MyMoneyMantra’s CSR Activity 2019 | Go Green & Protect Environment
Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 2 min read // #mmm news
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MyMoneyMantra calls for a series of “Go Green” initiatives ahead of the festival of Lights. The plantation drive comes as the first step in the direction to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as recognized by the United Nations to protect the planet and ensure peace & prosperity globally by 2030.

In wake of alarming state of changing climate and depleting green belt in and around National Capital Region, MyMoneyMantra Team has planted trees at the Aravallis Range situated at Manesar on October 21st, 2019. MMM’s Go Green mission was conducted under Sankalp Taru’s ambitious Project Bhavnam that strives to restore the greenery at Aravallis which is a ‘Recharge Zone’ for NCR.

Recharge Zone

MyMoneyMantra’s Founder and Managing Director Mr Raj Khosla says, “In order to enjoy the best quality of life, you not only need to build the best of automated homes, but add sustainable value to the structure by developing green surroundings. Trees enhance environmental benefits for nations by absorbing harmful gases, supporting wildlife, improving mental health, and controlling floods.”

Supporting Wildlife

Mr Khosla shares a clear CSR mission for adopting sustainable development goals for prosperous future. He says, “It’s time to step up and actively participate in endeavours of building wealth of safe and friendly environment. Corporate collaboration is necessary to amplify the collective action we seek to build. Given the gravity of situation where billions of trees are chopped off every year, we not only need to plant, plant & plant more trees, but we also need to preserve the existing forests and encourage proforestation.”

Proforestation is the vital step against desertification and reverses the perils of climate change. Each planted tree acts as a natural resource for filtering pollutants from the atmosphere, and freshens up environment.

MMM’s Go Green campaign is not just another CSR activity. The team wants to establish a firm step in direction of raising awareness to build a sustainable space on Earth for the future generations by taking a series of steps in the direction. The green belt has been aggressively exploited to create jungles of concrete here.

Go Green

Ms Aparna Sharma, Director, MMM- FinTech, says, “Planting trees can invigorate the natural infrastructure around Delhi NCR and bring down the striking pollution levels. The trees can also help in restoring depleted water table levels in the region. We support Sankalp Taru’s Project Bhavnam and would continue to support NGOs that are working comprehensively to restore the ecosystem.”

Other vital steps in the direction of achieving SDGs by MyMononeyMantra include:

  • Ceasing utilisation of single-use plastic in MMM’s office premises across India,
  • Spreading awareness and implementing practical steps to cut down waste production for Delhi’s landfills
  • Supporting girl child

Together the team MMM adopts “Go Green” mission as a way of life to achieve an identifiable sustainable development goal of attaining greener and healthier life on the Earth.