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Home Loan Interest Rates

The current Piramal Capital & Housing Finance home loan interest rate starts from 10.50% per annum onwards. The Piramal Finance home loan interest rates vary depending on the type of interest rate, the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio, the resale value of the property, tenure of the loan, and the borrower’s profile & gender.


Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited Detail

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance (PCHF) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Limited. It is registered as a home finance company with the National Housing Board (NHB). The journey of PCHF started in 2005 with the birth of Piramal Fund Management. Initially, it was named as Indiareit, as it was one of the first real estate funding platforms in India. Piramal Finance was established in 2010 as a non-banking financial company. Along with Indiareit, Piramal Finance Limited was engaged in real estate funding.

A change in the management structure followed by a couple of rounds of additional investment saw the group expanding into the top cities in India like Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Today, the Company is into diverse projects other than real estate financing and Capital Market Advisory services like financing Home Loans for individuals.

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About Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loans

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan offers excellent products to individuals. The company caters to a variety of purposes such as financing for purchase or construction of homes to loans against property and Bridge Loans. PCHF is an active lending member under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Having NHB as its CAN, PCHF caters to the marginalised section of society, as well. At the same time, the company is into large corporate real estate projects, thereby achieving a subtle balancing of portfolios.

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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loans - Key Features and Benefits

PCHF has a range of Home Loan projects to suit the requirements of all sections of society.

Home Loans - New Purchase

  • Home Loans for the purchase of a new house/flat
  • Purchase of resale property
  • Salaried and self-employed individuals/professionals are eligible
  • Quick processing of Home Loans
  • Loans available up to 90% of the cost of ownership
  • Flexible repayment tenure extending up to 30 years
  • The services of a dedicated relationship manager
  • Attractive rates of interest starting from 10.50% per annum

Super Loans

  • Targeting young professionals
  • Get 20% higher Home Loan eligibility
  • Reduce EMI by up to 15% depending on the requirement
  • Get a top-up loan without additional EMI
  • All other conditions are the same as that of regular Home Loans


  • Construct your dream home on your land
  • Maximum loan tenure extendable up to 30 years
  • Get a maximum of 24 months moratorium
  • Other conditions same as that of regular Home Loan

Balance Transfer and Top-Up

  • Transfer your Home Loans from other banks and financial institutions
  • Get top up depending on your requirements and eligibility
  • Facility available to customers running a Home Loan for a minimum of 18 months
  • All other conditions remain the same

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

  • Caters to the housing needs of all sections of society
  • Home Loans available with an upfront interest subsidy
  • Eligibility as per Government of India norms

Advantage Home Loans

  • Customers with co-applicants such as parents who are nearing retirement age
  • Government employees who expect to receive a pension after retirement
  • Maximum loan up to 10 Crores
  • At least one co-applicant should be a salaried person

Bridge Loans

  • Loans available for the purchase of a new house pending the sale of the old one
  • Relaxed eligibility norms
  • Maximum term ranging from 24 months in case of readymade property to 60 months for properties under construction.

Besides Home Loans to individuals, PCHF offers other loan facilities such as:

  • Loan against property for business and personal purposes
  • Real Estate Financing to reputed builders
  • Corporate Lending

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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan Interest Rates

PCHF has two interest rate structures to cater to retail loans and non-retail loans, respectively. Unlike commercial banks that adopt the MCLR/RLLR interest rate structures, PCHF follows the Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR) structure. PCHF's RPLR is linked to market rates. Hence, it is subject to change whenever there is market rate fluctuation.

Retail Loans - Includes all kinds of Home Loans for individuals

Non-Retail Loans - includes loans to the real estate sector

  • The PLR for the adjustable/floating rate is 17.85% with effect from December 28, 2018
  • The fixed rate loans attract an interest rate in the range of 10% to 24%

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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan Interest Rates - Points to Note

  • PCHF offers a floating rate of interest on Home Loans to individuals
  • The Home Loan interest rates are linked to PCHF's RPLR
  • Any change in the RPLR can bring a variation in the Home Loan interest rate, thereby affecting your EMI or loan repayment tenure.
  • PCHF's Home Loan interest rates start from 9%
  • The interest rates on individual Home Loan accounts depend on various factors such as:
    • The loan amount and the value of property
    • The occupation and income generation capacity of the individual borrower
    • The credit rating of the individual
    • The Home Loan product on offer

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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan Interest Rates - PMAY Subsidy

Loans under PMAY are different from conventional Home Loans because of the upfront interest subsidy factor. The interest subsidy depends on various factors like the eligibility criteria of the borrower, the loan amount, and the rate of subsidy. There is a cap on the maximum permissible subsidy, as well.

The classification of the borrowers depends on their annual family income from all sources.

  • Economically Weaker Section - Families with annual income up to 3 Lakhs
  • Low Income Group - Income levels more than 3 Lakhs and up to 6 Lakhs
  • Middle Income Group-I - Annual family income should not exceed 12 Lakhs
  • Middle Income Group-II - The maximum annual family income should be more than 12 Lakhs and up to 18 Lakhs.

The other facets of PMAY can better be explained through this table:

Category of BorrowerEWS/LIGMIG-IMIG-II
Maximum loan permissible for subsidy calculation 6 Lakhs 9 Lakhs 12 Lakhs
Rate of subsidy6.50%4%3%
Maximum amount of grant 2.67 Lakhs 2.35 Lakhs 2.30 Lakhs
  • PMAY interest subsidy is an upfront subsidy
  • It is to be credited to the Home Loan account immediately on receipt of the same from NHB
  • The Home Loan EMI of the borrower reduces on the receipt of the upfront interest subsidy
  • PCHF charges interest at the contracted rated on the entire loan

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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan - EMI Calculation

PCHF has different types of calculators available on its website. They include the loan Eligibility Calculator and the loan EMI Calculator. Customers can determine their Home Loan EMI using the Home Loan EMI Calculator.

  • Access the website of PCHF
  • Select Home Loan EMI Calculator
  • Enter the required data like Home Loan amount, rate of interest, and the repayment period
  • Get your EMI in an instant

Such an EMI Calculator is also available on our website at MyMoneyMantra.com. The procedure for using the calculator is the same. However, our calculator provides you with additional information such as the break-up of principal and interest repayment of the Home Loan for the entire tenure.

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Home Loan - Other Facilities

Besides offering the facility to apply for Home Loans online, PCHF offers these additional facilities online, as well.

  • Pay your Home Loan instalments online from the website
  • Get your statement of Home Loan account online
  • Calculate your loan eligibility by providing details of your income and obligations
  • The Tax Calculator enables you to calculate your tax liability and provides details of tax saved because of your Home Loan repayments.
  • The Stamp Duty Calculator can help you arrive at the right amount of stamp duty payable on your property.

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Piramal Housing Finance Home Loan Interest Rates FAQs

What type of interest rate does PCHF offer on Home Loans?


PCHF offers a floating rate of interest on Home Loans. This rate is linked to PCHF's Retail PLR, which, in turn, connects with market-related rated. Therefore, any change in the market rates can bring a change in the PLR. It could go on to affect the Home Loan interest rate of the individual Home Loan.

Does PCHF have a fixed rate of interest on Home Loans?


PCHF does not offer fixed rates of interest on retail Home Loans. It offers floating rates to its retail customers. However, the company has a fixed rate product for its non-retail real estate loans.

How does PCHF charge interest on its Home Loans?


PCHF charges Home Loan interest on the monthly reducing balance method. This method uses the closing balance of the previous month as its base for the calculation of the interest for the present month. It is different from the way commercial banks do so. These banks follow the daily reducing balance method that is a better method from the customer's viewpoint.

What is the Super Loans concept of PCHF?


PCHF realises that young professionals do not have sufficient income in the early stages of their career. The income generation levels go up as they move up the corporate ladder. Therefore, PCHF has a unique Home Loan product where the younger generation can avail Home Loans up to 20% more than their general eligibility. This product also offers the facility to have a lower EMI in the initial stage. The EMI increases gradually along with the increase in the income of the borrower.

How is the Advantage Loan from PCHF a good option?


Many youngsters have their parents working in reputed organisations or Government departments. Such parents can join as co-applicants with their sons and daughters, thereby boosting their eligibility. Such an offer is available to only those employees who can expect a regular pension after their retirement.

How does the Bridge Loan concept work in PCHF?


People love to move to a spacious house by disposing of the existing home. However, it could happen that the existing house might not fetch the desired price in the market due to various reasons. Under such conditions, it presents a challenge for such borrowers to make the switch over. PCHF has a unique product where it finances a bridge loan to help these customers finance their new home. The loan amount is calculated on the value of the existing home and the new house, as well. The portion of the bridge loan that finances the existing house is to be liquidated from the sale proceeds of the house. Such loans are for short periods ranging up to 24 months for a readymade property and up to 60 months for a property under construction.

Is it possible to foreclose a PCHF Home Loan?


Yes, there are no restrictions on closing a PCHF Home Loan before its maturity. Reserve Bank rules are clear when allowing people to close their Home Loans prematurely. It prohibits banks and home financing companies from charging foreclosure penalty on Home Loans to individuals. This facility is primarily available to those who adopt for the floating rate of interest on Home Loans.

How does PCHF treat the Home Loan account repayment in the event of a change in the interest rates?


PCHF prefers to change the loan repayment tenure instead of the EMI whenever the rate goes up or down. However, the repayment tenure cannot exceed 30 years. Under such circumstances, it increases the EMI portion.

Is such a mode of treatment beneficial to the customer?


Such a mode of treatment is beneficial when the rates go down. However, in the event of rates moving upwards, it is advantageous to the borrower to increase the EMI accordingly instead of the loan tenure.

Are income tax benefits available on PCHF Home Loan repayments?


Yes, income tax benefits are available on Home Loan repayments at PCHF. The benefits under the IT Act are available to all kinds of Home Loans in India.