Why Avail Aegon iTerm Life Insurance Through mymoneymantra?

Updated on: 29 Dec 2023 // 2 min read // Life Insurance
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What is term insurance? Why should you buy it? Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Everyone is aware of the consequences, especially on financial matters, resulting from a sudden death or uncertainty. Here lies the significance of getting insured with a term insurance plan, which is a form of life cover. The plan covers a definite period of time; if the insured expires during this period, the nominee is entitled to receive the specific amount of coverage. Aegon iTerm Life Insurance is one of the most chosen products in this category.

In Aegon’s terminology, this plan covers ‘protection that grows to cover bigger life responsibilities.’ A cost effective and comprehensive choice, it comes with life coverage till the age of 80 years. Based on life stage requirements, the insured is also entitled to avail an option of increasing the life coverage. Besides, it comes with inbuilt terminal illness benefit.

Why avail Aegon iTerm Life Insurance with mymoneymantra, India’s leading financial services marketplace?

On this platform, you will: 

  • Get the best price and save significantly
  • Save precious time
  • Avail special deals and discounts
  • Take the right buying decision based on your exact requirements
  • Gain a competitive advantage of buying at a one-stop shop
  • Patronage of 2,500+ relationship managers, ready to serve you at your doorsteps
  • Be fully satisfied of your buying decision
  • Detailed analysis of all benefits and features before sign up

Aegon iTerm Life Insurance is the best choice in following situations

  • You are concerned about the financial security of your family in your absence
  • Lifestyle changes and requirements change with time. And you wish to buy new additional insurance coverage.
  • Securing your family’s future for tomorrow by generating a regular monthly income for them in your absence.
  • You have financial liabilities and you do not want that your liabilities are a burden to your family in the future.
  • To be financially stable in case of certain uncertainties like terminal illness, permanent or temporary disability resulting from an accident or critical illness.

Aegon iTerm Life Insurance comes with numerous rider options to choose from to make your policy more comprehensive. Certain combinations aren’t allowed in a single policy. 

Riders include: 

  1. Aegon Life AD Rider that covers accidental death.
  2. Aegon Life WOP Rider on CI that covers 4 critical diseases, viz. open chest CABG, stroke, first heart attack, and cancer; future premiums payable under the plan and riders are waived of if the insured is diagnosed with any of these critical illnesses.
  3. Aegon Life iCI Rider, which is similar to No. 2 for diseases covered. In case of diagnosis of any of the critical illnesses, the sum assured will be paid.
  4. Aegon Life Women CI Rider that covers women-related critical illnesses. In case of diagnosis, Aegon will pay a certain percentage of the base plan sum assured
  5. Aegon Life iDisability Rider which covers permanent disability owing to sickness or accident. The insured in such a situation is entitled to lump-sum benefit besides waiver of future premiums under base plan.

Buy Aegon iTerm Life Insurance with MyMoneyMantra and enjoy a win-win situation for life!