10 Best Instant Loan Apps In India Without Salary Slip

Updated on: 11 Aug 2023 // 26 min read // Personal Loans
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What do you do when you urgently need money to cater to an emergency? The ideal option before you is to go for a personal loan. While almost all banks and financial institutions offer personal loans, the process can be time-consuming. The documentation procedures can be cumbersome. Besides, you need an impeccable credit record. Under such circumstances, the best instant loan app in India without salary slip should be an ideal alternative because of its inherent advantages, such as,

  • Quick approvals and disbursals.
  • High degree of flexibility and easy eligibility norms.
  • No collateral requirement.
  • Convenient documentation.
  • User-friendly features.

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kreditbee Loan

Here are the ten instant loan apps without salary slips in India.

MoneyTap Loan

Downloading the MoneyTap app from Google PlayStore or AppStore is the first step in the secure and straightforward process. Next, complete the details like age, city of residence, PAN, and income to determine your eligibility for MoneyTap Credit Line. Then, complete the KYC formalities and start using the funds after getting the necessary approval. 

MoneyTap offers up to Rs 5 lakhs personal loans at interest rates ranging from 1.08 to 2.3% per month. In addition, borrowers get flexible repayment tenures ranging up to 36 months. The best aspect of MoneyTap is its quickest approval process which takes around four to five minutes. Moreover, the secured API and interface make it India’s best instant loan app without salary slip. 

PaySense Loan

PaySense partners with reputed banks and financial institutions to offer instant personal loans online. These personal loans ranging between Rs 5,000 and Rs 5 lakhs are available for meeting almost any emergency. However, the most exciting feature is that it allows people without any previous credit history to avail of personal loans.

The application process, documentation, approval, and disbursement are quick. The interest rates range between 16% and 36% per annum. The repayment tenure extends up to a maximum of 60 months. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for personal loans from PaySense. Recently, PaySense has merged with LazyPay.


Nira ranks among the best instant loan apps in India without salary slips because of its instant approvals, simple registration process, and availability of loans without a CIBIL score. Nira automatically assesses your credit score based on the documents submitted online.

Nira personal loans range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5 lakhs at interest rates ranging from 1.5 to 2.5% per month. This instant personal loan app allows the facility to extend your credit period if required. The app also allows for setting up auto-debits and auto credits. 


Kissht is a quick loan app available on Google PlayStore and App Store. It is amongst the best personal loan avenues for students, freelancers, and small business people not having a regular salaried income.

Kissht offers a QR-based revolving line of credit within five minutes. Aadhar card is the only document that Kissht requires to complete the eligibility check, approve the personal loan, and disburse it directly into your bank account. The maximum Rs 2 lakhs loan at interest rates ranging from 14% to 30% per annum. The 100% digital process makes it an attractive proposition. 

Smart Coin

Smart Coin is amongst the popular loan apps without salary slip because it provides easy personal loans to meet your urgent cash requirements. This instant loan app provides small loans up to Rs 70,000 to the underprivileged middle and low-income segments.

The highlight of the Smart Coin instant loan app is that it offers instant personal loans based on PAN and Aadhar cards alone. The rate of interest ranges between 20 and 36% annually. These short-term loans are repayable between 91 and 270 days. However, for applicants without a CIBIL score, the loan amount is restricted to around Rs 20,000.

Dhani Card

Dhani Card ranks as one of the best instant personal loan apps, especially for students, salaried persons, and self-employed individuals. Loans for up to Rs 5 lakhs are available at interest rates between 1 and 3.17% per month, depending on your eligibility, loan amount, and repayment tenure.

Dhani Card offers a credit line of up to Rs 5 lakhs at a 0% interest rate without linking your bank account. This facility allows unlimited access to doctors on the payment of a fixed nominal monthly fee. However, this loan is repayable in three interest-free installments.

Other features on the Dhani Card include exciting cashbacks of up to 2% on all spending. Besides, discounts up to 20% are available on Dhani Store, allowing users to pay for their daily needs, groceries, and household items.

mPokket Loan

mPokket is a short-term instant personal loan app available on Google PlayStore for students and salaried employees to cater to their immediate financial emergencies. The loan amount ranges between Rs 500 and Rs 30,000, with interest rates starting at 3.5% per month.

While salaried individuals have to provide their salary slips, students can apply for this instant personal loan by submitting their ID proof online. The loan approval process is entirely online, and disbursal usually takes around 24 hours. Moreover, borrowers need not open any bank account because they can get the disbursal to their digital wallets, like PayTM.

CASHe Loan

CASHe offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces. The user has to upload the necessary documents and complete the verification process before clicking on the credit line and setting their personal limits. In addition, this app allows users to get a single approval for multiple loans simultaneously.


CASHe personal loans are available for a maximum amount of Rs 5 lakhs, with the interest rate starting from 1.75%. This app allows the facility of direct deposit into your bank account. In addition, users can set up an auto-debit facility from their bank accounts to facilitate easy and timely repayments. CASHe partners with eCommerce retailers like Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart, etc., as part of their Buy Now, Pay Later plans.

However, users need to have a decent credit score for availing these personal loan facilities from CASHe.

Home Credit

Home Credit is one of the best loan apps without salary slip as it allows users to avail of personal loans up to Rs 2 lakhs on submitting their PAN card and another ID/address proof document. However, the loan amount depends on your credit score. But, this app offers personal loans even to people without any credit history. 

This personal loan is repayable over 26 months at an interest rate between 2.4 and 3.3% per month. It is one of the most accessible online instant loan portals for individuals between 19 and 65 years without having to produce their salary slips.

Money View Loan

Money View is unique because it has a credit rating model that helps determine the maximum loan eligibility for an individual. Users can check their loan eligibility in two minutes by submitting their mobile number and completing the OTP verification process. However, the applicants have to complete KYC formalities before availing of the loan.

Money View offers personal loans up to Rs 5 lakhs by direct disbursal into your bank accounts. It follows a 100% cashless and paperless procedure, with the loan disbursal within 24 hours of approval. The rate of interest is around 2% per month, with users getting the option of selecting their repayment tenure.

Moneyview Loan

Final Thoughts

Personal loans have become popular because they are available quickly without much documentation. Besides, this facility allows the users to utilize the loan in whichever way they desire to meet their immediate financial emergencies. In addition, the lack of collateral and easy repayment terms make these instant loan apps an instant hit with people.


✅ Can a loan be taken against FD?

Yes, you can take a loan against FD where your loan eligibility amount will be around 75% of the amount deposited in your Fixed Deposit.