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