Home Quarantine: 21 Things to Do in 21 Day Lockdown

Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 25 min read // #mmm news
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With India observing a complete 21 days’ lockdown starting the Midnight of 25th March 2020, it is important for everyone to stay at home and stay safe. The Covid 19 quarantine days will be remembered for the perseverance, the unity and the harmony of people across the globe. More than 20 % population, i.e. 1 in 5 people are self quarantined according to The Guardian report.

The several WHO health advisories along with Central & State Government guidelines make for a firm plan for all of us to stay home for next three weeks, minimizing the scope of community spread of virus in our country.

Though, it seems like a testing time: I have to work from home and work for my home as well. The domestic help is also quarantined to her home. With kids having a blast due to extended holidays before the new academic session, the house is literally on fire, thanks to unending chatters and the necessity to play indoors.

The best part is all of us are in it together. So here I am, doing my bit, and listing out 21 things to do in #21daylockdown announced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

21 things to do in 21 day lockdown

1. 30 minute yoga

Gyms are locked down but your commitment for good health should not. Make a promise to exercise everyday for 15 to 30 minutes, first thing in the morning. Follow the rules: Excerice solo or maintain 1 meter gap with your partner.

2. Clean your house

Whether you have a family member with travel history to affected country or not, do sterilise the entrance, the doors, the dining area and every susceptible area where we spend maximum time together.

3. Cook all 3 meals

Cook all three meals home. Do not order food and try to minimize contact with outsiders. It should not matter if your favourite pizza is available as a zero contact food.

4. Eat & drink healthy. Boost immunity.

When you choose the right foods, you naturally boost your immunity. Include green leafy vegetables, Citrus fruits, Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Pulses, Yogurt, Almonds in your diet.

5. Detox your body.

It is a good idea to cleanse your system and follow once a week natural detoxification of your body.

6. Wash dishes.

Wash dishes twice a day and share the load with your spouse.

7. Office from home.

The most challenging as well as interesting part is working from home with so much life around you. Strictly follow discipline and work during office hours so that you could create a balance in all activities peacefully.

8. Binge watch TV, Netflix, Hotstar & relive good old DDLJ days

You do not have to commute to office or welcome the guests anymore, you practically have more time with you. Make most of this leisure time and binge watch your favourite movies or explore the new web series.

9. Read books, lying idle in your shelve

Challenge yourself to read one book a day or one book a week. Get out of your comfort zone and feed your soul with some of the finest collection lying idle in your shelf from years.

10. Spend quality time with family

More family time is something each one of us secretly wishes for. Now is the time, make most of this time and make good memories. Stay calm whatsoever. 

11. Play carom, Ludo, cleudo with Kids.
With home quarantine mental health can be easily compromised. You must spend time with your kids to take care of your stress. Pick chess, carom, UNO, Ludo etc and you will spend uninterrupted hours of fun with your munchkins.

12. Complete 10 minute writing challenge.

Staying active all through the day could be really challenging and one good way to ease out the stress of overwork is to write down off-the-cuff. 10 minutes of writing impromptu will certainly be an accomplishment.

13. Play karaoke/ Antakshri.

Have Fun. The Karaoke or desi Antakshri is one of the best ways to enjoy as a group. Do maintain the guided distance or cover the face/ mike during the activity.

14. Have fun. Shoot TikToK & youtube video.

Well, your kids would not support 90’s fun activities all days. So do a facebook/ instagram live or shoot a fun video with them. You would be surprised with your creativity.

15. Water plants & nurture your kitchen garden.

Gardening is another stress buster. Plants indeed boost up positive energy in the house. So, do take care of your plants. In the absence of the daily Gardner, do not forget to water life in your balcony.

16. Recycle- Make your own mask

Recycling is one of the best ways to ease the burden on Mother Nature. Involve kids in DIY projects and make your own mask, pen holder, table organisors etc. Will be a useful pass time!

17. Read bedtime stories to kids.

It is important to close the day with a positive note. Read a bedtime story to your kids and you will be surprised with the impact it leaves on the minds of young readers. It will also help them sleep in time.

18. Social distancing = social media proximity.

With so much buzz at home, why not post some on social media. You can indeed update your Display Pictures and Cover photos across web.

19. Cherish togetherness, good health & resources.

If you have resources and circumstance to do even 10 of the above, you indeed are blessed with a loving family. Cherish togetherness and pray for good health of all.

20. Feed homeless, street dogs.

In these times, the life of many homeless and street animals is at risk. Do your bit. Leave food outside your door to feed the hungry.

21. Practice Gratitude. Write thank you notes.

Everyday write 10 things you are thankful for and the universe will bless you with the abundance of things you would be grateful for.

This is how I am going to spend my 21 days of quarantine.