How To Check HDB Finance Personal Loan Statement?

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An unplanned financial expenditure can occur anytime in your life. Be it a wedding, any medical emergency, educational expense, dream vacation abroad, home renovation or any other purpose; a quick personal loan can come to your aid and help you with all your financial needs.

HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) offers instant personal loans for any individual seeking financial assistance. It is a collateral-free personal loan offered at attractive interest rates and flexible repayment tenure. HDB Finance personal loans involve a hassle-free documentation process, quick processing time and speedy loan disbursal.

If you have already applied for the loan, you can check your HDB Finance loan statement, personal loan status, and other personal loan details easily through various modes.

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Various Modes to Check Your HDB Finance Loan Statement

If you want any information regarding your HDB Financial Services personal loan, including the loan statement, there are 3 ways to do the same:

  • Visit https://hdbportals.hdbfssupport.com/CSP/, click on ‘My Account’ on the HDBFS website, enter your Date of Birth or PAN number, and verify your registered mobile number with an OTP
  • Use HDBFS’s android mobile app called ‘HDB – On the Go’. 
  • Use the chatbot ‘Ask Priya’ on the official website of HDBFS. 
  • Write to them through email at customer.support@hdbfs.com
  • Visit the nearest HDB Financial Services branch by locating the nearby branch using the bank’s Branch Locator service at https://www.hdbfs.com/branch-locator.

Manage Your Loan Account Through WhatsApp

With the Whatsapp service of HDB Finance, you can easily get all loan-related information, including the HDB Finance loan statement download process, the latest offers available with HDB, and so on.

Just save 7304926929 to your contacts and then send a ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp from your registered mobile number to avail of the WhatsApp Account Management service. The service can be used to keep track of your loan account and the offers available for you.

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Download ‘HDB On The Go’ App to Get Your Loan Statement

You can use the mobile of HDBFS to view and download your loan account statements on the go. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Visit Google Play Store on your mobile phone 
  • Search and download the ‘HDB On The Go’ app.
  • Make sure to use the mobile number used to activate the app, which is registered with HDB for your loan account, to see your HDB loan statement online and other details.
  • Once you open the app, choose and set a 4-digit MPIN for secure login and access to the app.
  • Then mention any one of the following details. Make sure your details are exactly as registered with HDB.
    • Date of Birth
    • PAN Number
    • LOS Number
  • When the loan is disbursed, you will be able to view the loan details on the app. 

Utilize the Missed Call Service

You can conveniently check your HDBFS loan statement by utilizing the hassle-free Missed Call facility for your loan-related information. Just give a missed call to 044-45602401 from your registered mobile number, and you will be able to get your loan-related information on your mobile phone.

The call made to the number mentioned above will be disconnected automatically after choosing the preferred service. You will then receive details of your loan account as an SMS based on the service opted for.

The Services available for this facility are as mentioned below:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • EMI clearance status
  • Loan Details
  • Refund
  • Application Status

Your mobile number should be registered in the loan account to avail of this facility. Customers are required to give a missed call only from their registered mobile number to 044-45602401. If you have not already registered your mobile number in the loan account, you can contact the nearest HDB Branch for registration.

Key Features of HDB Financial Services Personal Loan

Personal loans at HDBFS offer the following features and benefits:

  • Personal loan up to Rs. 20 Lakhs: You can get easy personal loans for salaried as well as non-salaried individuals up to Rs. 20 Lakhs based on your eligibility. 
  • Attractive rate of interest: HDBFS personal loans come at the best interest rate for salaried persons. These interest rates are specially customized based on your need and repaying capacity. 
  • Flexible repayment tenure: HDBFS offers flexible repayment tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months. You can easily pay the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) without any worry or financial burden. 
  • Hassle-free online documentation process: The bank requires minimal documentation for the salaried personal loan application process. The entire process is paperless. All you need to do is upload a soft copy of the required documents.
  • Quick processing and instant disbursal: Depending on your documentation and eligibility, the loan amount will get approved instantly and will be quickly disbursed to your bank account.
  • No collateral or guarantor required: Personal loans are unsecured loans. There is no need to submit any collateral or bring any guarantor to get a personal loan from HDBFS.
  • Various types of personal loans: HDB Financial Services offers multiple types of personal loans, as mentioned below:
    • Salaried Personal Loan
    • Personal Loan
    • New to Credit Loan
    • Consumer Durables Loan
    • Digital Product Loan
    • Lifestyle Product Loan

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How to Apply for a Personal Loan from HDB Financial Services?

If you wish to apply for an HDBFS personal loan, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the ‘Apply Now’ section on the bank’s website.
  • Fill in the required personal details and your mobile number for OTP verification. 
  • Fill in the professional details as required by the bank.
  • Your application for an instant personal loan will be accepted, and a representative of the bank will get in touch with you soon.
  • Now, upload the required documents.


  • Download the ‘HDB On The Go’ android app. 
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP.
  • Click on the ‘Apply for a New Loan’ tab.
  • Now enter the required loan amount and personal details.
  • Enter your address information
  • Complete the process with the image/signature upload,


  • Find your nearest HDB Financial Services branch using the branch locator facility at https://www.hdbfs.com/branch/. 
  • Get in touch with HDBFS’s personal loan representative at the branch.


Call on the HDBFS customer support number at +914442984541 to apply for a quick personal loan.

HDBFS Loan Statement FAQs

How to check the balance number of HDBFS personal loan EMIs that I have to pay?

Follow the steps mentioned below to check the balance number of EMIs you have to pay for your HDBFS personal loan, HDB Finance loan statement or for other details relating to your loan account:

  • Log into the HDBFS website at www.hdbfs.com and then click on ‘My Account’. 
  • Enter the registered mobile number, date of birth or PAN number.
  • Enter the displayed CAPTCHA code.
  • Hit on ‘Send OTP’. 
  • Post verifying the OTP, your loan details can be viewed. 
  • You can also download the ‘HDB On The Go’ android app from the Google play store or call the call centre team at 044 - 4298 4541 between 10.00 am to 06:00 pm, from Monday - Friday, except national holidays and regional holidays or write to them at customer.support@hdbfs.com.

How can I get my loan statement for HDB personal loan?

HDB Finance loan statement is a chargeable request. You will be required to pay Rs. 500 as Statement of Account charges. Statement of loan account can be availed of through the following ways:

  • You can view the summary of your HDBFS personal loan or last 5/ future 5 transactions by logging into the HDBFS website at www.hdbfs.com. Click on ‘My Account’. Enter your registered mobile number, date of birth or PAN number, CAPTCHA, and then click on ‘Send OTP’. Post verifying the OTP; the loan details can be viewed.
  • If you want to view only a summary of your personal loan or the last 5/ future 5 transactions in your loan account, you can do so through ‘HDB on the GO’ mobile app under the ‘Loan Summary’ section. 
  • Alternatively, you can call customer support at + 91 44 4298 4541 between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, from Monday to Friday, except for national holidays and regional holidays. Enter your loan account number and then select your language to place the request.
  • You can also write to HDBFS at customer.support@hdbfs.com or visit their branch nearby you.

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How can I get information on my existing loan?

You can get information about your ongoing HDBFS personal loan, such as HDB Finance loan statement, the outstanding loan amount, number of EMIs paid or remaining EMIs, etc., by logging into www.hdbfs.com and clicking on ‘My Account’. Enter your registered mobile number, Date of Birth and PAN Number, CAPTCHA and then hit on ‘send OTP’. After verifying the OTP, you can view your loan details. Android users can also use the mobile app ‘HDB On the Go’ and view the loan summary section. You can also visit your nearest HDBFS branch in your city or write an email to the bank at customer.support@hdbfs.com.

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