7 Tips to Plan a Royal Wedding

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“Marriages are made in Heaven, but solemnised on the Earth.” Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You should make the most of it. It is an unforgettable event for you. At the same time, you should endeavour to make it a memorable event for your guests as well. We will now discuss 7 tips to make your wedding a royal one just like that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

1. Start Your Planning at least a Year Months in Advance

You want your wedding to be perfect in every way. Hence, it is better to start planning forit at least a year in advance. Write down everything that comes to your mind. The earlier you start,the less stressful you will feel as the D-day approaches. Remember, you have a lot of purchases and expenses includingclothes, jewellery, venue booking, catering, and so on. Do not purchase all your clothes at the same time. Keep on buying over the entire period leading to the wedding. You will be able to strike the right deals most of the time.

2. Have a Budget in Place

The budget is the most critical aspect of your wedding plans. Make a realistic budget that does not stretch too far. Do not forget the small details. You need to set aside a neat sum for your last minute preparations. It could be alterations to your dresses or buying return gifts for the guests. Your beauty parlour expenses also count a lot.

3. Filter your Guest List

Your wedding is the most crucial event in your life. You would like your best friends and family members to attend it. Start preparing your guest list in advance. Remember, you have to entertain your guests. It costs you money. Hence, it is better to keep your guest list short and sweet. Invite people most important to you.

4. Your Wedding Venue is Important

Renting out wedding halls and open spaces is very expensive today. Now, you need a lot of space to have a traditional wedding. Book your venues in advance to avoid disappointment at a later date. Remember to choose the auspicious dates in consultation with the family elders. You do not have many auspicious days in a month. Hence, there are chances that the suitable venues might not be available. Have some alternate locations in mind. You could also try out the destination weddings that are so much in trend today.

5. Check Out the Other Factors in Advance

You have finalised your wedding date and venue. Choose the wedding stage decorator, catering contractor, photographer, wedding priests, and so on in advance. If there are many weddings in your area on the same day, it can become difficult to get the people you want to work with. Hence, you need to check out their availability in advance and book their services. You need to have everything in the right place at the right time. Print your wedding invitation cards in advance in consultation with your prospective spouse. It is better to involve them in the critical decisions.

6. Complete the Registration Formalities

Registering your wedding at the Wedding Registrar’s office is compulsory. You have to provide intimation to them in advance. Fill up the necessary forms in advance and submit them by paying the requisite fees. You have to confirm the registration on the wedding day after you complete the wedding rituals. Obtain the wedding registration certificate and maintain it carefully.

7. Have a Plan B in Place

In fact, you should have a Plan B for everything you plan in life. Things can go out of hand. For example, it can even rain heavily on your wedding day throwing everything out of gear. Having a Plan B in place is the perfect risk-mitigating factor.

How Do You Fund the Wedding?

It is a fantastic idea to share the wedding expenses with your partner. You should start saving early in life for the occasion. You can also Apply for a Wedding Loan (which is a form of Personal Loan) to bridge the gap in the expenses. The most significant advantage of Applying for a Personal Loan is that you need not spell out the reason to your bank. You do not have to provide any collateral as well. Plan your wedding and execute it flawlessly. After all, it is a life-defining event.

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